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You can achieve any of these goals but they each require a certain amount of work and sacrifice. For most people, a general blend of the three is desirable but the one you prioritize can change your focus.
With a change like that you can notice some small positive improvements as in as little time as a month. Maybe you’re willing to stop indulging your sweet tooth on weekdays and save it for weekends instead? Take an honest look at your week and see where you can fit in your training or activity, whatever it might be.
Write it down, set a reminder on your phone, tell your spouse you’re going to do it, find a friend to accompany you, whatever you can do to guarantee that you get your butt moving when the time comes. Going from overweight to the higher end of healthy can be done with some very small consistent changes. Now that you know a little more about what your options are and how to be real about your goals, go ahead and get started!
After that, it’s a matter of determining where you can make the most impact with the least amount of resistance.

Can nailing down your goal provide you with the necessary motivation to stay consistent for the year? Should you just get started with something that is easy and simple like running or joining your local gym? Would you be ok with working with a fitness professional to help keep you accountable for the duration of your weight loss program? Once you know what’s important to you, You can zero-in on your goal and make sure that everything you do is getting you there. If your main focus is on health, you might have a more holistic approach focusing equally on things like nutrition, strength building, stress management, time management, work life balance, etc… Whereas someone who prioritizes a performance goal like strength might spend a lot more time in the gym deadlifting.
Nearly 100% of the time that people fail to achieve their fitness goals, it’s because they bite off more than they can chew. You’re adding a time commitment to your life which means you have to give up something else. All of these CAN be helpful but what usually happens when someone is feeling stuck and at the end of the rope is they combine them all into one horrifying self-deprecating battle that can only end in an ice cream binge eating, Netflix watching marathon, served with a heavy side self pity topped with crippling guilt. What’s the easiest thing you’re willing to do right now to move toward your goal?

You won’t, however, have the same results as if you were to train 6 days a week with a personal coach and no responsibilities.
Not what the latest magazine article told you you HAD to do, not what your friend is doing, what YOU are willing to do. If you can maintain that for at least three months, then maybe you can think about adding more days. Maybe you love to eat out at restaurants and the idea of carrying tupperwares of chicken breast and plain rice with you everywhere isn’t appealing. If you spend all your training just lifting weights instead, you’ll be sorely disappointed on race day. But if you only have a few hours to spare every week and have to eat at restaurants regularly to talk with clients for your job, there’s a disconnect. Instead, just figure out your answer to the above four points, and start making very small changes, one at a time.

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