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Figured I'd post some meals me and my clients are eating.Rest day mealThis is a good way to start rest days. Had a nice post workout treat here the other day!* 600g of marinaded lamb thrown on the grill* 1 box of potato salad * Some veggies* Fanta ZeroDamn lamb is juicy! Time for some more Leangains certified meals from myself, clients and Leangains fans from all around the globe. Jesus, I feel for the fat bastards who take these photos in the wrong way.May god help us all. Martin, would you mind sharing with us how you create your fruit and protein milk combination. Cold water fish can really give you a boost in Omega-3 which really boosts all aspects of your immune system. There is much more to life than just eating chicken and rice, but you should be able to eat great meals on other days besides your cheat one.
Sometime you are not always in the mood for pudding or jelly, custard is sometime the answer, this lovely dessert offers up protein, spices and vitamin-A enriched pumpkin.
You don’t have to have a thick and hard to deal with casein shake, try this great flavor sensation recipe that combines savory pumpkin hints with a bit of cinnamon and tied together with a vanilla cream base.
Peppermint is very popular, it is put in many things from candy canes to coffee, you can harness the great taste of this popular sweet taste to make a good for you shake.
Cookies are beautiful, as well there fat content going beyond the acceptable level they require cooking. Mix all the ingredients up in a large mixing bowl, cover a mixing dish in grease proof spray or paper an pour the mix in, cover and leave overnight in the fridge. Don’t eat that dull bowl of cereal everyday, switch it up with a stack of fluffy protein packed pancakes. Mix all ingredients together until you get a pancake like consistency, pre-heat a pan over medium heat and spray pan with non-stick spray.
Chicken becomes boring when you have it everyday, this savory tuna recipe will provide all the macros you need and change it up a little bit. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat, add avocado oil to skillet, drain Albacore and add tuna. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, get a heap of protein first thing to kick start your day.
Dice the sausage and put in a warmed skillet to brown, whilst that is happening beat the eggs and egg whites together. When the sausage is ready, spray the skillet with non-stick spray and pour the beat eggs and sausage into the skillet, mix all ingredients until the sausage is cooked through. Using these high-protein meals in place of the boring old ones will mean you never get as bored with eating healthy.
Before I get started, please note it IS very true that you're better off eating smaller, more frequent meals, both for muscle building and fat loss. I have often told people that you need to eat several small meals per day to regulate your blood sugar levels and to lose weight. But then, you ask, most conventional wisdom states that when your body doesn’t have calories it lowers metabolism and destroys muscle in order to provide energy.
Studies of subsistence patters in modern hunter gatherer societies have shown that there are relatively short periods of abundant food supplies followed by relatively long periods of moderate to low food supply. Some of the more aggressive ones can experiment with eating in a condensed window of time, say, within 8 hours during the day.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I finally decided to take things in my control and on Yogesh’s suggestions; I neglected the low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for a while, and against my doctors will, I even stopped my statin prescription. DisclaimerThis blog is solely for informational and educational purposes and any advice should be taken as such.
I'll usually throw together some fattier cuts of meat and fry it with mushrooms, onion and veggies. Click the hyperlinked names after the headings if you want to see the person behind the meals.Post-workout mealXXXL roast beef platter with potatoes. A high protein meal helps fuel muscle growth after a hard workout, the meals below have many muscle building macro nutrients. It's nothing complicated, of course, but I've been using this type of eating and training schedule for a long time and it's been extremely effective for me. The body doesn’t have a steady supply of glucose to burn for energy and so it has to rely on fats in the diet for its energy needs.
Even from the perspective of evolution I don’t think our Stone Age ancestors got 3 square meals per day let alone 5-6 small meals a day. This means you only eat during an 8 hour window, say, between 12 noon and 8 PM and fast for the remaining 16 hours.
I took them for a couple of years, and while my lipids got in control, my fasting sugar started to climb. The information contained in this blog is not meant to cure any medical condition or ailment. I shall humbly request information on these divine protein muffins, as have these other fine gentlemen before me.Thanks for your wonderful and informative blog. Breakfast is the second most important meal of the day (for our purposes here, at least) and it's not going to be your biggest.
Because your body is primed to take full advantage of whatever you eat after training THIS is the time to load up. The unused carbs are quickly stored as body fat and after that’s done your body waits for the next carb meal to burn for energy.
It has to first break down those fats as free fatty acids and then these fatty acids can be directly used up as energy in tissue (without the need for the storage hormone insulin). The caveman only ate what he hunted or picked in the forest and he would be lucky to get one full meal a day. Then stop the mid-meal snacking (you shouldn’t even be having the urge to snack if you have enough fat in every meal). For a while I tried following the “prescribed” diet of low-cholesterol, low-fat and low-sugar, along with few different drugs but didn’t make much progress.
Followed it for few months- and along with some exercise- I was able to bring down my total cholesterol from 255 to <210. I get the roast beef fresh from the deli since that pre-packaged stuff usually makes me bloated as hell (all pre-packaged and conserved meats are loaded with sodium). If this were my only option(basically budget reasons - it adds up to buy fresh) am I looking at any adverse effects of sodium when breaking a fast with this post workout?
When the next meal doesn’t come in time the body reduces its metabolism and starts burning the glycogen stores in the muscles.
Skipping meals or fasting in this carb burning state will certainly lower your metabolism and give you brain fog, dizziness and headaches.

This makes you hungry and since the muscles are depleted of energy, it also makes you lazy. Your body is not trained to burn stored body fat but instead rely on steady supply of carb calories for meeting its daily energy needs. And if his body operated the same way as the carb burning body of the modern human then he would be lazy and brain fogged most of the day and perhaps become an easy prey for the next predator. I have found this is good enough for accelerated fat-loss if you can completely skip breakfast once or twice a week.
I am finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel…and am very optimistic that I am headed in the right direction! This is where eating 5-6 small meals come in handy in preventing weight gain because there is never an excess of carbs to be stored as fat.
Fasting in this case makes the body dip into its own supply of fat reserves (via the action of glucagon) and provides a steady source of energy for meeting daily needs. Being in a fat burning mode must have given him a survival advantage in those Paleolithic times. I have in fact pushed myself to go without food for as long as 36 hours (skipped whole day + overnight fast) without getting a headache and feeling dizzy. Usually the muscle stores of glycogen are depleted in 10-12 hours after which the body has to dip into its own fat reserves to support vital functions.  So an overnight fast with no breakfast the following morning will achieve good results. I could eat 4 eggs or a large portion of Chicken Caesar salad for lunch and my blood-sugar would hardly change. Fast in this state and you will experience no hunger pangs, no laziness from reduced metabolism and no brain fog and headaches and the best of all; it will burn stored body fat.
But in starvation he was able to use stored body-fat reserves and still function efficiently in the wild. This made me painfully aware that I need to sharpen my own cheesecake mastery skills to keep rivals like Gary at bay. I feel energetic all throughout the day and feel good to get in control without the use of synthetic chemicals. By popular demand, here's the recipe:One whole extra large egg The egg white from two extra large eggs250 g low fat cottage cheese33 g casein protein powder.
This will prepare your body and mind for the task at hand" says Josh."There is much debate about the optimal meal drink in cheeseburger mastery circles.
The old guard tends to favor milk shakes but coke is quickly gaining popularity among the younger and more liberal masters. Unfortunately, I will not provide details about what I'm drinking here - I'm saving that for the book.""It is crucial to employ a rest period of 15 seconds every 8th chewing. You'll have to play this by ear depending on what sweetener you're using and how sweet you want them to be.Mix everything together, split it up those muffin-shaped forms, and put it in the oven for 25 minutes at 150 degrees. If you have you have a favorite meal you like to eat on your Leangains plan, you can send them over and I might include them in future food posts. Just make sure they follow the general guidelines for rest and training day meals, and ideally include some measurements the way I've done here.
Just make sure they follow the general guidelines for rest and training day meals, and please include measurements the way I've done here.

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