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So-called Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet promises very quick weight loss, up to 52 pounds in a couple of months.
You are allowed to eat plenty of protein- red meat, fish and poultry, saturated fats, even fried foods which happen to be high in cholesterol too. Mayo Clinic Diet is actually not a diet program but a long-term lifestyle choice that focuses on your overall well being, rather than helping you lose weight quickly and temporarily.

It goes back to 1930s and has no connection with the well-known Mayo Clinic based in Rochester, USA. They are low in sodium and sugar, high in vitamin C, antioxidants- particularly lycopene, limonoids that inhibit tumor formation, pectin to help lower cholesterol and with a very low glycemic index value of 25. You are required to consume high amounts of grapefruit, as this diet claims that grapefruit has fat-burning enzymes.

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