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In most cases, I realise there’s a lack of clarity on what carbohydrates actually are, so let’s start right there! This primarily depends on the source of carbohydrate as well as what the other macronutrients of the same meal are. Vegetables falling into the complex carbohydrates category are usually higher in calories than those falling into the fibrous carbohydrate category.
Now that you understand what carbohydrates are, you are left with eating PROTEIN and FAT on a “no carb” diet. When you hit the nail on the head on all these points your body goes into a state of ketosis. What this means is that your body uses fat as its primary fuel source instead of carbohydrates, which is the body’s first fuel choice. In my professional opinion having 100% success rate with my clients, from a nutrition and health perspective, I most definitely DO NOT recommend you follow this route. This applies to the average person needing to shed body fat, whether that is 10lb or 30+lb. When we are off the mark hitting our physique goals and a show is rapidly approaching then this is a last resort, only followed for a short stint.
This would be for maximum results in the shortest period of time while maintaining your sanity, not feeling deprived being on a “diet”.
Her approach utilises my extensive knowledge of Optimal Fat Loss and Muscle Building Nutrition, Training and Supplementation. Keep in mind is that according to USDA standards any food that is less than one carb per serving is listed on their site as zero carbs.
This list of low carb foods is divided into several groups, including meats, vegetables, fruits, oils, dairy products, whole grain foods, beverages, and dressings. There is a wide selection of foods and ingredients for preparing healthy, nutritious recipes. Fats and oils –cod liver, olive, lard, butter and coconut oil are your best low carb options to be consumed once in a while for a complete balanced diet. Nuts and seeds – sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds will give you the strength to sustain the low carb lifestyle and be healthy.
Dressing – mustard, mayonnaise, tartar Sauce, Blue Cheese, French and Italian salad dressing, sour cream, vinegar, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce are great examples for low carb dressing. You can have these intact whole grains – such as barley and brown rice – as part of a slightly low carb diet. The starch found in whole, intact grains is broken down more gradually into glucose, making it less likely to cause the sharp spikes in blood sugar levels than that found in refined grains – such as white rice – or grains ground into flour – including whole wheat flour. Fruits can also be tricky because lots of fruits tend to have lots of carbohydrates in them, primarily the simple sugars glucose and fructose.

In fact, some of the more popular low-carb diets differ in their opinion of fruit, depending on whether they rely upon glycemic index or glycemic load – South Beach, Zone – or the total carbohydrate content – Atkins. However, if you stick to the fruits listed above, you’ll get an extra boost of vitamin C, antioxidants and phytonutrients while remaining relatively low carb.
There are foods available with no carbohydrate content that regulate your blood sugar levels and help keep them stable.
Adding these zero carb foods to your diet can help manage your weight and control your blood sugar levels. Water, black coffee (without the creamer)  and most diet sodas are good examples. Water, however, is the best no-carb drink option.
Studies show that consuming diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, saccharin or aspartame, may increase your risk for weight gain, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Melodie Anne Coffman specializes in overall wellness, with particular interests in women's health and personal defense. No-carb diets typically limit your food intake to lots of meat, seafood, fish, eggs and certain cheeses. Artificial sweeteners can still impact your blood sugar, although the effects are often minimal.
Enter your e-mail address, and we'll send you recipes, specials, food ideas, and the odd seasonal food tip! Successful versus unsuccessful eating for fat loss on a diet containing carbs drastically depends on your carb source and plays a critical role in achieving your body composition goals.
In other words any foods that you can classify in the table above would NOT be allowed on a “no carb” diet. So if you’re smart you will still do your research and figure at least SOME total net (carbs minus fiber minus any sugar alcohols) carbs per day for those that have at least a trace. To help in my goal I do employ the use of an all-natural carb inhibitor that really works and if I use it in conjunction with a low-carb <20 carbs per day diet it melts the pounds off! Low carb diets are becoming very popular and with this popularity comes the conundrum of what foods you can eat and which foods to avoid.
This list is also helpful in that you can use it to modify classic recipes and make your own low carbohydrate versions. Strawberries, blueberries, pears, oranges and apple are fruits that will give you an extra boost of vitamin C without the carbohydrates.
You may ask why bread is on the list, but remember that certain carbs are acceptable on a low carb diet. The type of bread that you can eat on a low carb diet should be 100% whole grain with lots of fiber because this has a reduced carbohydrate content and fewer calories.

This is important as eating carbohydrates causes blood sugar levels to rise, which could lead to weight gain and obesity if excess amounts are consumed. Sugars, sweets and other foods that have artificial or added sugar and flavorings should be avoided, as well as pastas and breads (unless they are 100% whole grain). She holds a master's degree in food science and human nutrition and is a certified instructor through the NRA. These diets aren’t designed to be followed for long periods of time -- usually you go through short phases of very low carb intakes. Make sure you know how many carbs you can have during each phase and spread them out accordingly throughout the day.
Read the nutrition facts label and check for sugar alcohols -- they’re often hidden in sugar-free candies and low-carb drinks, yogurts or desserts. Before you get started, it’s best to know how many carbs you can have, how to calculate net carbs and to stock up on what you can eat. You will get some carbs each day, even during the no-carb parts, although you generally have to keep your total net carb intake down to 20 grams of net carbs or less.
If a serving of the food has at least 5 grams of sugar alcohol, you can subtract half of that amount from the total carbs.
Opt for the leanest proteins out there: skinless chicken or turkey breast, fish, shrimp, beef sirloin, pork tenderloin and egg whites, to name a few. You’ll also want to check in with your doctor to see if this type of diet plan is ideal for your needs. Net carbs are the types that make your blood sugar go up and down significantly -- usually sugar and starch.
If the food label lists grams of insoluble fiber, subtract those from the total fiber and carbohydrate grams. When you know exactly how many net carbs you’re allowed to have, spread them out throughout your meals.
The American Heart Association recommends that no more than 7 percent of your calories come from saturated fat -- 16 grams max for a 2,000-calorie diet. Have a third of your allowance at breakfast, another third at lunch, then the final third at dinner, for example.

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