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This is the biggest myth in common people; always we innocent people choose brown bread over white bread every time. We have jiggling fat in our body, to prevent it we should stop eating fat, if you are thinking like this than you are not only who thinks this way. Fats are good for us but this apply on only good fats like nuts oil, olive oil, oil from flax seed, avocado, fish oil.
So many professional nutritionists warned about low carbohydrate diets will end up with blockage of arteries, since last decade so many studies have been conducted on it. Low carbohydrate are actually better than low fat diet, can it can cause more weight loss and decline the risk of heart diseases.

It’s full of lean protein, Omega 3 (healthy fat for our body) with some important nutrients. But think the yellow part of egg (yolk) is bad for us, instead it is pretty tasty and contains essential vitamins and minerals which our body needs to function better. Actually this is the main reason of obesity also the life style can be the reason for the same. However it is mandatory to have little bit of carbs (like 100-150 gram of carbs) in our diet.
Studies have shown people who don’t eat breakfast are weighing heavy than who eat breakfast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Brown bread are actually white bread, bakers add caramel or molasses to make bread brown and looks healthy. If you cannot ride so long without petrol, diesel or gas; than how can you say you can work all day long with full of energy without eating. Whole egg contains 6 gram of protein, and we are missing so much nutrients and protein in white part.

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