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Whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, or a combination of the three, good skincare is the base to a perfect palette for makeup to enhance.
Using your base foundation, apply to the entire face directly from the stick and then blend using a foundation brush or sponge.
Using your dark foundation, apply product to the upper part of the cheek bones and the side bridges of the nose. It is important to truly understand how to use light and dark colors to your advantage when contouring. Using the lighter stick, apply to the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and upper parts of the cheeks leading into the under-eye region. Even knowing all the best tricks and tips about contouring is no good if your lighting and color selection is bad. Contouring should be based on shaping your face, not shaping your face to be more like that of another.
Now that you have a perfectly contoured and structured face, you may want to add drama to the eyes or a striking color to the lips. When contouring the face to create a natural look, go for natural lashes with thin to medium density. No one wants to spend the time, effort, and money on making up a beautiful, flawless face just to have it faded and fleeing just a few hours later. Beat Face Honey and Amanda Ensing have simplified the classic face contouring process through countless video makeup tutorials. Learning tips on products and contouring has helped me develop my own technique, which I’ve been fortunate enough to use in DC and New York Fashion Week, as well as on countless female and even male clients. Unfortunately, those of us who have dark acne spots, excessive redness, or discoloration feel trapped otherwise. For a heightened effect, try adding a little blush to the upper contour of the cheeks for added drama.
Think about it; we want our skin to have a velvet smooth finish, not to be a bed of sparkles and glitter.

Assess how to best contour your face by determining what features you would like to accentuate or reduce. Fill in the brows, add shadow to the lids, and for even more drama, apply your favorite false lashes. To draw the eye out, go for a slanted cat eye look, select a lash with shorter hairs toward the inside and longer hairs on the end.
Setting with powder is important but some powders have the tendency to leave the skin looking like paper. I wish I had the balls to not do exactly what society says I’m supposed to with my face. A cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and overnight cream combo is the easiest way that you at least remove daily impurities and replenish your skin the way it should be. But a color corrector is a perfect way to masque the discoloration of the skin by neutralizing the surface without looking too overdone. Those with wide noses may want a wider stroke of darkness along the sides of the nose, to make it appear thinner. Dark colors should be used to recede sections of fullness to transform their look and reduce their volume.
If a window or natural sunlight is not available, purchase bulbs labeled daylight spectrum or natural light for the most natural effect both inside and out.
You may use a light dusting of setting powder in a shade matching your base foundation or even one which is colorless like Sephora’s Smoothing Translucent Setting Power.
After you’ve completed steps 1-6, adding a powder highlight  like that mentioned in step 5, and even adding a gloss with sparkle will make your look the most natural. Once the entire face is contoured, adding lashes will complete the transformation from gloom to glam. For a natural dewy, fresh face look, try a hydrating spray like Urban Decay’s Chill Makeup Setting Spray in a matte or dewy finish to finalize your look. Because our faces, especially women and men of color, are multi-toned, first find a base foundation to even the entire palette.

Brown beauties with medium-to-dark skin and red or black spots should use color correcting palettes containing oranges, browns, and reds. For example, applyng a darker color to the jawbone and underbelly of the chin will make a double chin less pronounced. For a seamless lash application, apply your favorite quick drying liquid black liner only to the upper lash line just before laying the lash atop the lid. Some sprays add sparkle and others add extra nutrients to seal your products and refresh the layers beneath from the outside in. Voila!
Once matched, take this color to your local drug store cosmetics aisle and seek out two other colors: one that is one shade lighter and the other, one shade lower. Fair-toned belles should use ivory, fair peach, lavender, and mint colored palettes to combat the purple color often found in the bags of the eyes and redness of the cheeks.
The dark tone can be used to recede certain features, therefore, those with a double chin, or wide forehead can apply to the sides of each to alter and slim the appearance. For beginners, stick with three shades, including a perfect match, a light, and a dark shade. For best results try selecting a cream foundation stick, which can provide anywhere from medium to full coverage (depending upon method of application) and will help newbies contour more easily.
Color correctors come in primers, moisturizers, and some foundations, and some even have dual properties. Once the technique is mastered, you can add even lighter and darker shades to the blending process to add more dimension to the face.

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