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I know, the way I have been getting you to fantasize about this dessert, you would think I am going to start a kulfi-retailing chain. Hubby had got a huge packet of pistachios from his trip to Muscat recently and I have finished quite some part of it making the chocolaty, melt-in-the-mouth Pistachio-Chocolate Fudge . With Diwali around the corner and the invariable shower of sweets, I have attempted to make a low fat version of kulfi. If you want to use ice-cream sticks, cover the mold with small squares of cling film tightly, make a tiny slit in the center with a sharp knife. This kulfi mold stand comes in quite handy for filling the molds and keeping them upright in the freezer.
I took this from the Betty Crocker cookbook for Indian food and modified it for a lower fat version. A typical Mediterranean diet - eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses and olive oil, while not consuming excessive amounts of meat or alcohol, is linked to living longer and reduced occurrences of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. The epitome of Mediterranean cooking, healthy Greek recipes are more than just a piece of cheese a couple of olives and a tomato, they form a colourful and varied diet, rich in healthy oils, fruit and vegetables. Greek recipes were formulated to follow the seasons and religious holidays where the various rules of the Greek Orthodox Church shaped what have become healthy eating habits. An easy Greek recipe that relies on subtle flavourings from spices, giving the dish a rustic, Mediterranean feel.
The most familiar element of Greek cookery is olive oil, produced from the olive trees prominent throughout the region Olive oil is normally used is most dishes, and adds to the distinctive taste of Greek food. Why not take a look at our extensive database of calorie counted recipes, or build your own home cooked recipes to see how many calories and how much fat they contain.

Have been noticing that the packet in the freezer is getting smaller and smaller by the day. It still made an immensely enjoyable dessert and worth the time and extra effort to make the low-fat khoya.
Thanks to you, Im now thinking of dessert at 8 in the morning, when I should be thinking of breakfast.
This healthy Greek Salad recipe will give you a good proportion of your 5-a-day and a healthy dose of fibre and calcium. The tomato sauce contains lycopene – an anti-oxidant said to help in the fight against cancer. You can keep an online food diary to monitor your fat, fibre, fruit & veg and calories.
Milk is simmered over low heat, the reduced, thickened and sweetened milk flavored and frozen in kulfi molds or the traditional matkas (small earthen pots). Just got a little carried away having savored my allowed bite of the wonderful Pistachio Kulfi, one of my all time favorites. Hubby and kids are seen lurking around the fridge quite often and I can't let my precious pistachios totally disappear without making this favorite dessert of mine.
This will give the kulfi a wonderful grainy texture without strands of khoya coming in your mouth.
Stick small plastic toothpicks in the ice tray using a cling film and you get small cute little cubes of kulfi for the kiddies.
Traditional flavors like cardamom, saffron, malai , rose and mango are always on the menu of joints selling these frozen treats.

I attribute some of the kilos I have gained to the many kulfis I have blissfully eaten at Sreeraj Lassi Bar, one of the most famous lassi joints in Bangalore. While you are at it, you could make some extra which will come in handy during the festival season. Thanks to you, those beautiful images of the pastel green kulfi with pink and green pistachio flakes are going to haunt me all day.
Thanks to our ever creative chefs, we have refreshing flavors like orange, strawberry, mocha, cranberry, chocolate and a zillion other combinations.
This will give way to the steam building in to escape and prevent the milk for boiling over. You are sure to get a similar taste and mouth feel (if not exactly the same) as the traditional khoya sans the horrendous amount of fat and calories. I also added one large onion chopped, and we only used about half the suggested amount of cream as some others suggested. New visitors to my space, don't miss checking out the Pineapple Halwa  I had made earlier with this khoya.
I looked up how to make the panir, and having made mozzarella before it seemed like a very very similar cheese so I used cubed mozzarella (that was at room temp) in place of panir. If I made any change next time, I'd probably use less cayenne and process the spinach to get a more creamy smooth texture.

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