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Today, we have our amazing graphic designer Carol sharing about her transformation journey. If you are also on your journey of transformation like Carol, we have an amazing recipe to share with you that you will absolutely love.
Parsley is packed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium that are essential for maintaining a healthy body. Pepper is not only an excellent source of carotenoids, It contain many phytochemicals which are naturally occurring compounds found in plants. They contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are essential in decreasing heart disease risks and triglycerides and boost brain power. Fitlifers, if you want to grab the chance of winning the juicer next week like Marina, make sure you leave a comment on the blog to register. Each week, I strive to give you content that is new and will further help you in your transformation journey. I have spent years researching everything I could about nutrition, mindset, and wellness, and I developed this system specifically from what I learned.
Some of the benefits of juicing include increased mental clarity and energy levels, improved digestive function, strengthened immune system, normalized body weight, improvement in sleep patterns, balanced PH Levels, cleared complexion, improvement of circulation, lowered blood pressure, balancing of blood sugar levels, and cleansing your colon.
We have researched and reviewed 10 of the best juice cleanses from around the country, as well as providing a totally customizable DIY option! 4. LOVE Deep from Organic Avenue: This company offers 6 cleanse options and they also have fun names!
And now, the DIY option: For those of you who have the time and want to save some money, it’s easy to model your own after the many out there. Oh yeah, and we have one more cleanse that we’ll call the Bogus (because it’s clearly not a Bonus)! So now it’s time to jump on the juice bandwagon and experience the many health benefits (not to mention the quick weight loss). Amanda Cey is the Founder and CEO of ABCey Events, a San Francisco based Private and Corporate Event Planning company that services the technology industry and has produced events for Oracle, Adobe, Apple, Tesla, Razorfish, Accenture, and more. Amanda Cey is the Founder and CEO of ABCey Events, a San Francisco based Private and Corporate Event Planning company that services the technology industry and has produced events for Oracle, Adobe, Apple, Tesla, Razorfish, Accenture, and more. For me, nutrition and health will always be more about balance and common sense, than about finding a quick fix for a problem. Incorporate your juicing recipes into a healthy overall nutrition plan, rather than to use it on its own as a fast or as a juice detox. Make sure that the rest of your eating habits are as healthy as possible, by making smart choices when shopping. If you really want to (and you know that you are healthy and don't have blood sugar problems), you can try to use some juice detox recipes for a day or two, but don't stretch this to a few weeks without medical supervision.
Try to drink the juice as soon as possible after you have made it, to get the most from it. If you have any ailment or are very unfit, please speak to your doctor before using juicing recipes for weight loss.
Also see these free juicing recipes for weight loss, plus a smoothie recipe you can enjoy as a snack or even use as a meal replacement from time to time.
This recipe is not only low-glycemic, it will also make you feel full (find out what that ingredient is).
They also have less than a gram each of protein and fat and just 0.91 gram of carbohydrates. They contain calcium and folate, two nutrients that are important for post-menopausal women and women of child-bearing age. It also helps in preventing muscle cramping, aids in proper metabolism functioning, strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation. Since chia seeds form a “chia-like gel” when exposed to liquid, they actually can help hydrate the body and reduce blood pressure. Only if they used your time to calculate the amount unwanted weight they lost they will understand the brighter side in the picture.
As you will see with many of the cleanses, the main difference between the three levels corresponds to how many green juices vs.

The stream of consciousness in their logo represents their life philosophy and the products that they provide.
Love Easy, Love Fast, Love Deep, Love Beauty, Love Transition, and Love Support are all based on the Live, Organic, Vegan, Experience. They offer a 1-Day, 3-Day and a Green cleanse and include teas and soups along with the juices.
Their recipes are custom-formulated by a panel of experts and are “extensively cultivated for maximum well-being and a delicious range of fresh tastes.” Their juice cleanse programs are home delivered and cater to busy professionals who want maintain their youthfulness and stay attractive, energetic and vibrant.
This typically costs me about $60 for a 3-Day cleanse, as opposed to the $180+ that most of the ones on the market cost. I believe that it can be positively dangerous to follow a 2 or 3 week juice detox or fast without medical supervision.
We have been made to enjoy foods that come with mouth-watering aromas and flavors, a variety of textures and heavenly tastes. I do sometimes enjoy a glass of juice or a yummy smoothie recipe if I don't feel like eating, but not for days on end.
That will fill you up and should help you to be less ravenous when you get to the dinner table.
Opt for one-ingredient foods, such as veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, grass-fed meat sources, etc. I know this sometimes poses a practical problem when it comes to your work schedule or your family commitments. This remains one of the most crucial aspects, as it is the only way to really rev up your metabolism. You can join here to get free juicing e-books, regular juicing recipes, plus weight loss and nutrition tips. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which helps prevent diabetes, colon cancer, and heart disease. The limonoid compounds in limes have been shown to prevent cancers of the colon, stomach and blood. When this happens, you will find that it is possible to get in incredible shape and start living with a vibrant purpose! For example, apples and celery actually take more energy to digest as opposed to number of calories they contain. The most beneficial option is to make use of an internet excess fat calculator to guage your progress as opposed to with a weighing scale. I am a huge fan of juice cleanses as they are the most natural and organic method of detoxifying and healing. They say their goal is to “lead healthy, eco-friendly lives – lives that are sustained by whole foods and vitamins retrieved straight from the earth.” All of their juices contain natural, premium quality ingredients which are immediately frozen in their raw form to maintain freshness.
They do not dilute their juice or stretch it out with cucumber and the formulas are made the way you like them: intense. Their a la carte Custom Cooler lets you enjoy their juices any way you like them, and the raw-food meals can be delivered daily before and after your Cooler Cleanse, to help you ease into, and transition out of the cleanse.
Again, the Green cleanses are for the more experienced who would like to explore the next level of cleansing.
Their programs are a bit more customized for each individual ensuring that each client’s specific needs and goals are met. Their ingredients are all raw, whole, fresh, local when possible, seasonal, high-quality, and organic.
These usually contain approximately 6-8 juices and consist of about 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day.
The ingredients are lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup and you drink only this for 10 days of your life. Make processed foods a firm no-no when you are shopping - these are all those things with long lists of ingredients you can't understand or recognize. If you include strength building exercises with dumbbells for instance, you will be adding lean muscle. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something that you can pass along to your loved ones.

They are especially great post holidays after most of us have over indulged in unhealthy foods and alcohol. For example, if you are diabetic or can’t handle much sugar, the Excavation cleanse is the best fit for you as it has more green juice than fruit based juice. I love all the varieties here, such as in Love Fast; you get a salad at the end of the day and fresh smoothies and soups. Their packaging is also a little fancier than some of the others, so something about the juices being aesthetically pleasing is nice.
They change the ingredients up seasonally, so new juices and soups pop up at different times of the year. All Cleanse programs offer 3 different levels of intensity- Living Well, Living Clean and Living Green. Their whole-body detox juice cleanse features daily home delivery of delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices, packed in a convenient stay-fresh cooler. There is generally a nut-milk component for fat and protein, and vegetable juices for vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.
Sure, this won't give you an instant fix for weight issues, but it is a plan you can stay on for life.
I often recommend these to brides-to-be, since they are also a quick way to slim down or jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.
If you are a new juicer, you probably will want to start with Level One and gradually work your way up. They have super creative names such as Alkaline Blend, Energizer Bunny, Happy Belly, Local Liquid, and Oh My Green Goodness. They also make ridiculous smoothies and sell cleansing enzymes that can aid in your juice crusade. Everyday a fresh LOVE* cleanse package is delivered to your door (or you can pick it up at a convenient location, but only if you live in NYC). Additionally, you can join the Cooler Club, a membership program that ensures custom-designed coolers will arrive at your home or work throughout the year.
All Living Greens juices are made with 100% organic, fresh produce, never frozen and no preservatives or added sugars. But wait, they offer a DIY version on the site in an effort to make juicing accessible to the masses, which is something I haven’t see before.
However, many people report fatigue,irritability, headaches, pains, nausea, vomiting, and uncontrollable bowel movements. For more about this, you can go back to my recent 10-part series on How To Lose Weight Without A Diet? Our bodies and minds also experience physical and mental clarity by taking time off from regular eating. The other option here which is nice is Juice ‘Til Dinner, which is a less intense Juice and Food program.
You also get a Life Juice Spa Detox Salt Bath to help soothe your muscles and joints along with a tote to drag around your juice all day.
You will receive a daily email with instructions, a time schedule, nutrition information and LOVE* inspiration. For me, a juice cleanse is about elimination but it’s also about consuming an inordinate amount of fresh veggies! Cleanses begin at around $65 per day and you can purchase for as many days as you’d like. The Love Deep (all juice) runs about $286 with a refundable bottle deposit, so it’s significantly more expensive than some of the other 3-Day cleanses. I absolutely love lemons and they are highly alkalizing, but I’m not sure this is all I could drink for a week plus.

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