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For centuries it has been said that the eyes are the windows to your soul so we want to make a mighty good impression when someone looks in. Getting your eye makeup right is half the battle to looking stunning so below we have compiled some makeup tips for eyes and eye makeup ideas for different colored eyes. That’s because she is clever (or her makeup artist is clever) with her eye makeup tricks and knowing where the concentration of colors should go.
With all of the makeup tips for a round face out there, it’s hard to find tips that work for your face right? When you have a round face, one of the makeup tips for a round face that I avoid is actually applying blush to the apples of my cheeks. If you are looking for a way to make your lips pop when you have a round face, berry tones are a great way to do it! It all depends on your skin tone of course, but bronzer can be a best friend for you if you have a round face! Finally, if you really want to draw people into your eyes, one surefire makeup tip for a round face that you should follow is darker eyeshadow! The first step that you often do not follow is to conceal your flaws with the right concealer. If you plan to use cream blush then apply it with your finger tips or a special blush applicator, as these blushes need to be blended well to give you a perfect look. When it comes to eye makeup then a smoky look suits the best when carrying off a red dress.
Either you can opt to stop at this step, or you can choose to apply a slightly darker eye shadow from the lash line to the crease, and thus enhance the crease with a darker color.
Brides always search for the best wedding ideas that they can use in order to ensure that their special day will be a real blast. On your wedding day, you would surely want your groom to see you in your most natural beauty and not hidden under several layers of makeup.
Eye liners, when applied and used properly, can also help bring out your eyes’ natural beauty, making them seem more open. Mascara is another integral aspect of your wedding makeup and these can complement and make your eyes seem more dramatic.
Your guests will undoubtedly have their gazes fixed upon you during the whole day, with everyone anticipating for the “You may now kiss the bride” part. There are brides who choose to wear shiny or sparkled powder during their big day but it is something you might have to reconsider.
Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology. That ‘s because the main focal point of your face (the eyes) are too concentrated in the center, and gives the feeling of crowding in the center on a larger canvas. Place more importance and emphasis on the outer corners of the eye, drawing the attention away from the center of the face. I’ve got a round face and it took me forever to find the right makeup tips for a round face! That can make your face appear rounder, instead of slimmer – so instead, why not try applying the blush along the underside of your cheeks? Contouring with bronzer is a great way to draw attention to how long your face is instead of how round it is!

Use volume creating products and Blow dry them in upside down position so that when they fall back they will give voluminous full hair look. If you go wrong with the make up for any other colored dress, you can correct the look with a couple of quick fixes. The cream blushes, unlike the powder blushes, do not become darker once they are applied on the skin, so keep in mind what color will suit you the best. It takes a little longer to master the skill of doing smoky eyes, so it is advisable to practice it before the actual day of wearing it. Remember to blend the colors perfectly as this is the most important point to get those smoky eyes. Whether to wear red lipstick with you red dress, completely depends on how well you can carry it. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
However, one of the things that must never be forgotten during your wedding planning is your wedding makeup. Try to stay away from thick mascara application as this will make your lashes appear extremely unnatural.
For your lips to be irresistible, use a coordinating lipstick and lip liner, both of which are in the natural shades. See to it that the color you choose will coordinate with the rest of your wedding makeup colors.
After 20 years or so, you will thank yourself when you go through your wedding pictures and see how beautiful and timeless they look, not trendy and gimmicky.
Once you learn the basics, applying makeup is not as daunting as it seems when you are standing in the midst of the makeup aisle. Since we all want to look flawlessly, there are certain tips that might help you use makeup in order to enhance the natural beauty of your features, but also hide a few unwanted flaws.
Trust me on this ladies, contouring makes all of the difference in the world when you have a round face and can make your face appear longer instead of round! Just a little berry lip gloss and I’ve got people constantly complimenting me on how nice I look! But with the red dress, you must know what makeup will suit you as there is no going back once you are done with your makeup. If you have that flawless skin then you can opt for a tinted moisturizer that will give you a dewy glow.
Your eyelashes should look thick and long, hence you can first curl them with the eye curler and then put on the mascara.
While it is very easy to choose an unusual wedding style for your momentous day, the natural make-up look is something that any bride should go for as this will best bring out their innate beauty without looking plain and ordinary.
Just see to it that you will create a thin and natural looking line on your upper and lower eyelids. It will be great if you use an all-day and long lasting lip color to save yourself from trips to the powder room just so you can have your lip color reapplied. One particular thing that doesn’t have to bring in unneeded pressure for an already fast paced lifestyle is makeup application.
Following a few basic, simple makeup for face shapes rules, you can have an … almost perfect look.

Line your eyes with charcoal pencil and smudge it with cotton ball or a small makeup brush.
If you have naturally long and thick lashes then you can restrict application of mascara to one layer only but if you have small and thin lashes, you can enhance them by applying the mascara for two or three times. Thicker lines can give your eyes a droopy look, something that you surely wouldn’t want to have on your big day.
But, be careful while choosing your foundation, the one which provides a full coverage can look too heavy and may make you look clownish.
If you prefer a soft look then you can opt to use a charcoal colored eye shadow along with pencil. But if you have never been able to carry off dramatically, it is the best to opt for a sheer tone of lipstick that is closest to your lip color. Light eye shadow applications can bring out the beauty of your eyes and make them come to life.
Apply eye shadow in a light and neutral color all over your eye lid blending it till brow bone. Tinted moisturizer is ideal for those who want to not only moisturize but additionally add a thin layer of coverage without applying an excessive amount of makeup. Foundation ranges from minimum to maximum coverage but it is the best choice for hiding all of your imperfections and creating a uniform skin tone. Although concealer is optional, many people use it using their foundation, either before or after, to get much more coverage on problem areas such as dark spots and under-eye circles.Go for concealerUtilizing a concealer on certain places across your face will help supply the appearance of a more even skin tone. Dot concealer under your eyes, on your eyelids (to assist your eye shadow last longer), beside your nose, and on your chin. Also use concealer on any blemishes or brown spots you’d like to minimize.Purchase palettes or value setsBuy a lip or eye palette which contains lots of small pans rather than buying full-sized products in single colors. Palettes allow you to experiment with a variety of colors to obtain the ones that suit your complexion and tastes, which means you are never stuck with a full-sized product inside a color that does not work for you.MoisturizeBefore you start applying anything, moisturize your face having a facial lotion, and use Vaseline for your lips. Plus, it will help keep your skin healthy and fresh looking.FoundationFoundation may be the product that you use to correct the tone of your entire complexion. You need to select a foundation color that is as close to your skin tone as you possibly can. A fundamental brush set, on the other hand, provides you with all the tools you need for your eyes, face and lips.
An eyelash curler, brow brush and makeup wedges will also be helpful tools.Brighten your eyesFinish off your simple makeup look if you are paying some special attention to your eyes. Use a neutral eye shadow to give your face a finished look while still keeping it understated and simple.
Add a quick coat or a couple of mascara to give your lashes extra length for any finishing touch.Makeup Tips for BeginnersEye shadowThe three colors a beginner to make up should have are a lightweight skin toned color shadow, dark brown color, and a medium toned color. These three colors will produce multiple appearances, and also compliment colors that you just are also added to your assortment. Apply the lightest color of makeup towards the inner corners of your eyes, and also the darkest color towards the outer corners.

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