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These ingredients, if used in larger doses, may have provided nutritional benefits to dieters who are not able to eat a sensible plan, but the lower dosage may lessen these benefits.
Ensure is not real food, but is the quintessential fake food, manufactured by a modern industrial conglomerate.
After having my wisdom teeth out and being told to drink only liquids, I stocked up on 4 bottles of the stuff.
Although to be honest, I think I was intentionally self-deluding at that point, since I don't handle going without food very well.

All nutritional shakes, be them Ensure, Boost, or Store Brand, are great for those of us seeking extra nutrients due to being sick and not having proper meals for example.
It IS sold in Mexico in all the stores, Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, Mega Mercado and all pharmacies. I don't want to name drop, but I drink an entirely organic shake daily as a supplement loaded with amazing goodness! Their vitamins rank very highly, and I can actually feel improvements to my mood and overall health when I use their products.

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