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Raw No-Bean Hummus - the great creamy and delicious taste of real hummus - but without cooked chick peas. Raw Carrot Hummus - a wonderful light, fresh and juicy hummus recipe, entirely without beans!
Broccoli Dip with Marinated Sun-dried Tomatoes and Brazil Nuts - a light vegetarian snack that tastes great with whole wheat crackers or baked chips. Tahini Dip - this light and healthy tahini dip can be enjoyed with pita bread, vegetable sticks, or even as spread on your sandwiches. Thai Roasted Eggplant Dip - enjoy this great snack with vegetable sticks, rice cakes, or your favorite whole wheat cracker.
Guacamole Picante - our favorite vegan appetizer with some extra spunk, as we are using green chilis - yes! Firecracker Broccoli - these crispy greens with spicy sauce are everyone's party favorites - and not only because they are light and delicious healthy snacks! Colorful Lettuce Bites - this awesome light vegetarian snack is sure to be the talk of your party!
Edamame with Ginger-Soy Sauce - Edamame are always healthy vegetarian snacks, and they are even more delicious with this ginger twist. Crunchy Potato and Peanut Snack - a tasty Indian vegetarian snack without the usual fat attack. Indian Bhel Puri Chaat - the quintessential Indian snack - crunchy, juicy, and sooo yummy!
Pressed Rice Cakes with Satay Peanut Sauce - the yummy traditional peanut sauce makes all the difference in this healthy vegan snack. Sweet and Spicy Nuts - these delicous nuts can also be taken as a healthy snacks gift to a friend's house. Upload 1 - 4 Pictures (it's optional and the maximum size is 800x600 pixels for a picture)[ ? Sign up for our free newsletter The Conscious Crusader and you will receive instant access to my original 8-page eBook Healthy Dieting Tricks. Give your rating: Tandoori paneer tikka is a delicious Indian vegetarian starter.

Learn how to grow, prepare, make and bake – everything you need to boost your cooking skills. This recipe for chilled soup has been adapted from Constance Spry's cookbook, written in 1956, to include fresh cucumber and toasted spices. This vegetarian soup recipe is served Mediterranean-style with homemade labneh and an aromatic spiced oil.
Enjoy this versatile vegetarian fritter recipe as a snack or lunch, or serve with a green salad, yogurt and lime wedges as a light dinner. Served with a salad and bread, James Martin's fluffy twice-baked cheese souffles make a full meal. Try this winter salad recipe made with celeriac, beetroot, radicchio, little gem lettuce and pumpernickel bread. This vegetarian starter is a celebration of mushrooms, using porcini, chanterelle and chestnut. This beetroot and shallot tarte tatin makes a great sharing starter and adds a pop of colour to the dinner table. A rather different take on baked cheese, this Irish campfire treat is best made with a cheese that's not too runny. Make the most of April's seasonal star, jersey royals, with this potato, smoked cheddar and spring onion cake recipe. Moutabal (also known as baba ganoush) is made with aubergines, tahini, pine nuts and plenty of garlic. These crisp, light courgette fritters with yogurt dip work well as starter or on a mezze sharing platter. This quick and easy Indian onion bhaji recipe is a real treat, especially when dipped in the mango raita. This thick soup is an Italian classic made with day-old bread, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil.
Try this scrumptious pithivier recipe made by wrapping camembert in puff pastry and baking. This stuffed squash recipe is an impressive starter to serve at your next autumnal dinner party. This cheese recipe is a fresh, rewarding starter or snack from River Cottage head chef Gill Meller.

The mushroom paste in this vegetarian starter can also be used as an ingredient in the ultimate 1970's dinner party recipe (which is now making a comeback) – beef wellington. These sweetcorn fritters a great vegetarian recipe, try them with chilli jam or tomato chutney. This subtle potato, bread and wild garlic soup recipe is just the job for those bright but cool spring days. Serve guests one of our vegetarian starter recipes including tarts, soups, salads, dips and canapes. It is solely based on the experience and information researched and gathered from reputable sources by Ina Mohan.
The baked paneer cubes with vegetables and spices not only tastes good but are healthy too. Fry’s has plenty of vegetarian recipes that will kick off your vegetarian meal and party with a bang. Try the vegan snacks version too, as they entirely eliminate the bad fat and cholesterol, which means you can have a few bites more! We want to know - please share!You can brag a little and let us know what people say about your great treat.
Please consult with your certified healthcare provider to ensure that you can safely follow the healthy eating guidelines provided on this website. If picked with the right cooking methods and ingredients, tandoori paneer tikka can be really healthy.
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Ina Mohan encourages you to research and verify all health and diet information that you receive, particularly from sources that may have a commercial interest in disputing the healing capabilities of the human body with wholesome nutrition. The best part about this starter vegetarian recipe is, the marinade adds a different taste and flavour to tandoori paneer tikka.

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