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Also, understand that no pill is more effective than maintaining a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet. Researchers say that under the best of circumstances, the weight-loss aid will be available in the United States in two to three years. Testing is underway to assess the potential of a gastric balloon that's packed inside a standard-sized capsule attached to a tiny catheter. If all goes as planned, the resulting grapefruit-sized (19-ounce) ball of water fills the stomach and significantly curbs the amount of food someone can eat before feeling satiated. After about four months, the balloon automatically deflates, at which point its thin shell is naturally excreted.
However, early research involving 34 patients in the Czech Republic and Greece suggests that the noninvasive intervention seems safe and effective. In four months time, patients lost an average of 37 percent of their excess weight (about 22 pounds each), the researchers report. The trial was funded by Allurion, and the results were scheduled for presentation Thursday in Los Angeles at Obesity Week.
Chuttani said thicker, silicon-based gastric balloons have been available for about 15 years outside the United States.
Prior tracking of traditional gastric balloon patients suggests there are long-term benefits.
Typical side effects with traditional gastric balloons include nausea and vomiting, which was also the case among Elipse trial participants, the researchers said. By contrast, Elipse is intended for patients with a BMI as low as 27, said Morton, who is also president of the society for metabolic and bariatric surgery.
An approach that "affords the promise of earlier intervention to address the huge public health problem that is obesity" would be a great additional tool, he said. However, noting that these new results stem from one small study, Morton said more research is needed. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors.
A new weight loss pill has yielded promising results, and the unusual pill could be a powerful weapon in the fight against obesity. According to Latinos Health, once the capsule is swallowed and enters the stomach, the shell dissolves, exposing the balloon.
After four months, the balloon is emptied and passed from the body in stool, the Los Angeles Times reports.
Before declaring that this new pill is the holy grail of weight loss, researchers say it should be considered an aid to weight loss, not a cure. This new weight loss pill has been described as one of the greatest advances in the treatment of those who are overweight. Contrave’s maker had hoped for approval three years ago, but the FDA first demanded a safety study. It’s approved for use in obese adults and clinically overweight adults who suffer from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese. The drug should not be used in patients who have eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia nervosa).

The most common adverse reactions reported with Contrave include nausea, constipation, headache, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, and diarrhea.
The "procedureless" stomach balloon targets not just the severely obese, but even those who are overweight with a BMI of 27 or more.
People suffering from obesity could find a potentially effective solution for their health problem in a new weight loss pill - a stomach balloon that requires no surgery or procedure in order to be placed inside the body, HealthDay reported.
The balloon will stay in the stomach for about four months, after which it will automatically deflate and pass out of the body through the stool.
However, the researchers emphasized that the stomach balloon is merely an aid to weight loss and not a cure in itself. Elipse targets patients with a BMI of 27 or more, unlike other stomach balloons that are meant for patients with a BMI of 35 or more. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real. Petsmile toothpaste claims to be a a€?no brusha€? easy way to get your dog, cat or ferreta€™s teeth clean and breath smellinga€¦ um, less doggy, catty or ferrety. Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. We Millennials are killing the art of conversation and the desire to make our voices heard a€“ really heard a€“ one text message at a time. They had reviews and recommended a specific brand with their gold seal of approval and a link to buy. The released balloon is then pumped up with buffered distilled water via the catheter, which is removed through the mouth. The annual meeting is hosted by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the Obesity Society. This year, the FDA approved two traditional gastric balloon systems, which require an endoscopy -- a minimally invasive procedure -- for implantation in the stomach.
For example, Chuttani said that after a year patients typically keep off about half the pounds lost while the balloon was in place. John Morton, chief of bariatric and minimally invasive surgery at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., said a noninvasive approach might ultimately reach a wider pool of obese adults, given that invasive approaches are typically reserved for severely obese patients -- those with a body-mass index (BMI) of 35 and up.
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Research was conducted, and in a period of four months, 34 patients lost an average of 37 percent of their excess weight (about 22 pounds each), CBS News reports.
Unlike other weight loss treatments, the gastric balloon pill does not require invasive surgery.
Ram Chuttani is the study author and also the director of interventional gastroenterology and endoscopy at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and he shared more details about the pill with media outlets. However, researchers say that with this pill you can still enjoy most of the carbohydrates you want and still lose weight fast.
But, as said in a previous report from the Inquisitr, the balloon pill is pretty expensive and is expected to cost around $7,500 to $10,000.
Contrave should also not be taken by patients who are using opioids or treatments for opioid dependence, or who are experiencing acute opiate withdrawal.
It works by filling the stomach, slowing digestion, and teaching portion control," said Elipse manufacturer Allurion Technologies.

Common side effects include vomiting and nausea, which is also the same for other gastric balloons.
All rights reserved.Medical Daily is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Researchers say that under the best of circumstances, it won't be available in the United States for another two to three years. Because research presented at meetings hasn't gone through the rigorous peer review required of published studies, it is usually considered preliminary. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day.
It only requires a 10-minute procedure, during which patients swallow a capsule the size of a large vitamin pill containing a deflated balloon.
The balloon sits on top of the stomach and is filled to approximately the size of a grapefruit, giving patients a feeling of fullness, which is expected to help them eat less and lose weight.
There are many ways and treatments for weight loss, but this new pill (called Elipse) is not for everyone and is intended for patients with a BMI as low as 27.
Patients undergoing an abrupt discontinuation of alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and antiepileptic drugs should not take Contrave. When the capsule reaches the stomach, it dissolves and releases the balloon, which is then filled with up to 15 ounces, or half a liter, of distilled water through the catheter.
John Morton, chief of bariatric and minimally invasive surgery at Stanford University, California, said an early intervention could help overweight patients avert obesity. BMI (Body Mass Index) is an assessment of body fat based on height and weight and is usually defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height. Under the HoodBehavior, Neuroscience & Your Brain Overcoming Stress And Anxiety Can Literally Save Your Life On National Stress Day 2016, take a step back to review the ways in which you can prevent your stress from damaging you permanently. InnovationTechnology & the Business of Medicine We Finally Know How Mother-To-Child Virus Transmissions Affect Fetal Development Viruses like Zika and cytomegalovirus can harm developing fetal brains, and researchers have discovered a key to why. The HillHealthcare, Policy & Governance Weak Oversight Lets Dangerous Nurses Work in New York New York lags behind other states in vetting nurses and moving to discipline those who are incompetent or commit crimes.
The GrapevineBreaking News and Trends Woman Dies In Dentist Parking Lot After Having 16 Teeth Pulled A Michigan woman died after an invasive dental procedure, and now her family wants answers.
Weird MedicineScience is Stranger Than Fiction Brain Implant Allows Quadriplegic Man To Move His Arm Why It's So Tough To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs A new study suggests that bed bugs may partly ward off insecticides by literally evolving thicker skins. Another example is the intragastric balloon, which has been shown to cut 20 percent of a patient’s body weight in as little as six months. Similarly, the EndoBarrier works by blocking the absorption process in the small intestine."These are straightforward in how they work,” Dr. Aurora Pryor, a chairwoman of the Emerging Technologies Committee at the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, told reporters. The Food and Drug Administration is expected to begin their trial of Obalon and similar products later this year.As the vast majority of the American population is now either overweight or obese, these technologies could have a tremendous impact on public health. People who don't want to be cut may be willing to have a device implanted." Spire Healthcare - Obalon Gastric Balloon Treatment from Spire Healthcare on Vimeo.

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