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A little contouring can add depth and dimension, but too crazy and you add 5 years to your face.
Avoid foundations that aren't going for a "non-oily" look, those kinds will dry the skin out too much and give you a more "wrinkle and fine line" look!
Only powder areas that are oily, like the nose, forehead, chin and the eyelids to give an "oil-free" zone to apply eyeshadow, or it will just settle into the creases. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: The Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride It's a cream cheek stain so that always makes the cheeks look more dewy, than a dry powder blush alone, and this shade is so pretty I just want to eat it! Avoiding the desire to darken the lower lashline, will give a "eyelift" illusion to your eyes and draw the eyes upwards. And I hope you loved my "How To Look Younger With Make-Up Video" and my special, extra baby faced, guest, Ellie!
If you are reading this and you are between the ages of 0-35, put this post in your mental file for later on in life.
When I am doing a client with more mature skin, I don’t do all that much contouring because there skin usually already has a lot of shadows from skin losing its elasticity and causing fine lines and wrinkles. Listen, I know my Mom is a babe…but don’t you think her wrinkles around her mouth look significantly less?

A brief search online will reveal hundreds of tutorials on the technique, which, while it can quite literally slim you nose, trim down your face and raise your cheekbones, also leaves you looking like an odd cross between a tribal warrior and a clown while doing it.This trend is far from the subtle shading under cheekbones that make-up artists have been doing for decades. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Contouring can add full roundness, but most "how to contour" images I see everywhere, just make someone look aged and a little crazy!
Cover up under eye circles and the eyelids, this will make you look less red and veiny, and more like baby-face perfection! Powdering the entire face can give a cake-y, dry look that will exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles everywhere!
Add a soft light pink-pear shimmer to the eyes for  a bright-eyes look, and don't worry it won't LOOK pink, it will just draw the eye in a different way. As we age, our eyebrows lighten and thin and eventually turn grey, so the darker your brows, the younger you'll look! A black winged liner on the top lashline, really gives an innocent, yet glamourous look, think Audrey Hepburn- fresh, youthful, yet classic and beautiful! For being (almost) 54, she is looking pretty dang good and I am crossing my fingers I get her genetics in the aging department.

My goal is to bring more light to the skin to off-set those areas of the face that are gathering more darkness.
These are the areas that you want to highlight to make your skin look less wrinkled or sunken in from loss of elasticity. After you apply your foundation, use the Koh Gen Do Color Base Pearl White with a foundation brush and sweep it along your nasal labial folds (next to nose)  and down towards the sides of your mouth.
Finish your highlighting around the deep  crevices of your nose, chin, and add a little highlighter above your lip line to make it appear fuller. By adding the highlighter, we are not emphasising her wrinkles, we are making them look less apparent because we are bringing light to the area. Your mom is beautiful before, but she looks so much more young and youthful in the after picture. Extreme contouring aims to totally transform the shape of features, producing a high glamour, but oddly photo-shopped effect.

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