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Before I begin, I want to say that it has been extremely difficult for me to put together my story because I am a very private person.  I thought about it over the past year and it wouldn't be fair to not share it with you.
My name is Laura and I've been struggling with my weight since I was a young girl.  Most of you know or share the same story:  dieting over the years and trying every plan out there! The very next day is when I realized I had to take control and do something so this would never happen to me again.  I surfed the internet and came the Kimkins website.  After reading the success stories how could I not at least give it a try?
During this time I started to not feel well and this is where my story turns into my nightmare.  I had been under so much stress with my employer and my blood pressure was skyrocketing!  I was not taking my blood pressure or thyroid meds and landed myself in the hospital. I woke up and was told I was in heart failure and needed a heart transplant, but wouldn't be eligible for one.  I thought I was having a nightmare.  What are they talking about?  I knew I wasn't feeling well, but a heart transplant??? All I kept thinking about was my daughter who was only 11 years old and she was going to have to grow up without a mother.  I couldn't grasp anything they were telling me in the hospital.  Why was this happening to me??? I was finally able to see some light at the end of my tunnel.  I would finally be shopping in the normal sizes (and I hadn't shopped in years).
I wasn't getting the answers I wanted regarding my heart condition so I transferred doctors.  My new doctor was very pleasant and said I was one of the lucky ones because I had what doctors call "viral cardiomyopathy". Now I run into people I know and they have no clue who I am!  When they finally realize it's ‘me’ their response is always the same, "OMG, you're a completely new person!"  I stand proud and say, "Yes, I am a completely new person!"  I even had the excess skin removed from my tummy area recently. One more thing I have to share is that my LDL has dropped from 178 to 122 and my HDL increased from 52 to 78. In a personal smoothie maker or blender add all ingredients and blend on HIGH until desired consistency. I was born and raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the smallest province, just north of Maine. At one point, I discovered Atkins and lost a lot of weight, down to 141 lbs in fact, but could never keep it off. My love for film making kept me going, but I hated seeing myself on camera, so I stayed behind the scenes, telling myself that was what I wanted. About two years ago, one of my sisters introduced me to Louise Hay and her teaching about emotions being the center of my problems.
With the absolute perfect timing only the Universe can devise, I spotted the cover of Woman’s World that changed my way of eating completely. I love the forums and post every day, catching up with friends I only know by screen names but who have become an important part of my journey. And yes, I’ve fallen off of the wagon a time or two, but the key for me has been getting back on. My journey with Kimkins actually began in June '07 when at the check out in the grocery store, I bought the Woman's World magazine featuring the Kimkins eating plan. After eating myself silly through '08 and looking at myself at the end of the holiday season with discontent, I knew it was time to change. I have always had some form of exercise in my life but now I was eating more and not exercising enough.
I was apprehensive at first and was more of a lurker on the KK [Kimkins] site than an active poster or participant. We did challenges, learned how many calories, fat grams and carbs were allowable each day for our weight, age and height.
I learned how exercising affects my body, muscle groups, weight maintenance, endurance, overall health and long term health. I believe it is so important to interact within a group as this is so beneficial to one's weight loss in so many ways. I joined another group called the Cabana Boys Cafe, after Kimmer's Boot Camp challenge and still keep in touch with many of these dear friends. Take in and learn all you can about this WOE [way of eating] here at Kimkins, but know these "special friends" that you meet here will remain in your heart and in your lives if you want them to and hopefully you may get to meet them personally. Kimkins has taught me that it is all part of the plan, but when we clean up the knees, towel off the sweat and wipe off the tears the results will be a slimmer, healthier and more happy YOU!! I have gotten so many compliments from so many friends, family and acquaintances that knew the "old" me versus the "new" me.
Live simply, love generously, serve faithfully, speak truthfully, pray daily and leave everything else to GOD!

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When you visit a fast food restaurant, do you choose a salad and yogurt parfait thinking they are healthier than a burger and fries?
Many fast food eateries have recently introduced menu items that offer consumers seemingly a€?healthiera€? options as the nation grapples with a growing obesity problem.
The catch is that, even though these new menu items may seem healthier, in reality they arena€™t much better than other items on the menu because of the large amounts of sodium and fat they contain. For instance, Burger Kinga€™s turkey burger contains 1,210 mg of sodium and 26 g of fat, with a total of 530 calories.
Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator Megan Fendt says, a€?Calorically, and in terms of fat, a regular beef burger and a turkey burger are pretty even.a€? Thata€™s because ground turkey meat usually contains the fattening dark meat and skin. Similarly, Wendya€™s introduced the Smoky Honey Mustard and the Asiago Ranch flatbread grilled chicken sandwiches. In addition, Goody says consumers can ask for fries without salt or condiments, which would save about 90 calories. For those people who have more than one health condition, the process gets a bit more complicated.
Also, Fendt says, if you have a choice of which fast food restaurant to frequent, then a€?a place like Chipotle or Baja Fresh, where you have the option to have vegetables, is a good bet.a€? But again, portion size matters as well because a 1,000-calorie burrito wona€™t help your waistline.
Unfortunately, says Jibrin, nutrition experts and other food industry professionals tell her the public doesna€™t like the healthier options at fast food restaurants. In addition, healthful options and actual numbers for fast food restaurants are hard to pin down because they have to be formalized into a a€?healthfula€? category, as noted in a New York Times article.
The bottom line is that the a€?healthiera€? choices at fast food restaurants are based on what matters to you and what kind of food choices you make. My husband and I work out 2-3 times a week, hike at least twice a week, go bowling, play pool and ping pong. Thanks to those who supported me on my weight loss journey and a great big thanks to Kimmer!!! I looked back in my account profile and on June 8, '07 I purchased my membership to Kimkins and didn't do anything with it after this. I guess, the biggest reason among others, were I had no experience with interactive groups on the internet. I had to change my eating patterns, my lifestyle and I was finally desperate enough to get off the couch and make the move.
The eating wasn't quality food consumption, but junk and empty calories with no realization of how many carbs, calories and fat grams I was consuming a day. I had never bothered to learn how important this is to losing weight effectively and in the long term. All these things I had never taken the time to learn nor did I know how important proper food consumption is to our bodies and to that of our families. If you lurk and don't involve yourself in groups or challenges no one gets to know you, you are invisible to others -- you don't get the full advantage of the whole KK [Kimkins] program. McDonalda€™s (MCD) added the McWrap last week, Burger King (BKW) rolled out the turkey burger for a limited time on March 20, and Wendya€™s (WEN) has been offering two types of flatbread sandwiches since March 26. In its press release, the Smoky Honey Mustard sandwich is touted as being only 370 calories and containing protein, vitamins and fiber. For example, nearly 40% of Americans are obese and have hypertension, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If your portion size is smaller, then the sodium, fat and calorie levels are all going to be lower.
But if you need to make it work while eating out, Jibrin says pairing a side salad with a relatively lower-calorie sandwich is smart. The best way to choose wisely is to look at the full nutritional information, which is often available on company websites and inside the restaurants. In the first few months, I lost 30 lbs pounds and felt better about myself than I have in years. It wouldn't be until Jan of '09 and many extra pounds later that I would begin to actually interact and use my Kimkins membership.

I knew I had to start some place, but just wasn't sure if this would really work or just be another fad.
It is fun if you get in with a group that shares your same interests and makes the whole experience easier when you are having fun while losing weight.
The motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, fun and love we shared in this group was above the top and wish we could of bottled what we had! If you put your heart into something, you know that you have given it your best and shared a part of yourself that hopefully has made you a better person and that you have helped someone else in this journey.
It is life changing when you take time to take care for yourself, watch how we influence others and how we can impact those around us in so many positive and healthy ways. Also, starting April 22, McDonalda€™s will add an egg-white only option to its breakfast sandwich selection. She says customers wanted additional choices to the burger and fried standard -- including more fruit. For example, McDonalda€™s Premium Southwest Salad with Crispy Chicken has 450 calories and contains 820 mg of sodium, almost the same as the two-patty McDouble sandwich. One packet of McDonald's Caesar dressing has 500 mg of sodium, and a packet of ketchup contains 100 mg.
Youa€™re still getting a hamburger, but ita€™s a smaller version.a€? SheA  adds that a side salad without the dressing is only 20 calories. But if you look carefully at the nutrition information, you'll see the snack wrap still contains 650 mg of sodium and 8 grams of fat, while the full-size McWrap contains 1,130 mg of sodium and 16 g of fat. Even those who dona€™t have high blood pressure may find their numbers risingA  if they ingest too much sodium.
She also suggests you bring a packet of almonds about the size of a quarter cup to add to a low-calorie salad with dressing.
The biggest thing that I’ve learned is that when I control my carbs I control my appetite and my cravings -- simple as that. I have to be honest and say that is one of the downfalls of getting really close to others in the challenges -- others are going to move on and so will you.
Jibrin recommends 2,300 mg of sodium per day; 1,500 for people with high blood pressure or otherwise at risk for heart disease.
Some people will need two snack wraps to fill up; this amounts to 500 calories and 1,300 mg of sodium, more than one full-size wrap. Plus, she adds, eating lots of salty foods can train your taste buds into finding healthier options to be too bland. The salad and dressing would total around 250 calories and the almonds would bring the meal to an acceptable 450 calories. So until truly healthy options have a huge demand, restaurants arena€™t going to stock them as much and they also wona€™t be as palatable, Fendt says. Plus where to buy!Load up on these ridiculously low-cal options that are packed with tons of antioxidants, fiber and protein.These low-calorie alternatives provide new ideas for old favorites.
They worked for while but I wouldn’t even come close to goal before I couldn’t stick with them anymore. Not only do I have the help of my life coach, I also have access to the best support group I could ever ask for.
At the lower cut-off, just one packet of dressing is a third of your daily intake, and a single packet of ketchup would be nearly a tenth.
And although neither of us had experienced any health problems to that point, darkness loomed as our forties approached. I've shed many a tear climbing on the scales when I didn't see the number that I thought I should.  Or have shed tears of joy knowing that I have met a personal goal! I recommend removing the skin, which is all fat, but if you have the skin, just eat in moderation. If you eat a low-glycemic diet thaty's still high in calories, attaining your.High protein, are among the best type of foods that help you lose weight.

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