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Eating low-carb meals usually means adding more protein-rich foods to your diet and cutting back on desserts. Eating protein-rich foods tends to make you feel full, which makes it easier to avoid carbs. Starches and grains provide B vitamins, iron and fiber, and well as healthy carbs for energy, so they can be included in moderation, depending on which diet plan you're on.
Foods such as cookies, candy, ice cream and sodas provide large amounts of refined carbohydrates and little or no nutritional value. Over this last year I have built up quite the collection of recipes that have led Jon and I in our weight loss success. I’ve put together a collection of over 40 recipes that lead Jon and I to our Weight loss success! We recently launched our Diabetic meal plan, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the difference between the Diabetic meal plan and the Low Carb meal plan. The Diabetic meal plan provides a consistent amount of carbohydrates per meal, with four meals each week with 50 to 60 grams of total carbohydrate and three lower-carbohydrate meals each with 30 to 40 grams of total carbohydrate. The Low Carb meal plan contains an average of 10 to 20 grams of net carbohydrates* per meal.
Our Paleo meal plan is also low in carbs, consisting of meats and eggs, nuts, vegetables and healthy fats and excluding grains, breads and dairy and can be a good match for those looking for a dairy-free low-carb approach.
Check out a sample recipe for Sweet-Soy Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Asparagus from the Diabetic meal plan.
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I generally eat a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat, otherwise known as LCHF or Keto.
Start experimenting with compound butters –room-temperature butter with seasonings added. Take a break from eating replica food –food that is similar to high-carb versions of things. A lot of those kinds of recipes call for ingredients that can be expensive, like almond flour, xanthan gum, and flaxseed meal.
Please follow your own health care provider's advice with regard to what foods are best for you to eat. As you probably already know, I’m a pretty firm believer in meal planning as a way to save time, money, and a whole lot of stress each week and each month. They offer 12-month, 6-month, and 3-month dinner subscriptions, along with a lunch plan and even a breakfast plan — so they can help you as little or as much as you want!
Oh, and you can select your grocery store of choice and eMeals will magically create a shopping list for each of your meal plans specifically for that store! Solve the dinnertime dilemma with eMeals Meal Planning by entering to win the eMeals giveaway below!

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She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Science in food and nutrition from Framingham State University in Massachusetts.
If you’re watching your food dollars and worried that low-carb means splurging on beef tenderloin and lobster and missing your sweet treat, rest assured there are plenty of healthy and budget-friendly low-carb options available. If fresh vegetables are out of your budget, try frozen vegetables with no added salt or sauces, as they can be just as nutritious and are often less expensive. Refined grains like white bread, rice or pasta are very high in carbohydrates and low in nutrients; instead, choose complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, farro or amaranth, which are much lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein. Cutting back on these foods not only reduces the amount of carb in your diet, it also saves money. This plan includes well-balanced, heart-healthy meals consisting of lower-fat cuts of meat, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables and fruits. Sixty percent of my calories come from fat, thirty-five percent come from protein, and five percent come from carbohydrates. This is an easy way to get a lot of meat on your plate without breaking the bank and breakfast meat is usually a lot higher in fat so it’s easier to hit your macros. You can play around a lot within the confines of meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese, butter and seasonings. Help yourself out by saving your bacon grease in a trapper or empty coffee can after straining it.
I started this blog to chronicle my attempts to eat more "real" food -- the kind of items generally found in the perimeter of the supermarket. The nutrition information provided with each recipe is an estimated calculation attained by putting the listed ingredients into Calorie Count's Recipe Analyzer. In my personal experience, creating a weekly meal plan every Sunday afternoon has helped to simplify the dinner-time rush and to streamline my weekly grocery shopping. In addition to providing lots of protein, these contain few or no carbs, so they’re good to include in low-carb meals. Fresh produce is least expensive when it’s in season, so try to stock up and freeze or can any extras for later. Top these grains with milk or Greek yogurt and a few berries for a relatively low-carb breakfast. To satisfy your sweet tooth with fewer carbs, choose a serving of low-carb fruit such as berries and high-protein Greek yogurt. We provide the calories, grams of carbohydrate, and grams of fiber for each main dish and side dish to help you incorporate the recipes into your individualized eating plan. If a product has been given to me for free or for purposes of a review, I will disclose that information in the blog post.

Other low-cost protein foods like beans or peanut butter provide a little more carbohydrate, but they’re still considered low-carb options.
Some vegetables like tomatoes, green beans or cucumbers are easy to grow if it’s warm enough and you have the space outside.
Mix some cooked grains with chopped vegetables and a sprinkle of cheese for a healthy, low-carb lunch or dinner. Canned fruit packed in water or unsweetened frozen fruit is often lower-priced per ounce than fresh fruit, and large containers of yogurt are more economical than individual-sized containers. I work hard to make sure it all taste as good, if not better, as full fat dinners so we aren’t left missing any of our old foods. This plan is a great match for those looking for simple, tasty and family-friendly meals as part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you have diabetes or not. Check out my PINTEREST page for more recipes from around the internet and to catch a glimpse of what else I enjoy when I'm not cooking.
While fruits are just as healthy as vegetables, they contain more carbohydrate, so limit the amount of fruit you eat on a low-carb diet. We eat pretty clean, not perfect, but we do the best we can and we do it all on a tight budget! A lot of the ways we usually stretch food farther involve carbohydrates like bread, rice or pasta. One of my favorites is to get a tub of whipped butter (not margarine!) and mix in 4 ounces of goat cheese.
I'm an avid RSS fan, so feel free to follow the site in your reader and don't forget to come back and comment if you see something you like! Winners must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize or I will choose a new winner. A low-carb, high-protein lunch can include tuna with lettuce and tomato or grilled cheese, and a cheese and bean quesadilla makes for a quick low-carb dinner. We try to strike a balance and offer these types of carbs very rarely and in limited quantities. Snap the lid back on and you have a great compound butter ready to scoop and serve with meals. The butter is eaten at room temperature, not melted, like this: Orange Roasted Salmon with Broccoli Florets and Tomato Butter. When you swap that around, eating just as much protein as you need and filling up the rest of the way with vegetables your grocery bill tends to stay the same!

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