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To avoid excessive intake of salt the following recommendations should be taken into account.
A standard McVitie’s chocolate digestive contains 85 calories; a light one has 77 – a difference of just 8 calories which can be burned off in less than a minute of swimming or running.
A Tesco low-fat yogurt has more calories per pot – 130 – versus the Activia standard yoghurt with 123 calories.
Our research also uncovered misconceptions amongst consumers about what the terms reduced fat and light mean.
In August Populus surveyed 1,005 UK residents online about their consumption of low-fat, reduced and light foods asking: how often they ate these foods, the reasons they chose for doing so and what they thought the terms low-fat, reduced-fat and light meant.

We took a snapshot sample of twelve low-fat, reduced and light products from across all supermarkets, and compared them with their standard counterparts and other products on criteria such as the calorie, fat, sugar, salt content and compared ingredients. The cookies of this website are used to personalise the content and the advertisements, for offering social functions and for analysing the web traffic.
Products labelled with these terms only have to contain 30 per cent less fat than the standard version, yet only sixteen per cent of those people surveyed understood this. We looked at a broad range of different foods products from the leading food brands to give an overall picture of how low-fat, reduced and light products differ from the standard versions.
Furthermore, we share information about the use of this website with our partners of social media, advertising and web analysis.

We are calling on Morrisons andIceland, the two remaining supermarkets yet to adopt the traffic light labelling system, to do so as soon as possible.

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