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In Better Body Weight Training Part 1; I talked about the importance of including lower body exercises in your workout. Box Squats –Sit down on a low platform like a stool and stand up keeping your chest raised and your back straight and slightly arched. Squats — Use a hip width or shoulder width stance which ever lets you lower your body down lower without raise your heels off the ground.
Summo Squats — Same as the squats but use a stance considerably wider and point your feet out to the sides a bit more.
Lying Hip Raises — Lie on the floor bring your feet about half way towards your bottom and raise your hips up, you can also involve your calf muscles and go up on the toes.
One Leg Lying Hip Raises  — same as above but on one leg keeping the other leg raised up in the air. Hyper Extensions — Lie face down with your hips and upper thighs supported on a hyper extension bench or an elevated platform like a table or a bench  put something heavy on the back of your ankle or lower legs or ask a training partner to help hold them down then lower your upper body and raise it back up focusing on squeeze the glutes or your bottom muscles and hamstring muscles or the big muscles on the back of your legs. One Leg Hyper Extensions — Same as above but with more, most or all your weight on one leg. Good Mornings — While only allowing a slight bend in your knees you move your hips back slightly and take a bow keeping your weight on the heels of your feet and either putting your hands behind your head on your shoulders or crossing them over your chest or putting them straight out in front of you. One Leg Good Mornings  — Same as above but with more, most or all your weight on one leg. Superman Holds — Lie on the ground then raise your upper body and your feet off the ground and hold that position for progressively longer periods focusing on tensing your glutes, and hamstrings and lower back muscles.
About John GrahamJohn Graham Harper began personal training in California, where he earned his Personal Fitness Trainer Certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
Known for his unique passion and understanding of body dynamics and exercise, and his extensive knowledge of performance nutrition, John Graham’s training programs ensure a well rounded approach to fitness. John Graham is a founder of Fusion Fitness, a premier foreign owned and operated gym in Shekou offering a variety of fitness options for the entire family, and Freshe Fitness an exclusive health and fitness club with convenient locations in Dongguan and Futian, China. The materials here are free for both personal and commercial use by exercise and health professionals and facilities, but may not be republished or distributed on another web site or as part of any commercial product without my prior written permission. The free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print the charts, graphs, forms and worksheets. Click here to download the free Acrobat reader.
These charts are designed to record the performance of high intensity training workouts which typically involve performing a single set of up to a dozen exercises. Write the exercises to be performed in the far left column, along with settings if applicable.
Record the date of each workout and the weight and repetition count total or time under load for each exercise in the columns to the right. I recommend printing workout charts on heavy card stock to better resist wrinkling and tearing and using a clipboard to make writing easier. If you request a chart, graph or worksheet I think will be generally useful to readers I will design it when I have time.
Nowadays, commercials gyms are always full with various types of Body Solid fitness equipments; including numerous strength training machines such as the personal trainer. This multi-function equipment includes a new press arm and pulley system with isolateral 250 degree pivots. The Fusion 600 Body Solid Personal Trainer can also be used with an exercise ball, if required. Moreover, the engineers at BodySolid have created this versatile, efficient and perfect equipment.
It helps you to train the triceps, abs, quads, biceps, traps, delts, lats, shoulders, obliques, pectorals, and the full body.
This post has been written by Jigney Bhachech for Worldfitness – an online store of gym equipments and fitness equipments based in Australia.
This entry was posted in Body Solid Equipments, Body Solid Gym Equipment, Functional Trainer, Personal Trainer by Jigney Bhachech. You can get ready running 10 to 20 miles per week, with the early weeks of your training being near the lower end of that, and the mileage gradually increasing until it peaks a week or two before the half marathon. In addition, optional cross training, stretching, and foam rolling is highly recommended to supplement the running.
12 weeks at a minimum because you need to spend some time building up your aerobic base with shorter runs, until you’re comfortable with about running 10 total miles a week. Then you should probably train for a 5K before you seriously start thinking about a half, although you can view that as the first step in a very long half marathon-training program. If you are a mom you definitely know how hard it is to keep a balance in your life and how shorts are the days to do all what we have to do. My clients ask me all the time how can I keep up with my training with a 14 months old baby. I went to the Georgetown Sprint Tri as part of my training for the Half-Ironman that I am getting ready for. If I don’t have any free time between clients, I do the running with the stroller (pushing a 23 pounds baby is definitely going to make me stronger), or I ride on the bike trainer while he is taking his nap. Ashley shared with us that her client Melissa has enjoyed a 114 LB weight loss since August! Greg Cook is running an extensive set of clinics designed to prepare you for this year’s Austin Fittest Challenge. As the 2013 AFM Fittest approaches, lots of people have been approaching me for advice on their training.
The ONLY way to run faster is to put more force into the ground.  All other mechanics are designed to put more force into the ground so that you can run faster. Your body is also designed to work most efficiently and powerfully in the upright position. With all of the differing ideas in fitness magazines, internet articles and new fitness trends, it is no wonder that people often become confused when it comes to designing their own workout program. Group Training is a fabulous way to get the personal attention and targeted results – at a fraction of the cost.
This free Workout Chart template focuses on weight lifting exercises, and can be used to structure your overall weight lifting program, including warm up, core body, upper body, lower body, and cool down exercises.

The workbook includes a One Rep Max Calculator to help you find your 1RM for various exercises by performing multiple reps at a lower weight (the safer approach). It may be tempting to test your strength by "maxing out", but the likelihood of serious injury is much higher when trying to max out. Online One Rep Max Calculator - Calculate your One Rep Max by performing multiple reps at a lower weight. The idea of completing an entire total-body workout using nothing more than an 8-pound medicine ball may not seem intimidating. Perform this routine at the end of your regular workout or as a stand-alone workout, 3 days a week.
The platform should be lower than the height of your knees but if you have bad knees then use knee height platform or a little higher.
Keep your back as straight as you can and keep your chest raised and look straight ahead not down. He has been based in the city of Shenzhen for over 9 years, introducing his knowledge and experience in international fitness techniques and increasing awareness of the latest fitness methodologies.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to our email list for free updates on this topic! The traditional strength training equipments only strengthens the targeted muscles and particular joints.
It also includes two swiveling pulleys that enable you to do numerous high pulley exercises, pectoral flys, isolateral mid-row exercises, functional pressing motions, etc. The single-stack, multi-functional design allows you to carry out numerous routines; and isolate individual muscles or introduce functional training into your workouts.
And the various exercises you can perform on this heavy duty machine includes Pec fly, bench press, incline press, pull over, crossover, upright row,  deltoid raise, shoulder press, standing military press, wide grip front lat pull down, close grip front lat pull down, bent over row, seated row, shoulder shrug, ab crunch, oblique bend, standing biceps curl, tricep press down, tricep extension, tricep kickback, lug extension, squat, glute kick, standing leg curl, outer thigh abduction, inner  thigh abduction, reverse fly etc.
Here, you will find various home gym equipments as well as commercial grade gym equipments of highest standards and quality.
If you are currently running most of your miles close to a 9-10 minute pace, you should expect about two to three hours per week of actual running. Even when adding this to your running regime, you are just looking at an additional 1-2 hours of training each week.
But give yourself enough as you may from time to time need some additional rest and life can get in the way of your training. I can say that the hardest thing it is not to find the time to complete the training, it is definitely trying to find the time to rest! Ashley is so proud of Melissa for her dedication – she hasn’t missed a session since she started! Their enthusiasm has inspired me to record a few thoughts on specific events from the test to help everyone in their training.
You should not be bent forward at the waist and your head should be in a relaxed, neutral position. At the beginning of the sprint, you will be on the balls of your feet (due to the lean discussed above), but you should NOT feel like you are up on your toes.
Your legs will follow your arms, so limited motion in your arms will limit motion in your legs. Luckily, Pure Austin provides the amenities to fulfill my cardio and strength training needs and desires. Freemotion squat machine (15 Reps), Freemotion Chest Press (15 Reps), Plank hold for 30 secs, Side plank hold for 30 seconds (both right and left side).
Pure Austin Fitness Personal Trainer John Barr shares some excellent workout design principles with us below and in the linked video. The only change that would make these example plans even better would be to add some tri-planar movements, but I will save that discussion for next time! This workout chart allows you to list the type of exercise, how many sets and reps, how much weight, and the resting time in between sets. The printable workout chart is almost identical to the Workout Chart template below, but if you use the PDF version, you'll need to create your workout program by hand. But consider: This 10-exercise routine is the same one that University of North Carolina strength and conditioning coach Jonas Sahratian uses to whip the Tar Heels into championship-game shape.
Big Circles standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent; hold a medicine ball with your arms extended directly above your head. Standing Russian Twist Hold a medicine ball with both hands in front of your chest and your arms straight.
Squat to Press Stand holding a medicine ball close to your chest with both hands, your feet just beyond shoulder-width apart.
Medicine-Ball Sit-up Grab a medicine ball with both hands and lie on your back on the floor.
Rocky Solo Sit on the floor with your legs straight, and hold a medicine ball with both hands just above your lap. Toe Touch Grab a medicine ball, lie on your back, and raise your legs so they’re straight and perpendicular to the floor. Diagonal Crunch Grab a medicine ball and lie on the floor with your legs straight and spread wide.
You will be presented with the option to pick your trainer and for this achievement, it is irrelevant which trainer you pick.
Whereas, the BodySolid functional trainer is one of the innovative strength training equipments that enable you to achieve total body fitness.
Further, the bearing pivot points at the press pivot and the leg developer pivot; warranties a lifelong smooth functioning of the machine. This highly durable, and multi- tasking model is also compatible with the most popular and exceptional attachments such as the multi-hip, leg press, and weight assisted vertical knee raise and chin dip stations; and rear mounted pull-ups. Running, swimming, riding and lifting weights, and I can say that the secret it is taking advantage of any minute on your day. When you have an awesome husband and baby that support what you do, sometimes they let you take a nap! At the start of your race, you will be “leaning forward” in order to push backwards into the ground and accelerate yourself forward.

As your body shifts to a more upright position, your foot strike should become flatter and flatter until you are landing with a mid-foot strike. David’s workouts are about achieving fat loss through quality movement, strength, and efficiency. It’s designed to help you build a rock-solid core, burn fat, and improve your overall performance.
Complete the routine as a circuit, doing 1 set of each movement in succession and without resting.
Now, without bending your elbows, rotate your arms counterclockwise using the ball to draw large imaginary circles in front your body. Without dropping your arms, pivot on your right foot and rotate the ball and your torso as far as you can to the left. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body until the tops of your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Bend your knees 90 degrees, place your feet flat on the floor, and hold the medicine ball against your chest.
Lean back at a 45-degree angle, raise your legs and feet off the floor, and hold the ball with both hands in front of your chest, your arms straight. Roll onto your right hip and hold the ball with your arms straight at 10 o’clock above the top of your head.
Now pick custom workout and begin adding your exercises (up to 10 +warm up & cool down). Keep your back straight and slightly arched by raising your chest and keeping your elbows high. Body Solid is reputed for manufacturing an extensive range of gym equipments including the Fusion 400 Personal Trainer. Both these arms can also move independently, thus it enables you to isolate one arm at a time. The two-way adjustable back pad provides full support for mid-rows as well as decline, flat, incline and shoulder press exercises. So, moms don’t hesitate, go hard, go fast because your baby is going to be waiting for you on the finish line and that is priceless. The 40 yard dash is a good test to focus on at this point in your training since your improved acceleration will also be crucial in the Interval Run and the Arrowhead Agility Cone Run.
This will feel most natural if you completely relax your ankle and put your foot down directly underneath you. A balanced full-body workout is much more likely to yield the results you are looking for rather than attacking your problem areas with isolation exercises. After the general warm up, you should perform proper stretches, especially for those muscles that you will be working out. Now bend forward at your waist and mimic throwing the ball backward between your legs—but hold onto the ball the entire time. Then simultaneously drive your heels into the floor and push your body back to the starting position as you press the ball over your head. Then twist all the way to your left and pick the ball up and bring it back to the starting position. Without moving your legs or bending your elbows, simultaneously lift your arms and torso until the ball touches your toes. Without dropping your legs or arms, rotate the ball and your torso as far as you can to the right.
Simultaneously raise your torso and bend your right knee toward your chest as you bring the ball over your knee and toward your foot. To perform the movement, raise your arms and torso and then touch the ball to the floor between your legs. You will notice that the first 12 exercises have the trainers face in the bottom right corner of their box, these are the trainer specific exercises that you can read more about below. Bring your hips back and squat down keeping your knees inline with your index toes and try not to let your knees go over your toes much.  You should try to bring your hips down to a little below knee height or as low as you can go. This essential commercial gym equipment; is a combination of an advanced traditional gym and an ultramodern functional trainer. The traditional as well as neutral hand position allows you to perform isolateral pressing movements. I make my training one of my priorities, so I organize my day and just find the time to do it.
Your body should be in a tall position rotated forward in order to provide the backward push.
When your foot is in front of you, it can only produce force back towards you, slowing you down!
You want to keep your elbows tucked in tight to your body (not swinging back and forth out wide).
This is because that deep breath helps increase oxygen levels in your blood allowing you to produce more power.
Not only will a balanced exercise plan help you achieve your body composition goals, but it will also increase your mobility and your overall functionality.
Lower your body, but instead of rolling back onto your right hip, roll onto your left and hold the ball at 2 o’clock above your head before you repeat the movement.
Moreover, the press arms can even rotate on cams; hence it also provides you an extensive choice of arm positions and movement for your workout program. As you accelerate, your legs will slowly come forward relative to your torso until you are straight up. Also, thinking about driving your elbows hard backwards – at full speed they’ll come back forwards on their own.
With this format, you can input a variety of different exercises and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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