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As a blogger I get the chance to review and try out new products and brands and I’m excited today to tell you about the OMG Pots from COOK.
COOK was founded in 1997 by Edward Perry and Dale Penfold, who had the mad idea of trying to cook and sell frozen ready meals that would be made like you would at home, and they’ve just launched a new range of low fat lunch ready-meals called OMG Pots, and we were sent 5 different meals to try out at home. COOK prepares dishes by hand at its Kitchen in Kent, using the same ingredients and techniques that a good COOK would use at home, so everything looks and tastes homemade. My dieting plans are always to watch the amount of calories that I eat, and these OMG Pots are fab in that they are all lower calorie and low fat. The meals are frozen and you may be wondering how they arrive through the post…well, they come packaged using specially designed boxes, sheep’s ‘wool cool’ insulating liners and ice packs to keep the food nice and frosty (all the packaging is recyclable). The meals cook in either the oven or microwave (some pots vary, so do check), and are a generous portion for the calories – if you want, add some extra veggies or salad (like we did) to make a larger meal if you so wish, or eat it straight out of the pot!
This was a delicious hot and sour soup, and it was nice to see lots of prawns in it, and not tiny ones either! Japanese Salmon with soy, ginger, soya beans and black and white rice was my husband’s favourite of the five dishes. Middle Eastern Lamb Koftas in a sweetly-spiced tomato sauce with chickpeas, couscous, golden raisins and mint is an OMG Pot that has 281 calories and 6.8g fat. This pot can be cooked in the oven, taking 40-45 minutes, or, if you’re in a rush, 7 minutes in the microwave. We shared this pot (with the other middle-eastern pot above) to make a bigger meal with couscous and salad, but the flavours all complimented each other and tasted very good. There are hundreds of ready-meals on the market, but what, I feel, makes these different is the claim that they are made as though you would make them at home, and for me, that rings true.

A very nice touch, compared with other mass-produced ready meals is that each one has a sticker on the front letting you know who the chef that made it is.
There is a large range of different meals available, including Indian, Asian, family meals, kids and babies, vegetarian and even puddings.
I’m now off to take a look through the website to see if there is a COOK shop local to me, (I do love a bit of independent shopping) and try out some of the other dishes that are on offer.
From your selection Japanese Salmon looks the most appealing to me and I would love to try it. I try to cook everything from scratch but these look convenient if you’re short of time.
From glorious sweeping bays to picturesque sheltered coves, the South West is home to some of the UK's finest beaches. Healthy chicken recipes are easy to make an good for (and they all come in at fewer than 350 calories).
As proof of its handmade nature, the name of the individual chef who cooked each dish is printed on the packaging.
You can buy them online at COOK’s website, or from one of the 70 COOK shops in England, Scotland and Wales.
The OMG Pots that we sampled are best cooked from frozen, but it would be awesome if they could be cooked from the fridge, because they would then be perfect for taking to work and cooking through in the office microwave. We cooked this in the microwave from frozen for a total of 6 minutes – so food in no time at all! Made with roasted butternut squash with crisp shredded vegetables and soya beans in a warming, coconut curry sauce.

The textures of the two different rice types made for a interesting dish and soy and ginger go really well with salmon. We do occasionally use kitchen cupboard ingredients that include some additives in their sub-ingredients (for example Worcestershire Sauce used in our Spaghetti Bolognese, which contains Tamarind Extract, or White Bread, used in our Lasagne with Chicken and Red Peppers which contains Emulsifier (E472e) and Flour Treatment Agent (E300).
They ensure that their meat and poultry used in their meals can be traced back to the farm, and promote local sourcing and good animal husbandry.
If you are a person who is pressed for time, or can’t cook, then these homemade meals I think would be a great addition to your freezer stock! Simply eat 2 plant foods for every 1 animal food and ensure you keep to a healthy portion size and you could lose up to 10lb in two weeks! Whether you're planning to take a stroll along golden sands, clamber in and out of rockpools or try your hand at surfing, you really are spoilt for choice.
Because COOK’s food is blast frozen at -35C all the nutrients and flavour are locked in so every dish tastes freshly made when it’s removed from the oven or microwave. It was also refreshing to read the ingredients list and not see a list of additives and preservatives. Additionally, when you want to have a night off from cooking, but still want something that tastes great and tastes homemade, then I think that these too would be a good freezer standby for nights like that.

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