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SKU: 40BSW11Housekeeping signs inform and remind employees of company policies and best practices in the workplace. Fire TestimonialMy little SENTRY safe is the only thing that made me smile thru the days following our firI purchased a smaller Sentry Safe while I was in college. George S.PAView This StorySecurity TestimonialWe experienced a fire in our home and lost the entire second floor.
While most of the contents of our closet were thrown out the window into our backyard, the firemen did bring us the safe (still smoking, but still sealed). We are so thankful for the protection your safe afforded our personal documents and photo negatives--after such a loss, that meant the world to us.
Emily P.CAView This StorySecurity TestimonialOur mobile home was destroyed by a tornado in 2008. Security TestimonialBeing in the hospitality business for 25+ years, I have seen some amazing customer serviceBeing in the hospitality business for 25+ years, I have seen some amazing customer service acts but your company went to a whole new level with this story. Tina H.MOView This StoryFire TestimonialI wish to express my deep appreciation for the high quality of your product. This is a testament to the quality of your product as the fire itself was extremely hot with several explosions involved.
Because of your safe, many things were saved like four birth certificates, two car titles and many other things.
Jonathan Z.GAView This StorySecurity Testimonial The entire house was destroyed, but your safe with everything inside of it was still intact. John Z.WIView This StoryFire TestimonialWe wanted to let you know that we are very grateful for your product. Jodi G.Spring Creek, NVView This StorySecurity TestimonialThe fire was so large that it caought the house next to it on fire. To our amazement, when the locksmith broke open the safe, everything in the safe was intact and unharmed. If you'd like to see your shipping cost, add the item to your "Shopping Barge" and then use our Shipping Rates Calculator on the next page. Quality Products Northwest's Safe-T-Hauler has a patented Self Grip sheave design that is the ultimate in safety & simplicity. We were just married this past September and moved in our home… Unfortunately, our home burned to the ground… Just one week earlier we had put all our valuable paper and certificates in the Fire-Safe® (file).
The only damage was a small dent that penetrated the outer case.Our mobile home was destroyed by a tornado in February 2008. Prior to buying our new safe, I knew that I wanted a SentrySafe as I have always heard good things about them and your company has a good reputation. The year before, we bought a Sentry®Safe FIRE-SAFE® S0100 for important papers, insurance documents, all our titles and other valuables. Since the fire, my husband went out and purchased a replacement safe and one of your files too.
We pulled it out and after a bit got it open (it was still very securely locked) and found the papers…still in good shape. I have since bought a new one and we are considering getting some larger ones for more of our valuables.
We lost everything… We have told everyone about our Sentry safe… The fire inspector nor insurance investigator could believe it survived this magnitude of a fire.
We are a testimony to the quality of Sentry®Safe products and their promise to protect contents from fire.

Birth certificates, passports, titles, insurance papers, our will and CD backups of ALL our family photos. The Safe-T-Hauler works for diving operations such as goeduck or sea cucumber harvesting too. Once the line is laid on and wrapped around the roller, do you have to keep slight hand held tension to keep the pot coming up, or is it completely hands free? After moving home and getting married, I decided that our marriage license, birth certificates and social security cards should go in it as well. We thank our parents for the thoughtful gift and who would have known just how much the gift would mean to us in a short time. The Sentry®Safe was in our closet directly over the area in our bedroom closet where the fire started. We pried open what was left of the safe and to our amazement everything was intact and in perfect condition. My safe was in a spare bedroom and it contained a collection of coins my deceased mother had left plus others I had collected. I chose to keep the fireproof safe in the garage thinking it would have the least amount of fire exposure and that the fire crew could remove it quickly if the home was on fire. Buy Now912 Tray Sleek, rounded design gives the adjustable tray a modern look while providing custom organization.Buy Now913 Drawer Safely and neatly store your items and documents in this adjustable locking drawer. You simply lay the line in the Self Grip safety sheave, around a roller & are ready to pull!
Then, afte having kids, we decided that their social security cards, first locks of hair from their first haircuts and their first tooth should also go in the safe. I lost everything, nothing could be salvaged except for a few bits and pieces of my belongings. Safe-T-Hauler combines convenient 12V power & a patented rubber bonded sheave with open swivel block to eliminate hazards & dangers inherent in gas powered haulers.
A slight downward pull seats the line between the rubber lined sheaves & pot pulling is nearly hands free.
The only damage was a small dent that penetrated the outer case but other than being dirty, it is still operational.
I ordered it and Fed-Ex Ground called about a week ahead of time to schedule a delivery, yesterday March 10th, 2011. The safe-T-hauler simplifies pot-hauling operations & provides a degree of safety not available with any other pot hauler. Right on schedule, Fed-Ex delivered and put the very heavy box in my garage, as I hadn’t thought about where we were going to finally put it. The firemen couldn't remove the safe until fire was almost out which was about 4 hours after it started. I need the air bellows foot switch and the air activated electrical switch, I have the 4 pole solenoid. Finally – I had the safe out of the box and on the ground – it was beautiful (as far as safes go). So I got out my dolly and pushed it under the safe and was ready to take it in the house, prior to my wife getting home and helping me.
It's nice to see a product that lives up to its manufacturer claims and well beyond my expectations.
My family was on our first ever family vacation when we got the call that our house was on fire and there was nothing that they could save.

As soon as I lifted the safe, I realized I didn’t have enough of the safe on the dolly and it began to fall forward.
I have been telling everyone I know to get a Sentry box if they don't already have one; they're reasonably priced and they work 110%. The safe fell front first, right onto the cement of my garage floor, destroying the electronic lock on the front.
Of course we were devastated but relieved that we were all together and no one (except the cat) was hurt. I looked at it and almost wanted to cry as I knew this was my fault and there was no way anyone could fix this, or so I thought. We found the guarantee inside the (chest) and figured "what the heck." We had such a huge job ahead of us, we sent off the letter and pretty well forgot about it. I decided to call Sentry Safe and see if there was any chance that I could pay for a local guy to come to my house and repair it.
Our mobile home was completely destroyed… We lost everything in a matter of 23 minutes… I managed to save my children's school records, birth certificates, titles, deed, baby pictures and very important papers…When we bought the unit I never thought we'd need it but thank God we had it. My husband had a waterproof, fireproof StackOn gun safe that held his guns, my cameras, portable hard drives, some jewelry and numerous other things. We've told the story often a€” it made a bright spot in our day and have highly recommended your products to anyone who asks us. I first spoke to a woman named Pam who was so friendly and so reassuring that your company could help me. If more companies had your standards, there'd be little need for Better Business Bureaus and such. She admitted that she hadn’t experienced this before and couldn’t find a code to associate the work order with. She gave me a work order number 562xxxx and connected me to another department where another woman answered but I can’t remember her name, I hope you can identify her from the work order. My little SENTRY safe is the only thing that made me smile thru the days following our fire. I gave her the serial number of the safe and within a minute said, oh this is a good safe, I can see why you would be so upset.
When we arrived back home we found a devastating site--our beautiful lake home had burned to the ground.
I was able to pry the safe open (the key melted) and get out important documents as well as some pictures. She quickly stated that she would send me a new round electronic lock so that I could install at no charge!!! Our next door neighbor was one of the first to arrive and after the flames were put out went to our bedroom to see if anything had survived.
Not sure when or if I will ever need a safe again but I can tell you that I will tell this story over and over when I do my hospitality classes for my resorts and to my friends. All our important documents such as birth certificates, marriage license and a collection of old coins were untouched.

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