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For years, obesity experts insisted you have to eat breakfast to lose weight, but new scientific research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that breakfast is not necessary for weight loss. Fasting as little as eight days a year could have significant anti-aging benefits, Digital Journal reported. Intermittent fasting, or IF, is being hailed as the hottest weight-loss trend of January, the New York Daily News reported Jan. Intermittent fasting can enhance weight loss without deprivation, the HuffingtonPost reported March 26. FITNESSIntermittent Fasting and Fasting Boost Longevity, Weight Loss: Boosts Human Growth HormoneBy Samantha Chang, June 20th, 2015Scientists say intermittent fasting and fasting enhances longevity and protects brain health. Intermittent fasting can boost longevity, weight loss, boost human growth hormone and protect brain health, say scientists. Research shows people who do intermittent fasting lose weight more quickly and keep it off longer than those who follow conventional, linear diets where you’re constantly depriving yourself. What’s more, intermittent fasting has been shown to ward off diseases like cancer and dementia, Examiner reported. Aside from weight loss, regularly experiencing hunger has many disease-fighting benefits, say researchers.
While most people do intermittent fasting to lose weight, research from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) suggests that intermittent fasting can also improve brain functioning, and help maintain lean muscle mass. Mattson and his team conducted studies on animals with Alzheimer-like conditions, and found that alternating between days of fasting and normal eating seemed to slow or even reverse brain impairment, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported. Intermittent fasting also helped the animals maintain their lean muscle mass even as they aged — the exact opposite of what happens to both animals and people as they get older. Similar experiments conducted on humans (alternating between days of normal eating and calorie restriction) showed the same effects. A major advantage of intermittent fasting is that it’s easier to maintain than a linear diet where you’re restricting yourself all the time. Intermittent fasting has skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to the runaway success of the Fast Diet (or 5:2 diet), which calls for fasting (500 calories a day) for two days of the week and eating whatever you want the other five days. Another popular intermittent fasting diet is the Every Other Day Diet, where you alternate every other day between fasting and regular eating. Not only do most people lose weight quickly on these plans, but they say it’s easier to stick to their diets.
Actor Hugh Jackman recently credited intermittent fasting for helping him achieve his rippling Wolverine body. Intermittent fasting is making headlines all around the world, and causing nutritionists and health gurus of all stripes to stock up on antacid medication. IF works on the idea that your body can assimilate to just about anything, given enough time and regimentation.
We all know that digestion is the process by which food is broken down into energy for our bodies and waste products. The IF diet has become most popular in its 5:2 variation, which in turn has a number of variations of its own. Never, ever start a diet or exercise regimen of any kind without talking to your healthcare provider first. Intermittent fasting has a lot of potential to help people who thought conventional diets were out of reach or unattainable. Do you want to skyrocket your energy levels in your body without utilizing stimulants like coffee and toxic power drinks? In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you are taking in on a consistent basis. For women who are interested in weight loss, Intermittent fasting may seem like a great choice, but many people want to know, should women fast? Researchers said people who do intermittent fasting tend to lose weight more quickly and keep it off longer than those who follow conventional, linear diets where you're constantly depriving yourself.

Mattson said fasting for short periods of time like 16 to 24 hours induces a state of stress in the body, which responds by releasing neurotrophic proteins that stimulate neurons and other cells.
In the alternate-day fasting model, people ate whatever they wanted on non-fasting days and then ate a low-calorie diet (about 500 calories a day) on fasting days. Thousands of people say they lost dramatic amounts of weight quickly on both of these IF regimes.
Jackman said he was inspired to follow intermittent fasting after reading The 8-Hour Diet by David Zinczenko, the former editor-in-chief of Men’s Health. Reps from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute said men who fasted for 24 hours experienced a 2,000% spike in HGH, while women saw a 1,300% increase. Many people do this for religious reasons, others because they are forced by circumstances or lack of available food to do without, and still others because of stress or physical health problems. Strangely, this type of fasting may actually be better for most people than conventional wisdom and commonly held beliefs about what a stable diet should and shouldn’t be would suggest.
Only in the past century has a steady, reliable source of food become a reality for most humans. We rarely think any further about digestion than this, but one of the largest side effects of digestion is a release of insulin.
One of the crucial ideas of IF is to modify eating habits away from processed, sugar-laden foods to begin with. By retraining your body to expect food only within certain periods of the day, you give your body longer resting periods where it is not struggling to digest everything you’ve put into it.
Getting started can be a little rough, especially if you’re used to eating whatever, whenever.
With their help and guidance you can establish a feeding window that works with your life and body for maximum results and safety.
For a diet to get results, it needs to restrict your calories in a way that is easy to follow and allows you to maintain some sense of normalcy in your life. Thus on an evolutionary scale, we started eating a lot more than is strictly healthy for us particularly in First World countries. IF imposes a stable, steady form of fasting upon the body, giving it the respite from processing the foods we eat it needs.
Insulin is the chemical in our bodies that allows our systems to process sugar effectively and convert it to energy. Eating better is the first and most crucial key to getting real results from intermittent fasting. This means that for five days you have a feeding window of 8 hours and a fasting window of 16, with two days a week where you don’t eat at all.
Among the ranks of people who are reportedly turning to IF are famous faces like Ben Affleck, Christy Turington, Beyonce Knowles and Liv Tyler.
An IF diet by itself can help you lose weight, but it will not work as quickly nor will it help you build muscle. For the first week or so, you may experience discomfort or hunger outside your feeding window. You wouldn’t eat an entire cheesecake in the middle of an intense sexual interlude, would you? Experiment with different feeding windows throughout the day and week until you find the one that works for you.
The problem that most people have when attempting to lose weight is that they make it more difficult that it needs to be. There have been a few key studies about intermittent fasting which can help to shed some light on this interesting new dietary trend.
Diets could change drastically based upon weather, time of day, season, location and other factors. The evidence for this is increased obesity in both adults and children, a corresponding reduction in overall health, and a number of nutrition-related deficits and overabundance which work together to make us feel worse than we should, all other factors being equal.

The difference between this very haphazard version of IF and a more disciplined, targeted methodology is that your body is not getting any regimentation and thus is convinced every time you go without eating it’s about to starve.
This would not be as imperative if we all lived on an entirely organic, all-natural, unprocessed diet, but that isn’t the case. Once your body becomes accustomed to better and healthier food then you can move on to the next step, which is where the actual fasting comes into play, but without first adjusting what you put into your body, the fasting will not be as effective and could actually cause digestive and other health problems. This works well because you release the exact same amount of insulin in a constant grazing pattern as you do in a feeding window, but with a feeding window your body has more time to cope with the excess insulin and help you store less fat as a result.
Eating like a lumberjack three times a day, no matter how healthy the food is, isn’t any better than fasting for three days and then eating your way through a Las Vegas buffet.
IF takes a certain amount of discipline and willpower until the habits you put into place become second nature, like anything else. Sticking with it, trying new things and methods, and keeping in touch with your healthcare provider can help you achieve your weight loss goals and feel better while you’re doing it!
If you keep it simple and stick with it, you will achieve the results that you are looking for.
Therefore, our bodies evolved to be able to cope with periods of lean sustenance by coming to actually require a certain amount of fasting. Diabetics suffer from either a surfeit or a deficit of insulin, causing them to process sugar inefficiently if at all. Before you start IF, you should consult with your doctor to identify possible problems this could cause you and what warning signs you should be aware of. Come home, have another snack, have dinner, watch TV or play on the computer, snack some more, go to bed.
However, this does not mean you should fast for 18 hours and then dig into the Slim Jims and energy drinks.
So you may eat for six days and fast for one, eat five and fast two, or eat four and fast three. The possible variations are limited only by the number of hours in a day and days in a week. This naturally raises questions about whether IF is just another fad diet or something that might actually last. Eating reasonable portions of sensible food during your feeding window and restricting your intake to water and tea the rest of the time will help you lose weight and shed fat. This helps kick start your metabolism and allows your body to process food more efficiently. From this it becomes clear that there is a clear and direct link between digestion and insulin production. If we assume most people sleep for exactly eight hours, this means for fifteen to sixteen hours we eat more or less constantly. Remember your body is adapted and evolved to need certain basics, and processed foods lose a lot of these or add so much in that any benefit they may convey is overshadowed by the extra effort your body must expend to break them down into energy. The last is highly extreme and not really recommended, unless your healthcare provider clears you for it.
By reducing the effort our bodies have to put forth to digest food, we also reduce potential fat and force our bodies to process what we put in more efficiently. Like it or not, the human body needs to be worked routinely to work at peak capability, which means exercise.

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