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In pursuit of his ideal, he took huge amounts of performance-enhancing drugs that eventually landed him in the hospital in relation to months of stomach pain.
Bodybuilding is all about image not numbers, when you're up on stage your lifting stats and bodyfat % means nothing to the judges. There was a guy on the hs wrestling team that was measured at about 2.5%, who btw looked shredded with his shirt ON. 3% correct me if i'm wrong, is the lowest your body can rightfully go without starting to alter the function of organs.

I forgot what it was exactly about but he said something so unbelievably conceited and condescending once on IG and I called him out on it and he tried to semi-apologize but still defend himself. He spent much of his professional career idolizing famous Austrian body building and governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.
His devotion to bodybuilding landed him an appearance in Muscle Magazine International and two in Flex. Same kind of ass-holes who spend a ton of money on gear, get an ideal physique in a 3rd of the time natty's who work hard do and girls will be all over them just the same.

Medical professionals of course noticed his extremely low measure of body fat, along with the roughly 20 different drugs present in his system at the time of death.

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