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And that’s the Serious Cat round-up for this week, brought to you by the New Blogger. No idea how that happend because the father is white and fluffy and the mother is another widely mixed stray brown tiger.
Everyone who sees our whitey boy thinks he is an exclusive breed like an angora, but he is also just a street mix. We switched her to vegan cat food with 16 years because she got sever reactions to other cat food. We feed her amicat, it is an italian brand invented by vets specially for allergic cats and use vegecat supplement if i cook for her.And sometimes she gets a swiss brand of food made with vegecat supplement which is available in a ground and sausage like variety.
Her hip was broken, she got a shock and her bladder was injured.Also she had massives blood vessel ruptures around her hip. But she lost so much weight and is even pickier with food now so she gets her *treat* instead of regular food. Any other cat that will join our family in the future will also get vegan cat food because i only made good experience with it.
I had high montly pays for the vet because of my old missy and her health problems and they have gone away nearly completly 6 months after i started the vegan food. Photos, original recipes, and text © Susan Voisin+ and Fatfree Vegan Kitchen, 2006-2016.
Mine favorite is tulips.  They are one of the first flowers that bloom here in the spring (yay spring!), they are low maintenance and by the time I am sick of them, they are gone. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. The beauty of the Tulum ruins is that they stand overlooking a gorgeous beach on the Caribbean Sea.

The rest of the cruise is a blur of food and sun and (cheesy) entertainment, but what I’ll remember most is the time spent with my family.
I may be home in body, but in spirit I’m still in vacation mode, so please bear with me as I slowly get around to answering email and blog comments and, eventually, posting a new recipe.
I should probably have done a whole post about the food, but I didn’t take one food photo during the entire trip. There were always salads and appetizers (usually fruit) that we could eat, though the portion sizes were tiny. You can also eat in the buffet, which makes it easy to get as much salad and fruit as you want.
And finally, here’s that rose that I said I was stopping to smell in my last Flowers post.
To all photo enthusiasts, I took all of these with my cheap, second-hand Vivitar 100mm lens and used the macro adapter for the extreme close-up of the oleander flower. To me, the major difference between nature photography and food photography is the amount of patience it takes to shoot flowers and insects. All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days.
When you buy something through my links, I receive a commission that helps support this site at no extra cost to you. The first day I had a Caribbean beans and rice that was good, but other than that, I stuck to the salad and fruit bars while in the buffet. But they mention a Jamaican Red Bean Soup that I would not trust–we were told that all soups on the cruise were made with chicken stock. We started off going by the menu, but the last couple of nights they made special meals for us.

While everyone else was choosing from about 8 decadent desserts, we either ate a tiny plate of slivered fruit or nothing at all.
I’m glad to hear that it was a fun trip, although I understand your happiness at being home.
They certainly didn’t have a whole menu planned out for us, even though we booked months ago and told them we were vegan.
Hope to get any assistance from you if I will have some quesitons.Thanks in advance and good luck! In first steps it is really good if somebody supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here.
Thanks for the cruise food info- I had kind of assumed that if I ever go on a cruise that I would have to bring all my food.
Carnival had a full 7 day menu planned out for us and let us approve and shift things around if we wanted. One night I had the cherries jubilee without the ice cream (just cherries and sauce) just to feel like I’d gotten a real dessert. The first 2 nights the dish was vegan, but the other 2 nights it was made with cheese, so they prepared something different for us. The last night of the cruise we had pasta with a great tomato sauce and these incredible stuffed tomatoes that they made up specially for us.

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