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John Paul and Love del Rosario with Elijah and Samuelle: Because Love was more fit, being pregnant was easy and uncomplicated the second time around. MANILA, Philippines - It’s a fat fetus,” certain women deadpan when someone points out their protruding midsections. Certainly, severely overweight women should seriously consider getting into a better state of health by losing excess pounds before contemplating pregnancy.   But how does one lose weight effectively? The Cohen program is currently one of the more popular alternatives for fast and safe weight loss. We also met other “Cohen mommies” or women who got pregnant after trimming down, like Imelda Acedera who lost 32 lbs.
Love del Rosario, too, shared that she was obese and diagnosed with PCOS so that she had to go to two infertility specialists to get pregnant with her eldest child. After giving birth, Love gained even more weight so that John Paul (JP), her husband, suggested that she consider the Cohen Lifestyle program.
Some say Tumescent liposuction, or any cosmetic surgery, is cheating, while others believe it’s just a starting place for a better body.

It is a tool in helping men and women sculpt and contour bodies for those that have put in the work of good nutrition and regular exercise.
These individuals may look fit on the outside, but will not have a healthy body structure without proper nutrition and exercise. In the past, liposuction meant having to take time out of your life for weeks, and endure months of painful swelling until the development of the Tumescent liposuction procedure in the 1980s. This mixture will lessen the blood loss and turn the fat into the proper texture for removal.
We would love to hear your experiences and ideas about Liposuction, please leave us a comment and let me know. They may be embarrassed or offended about being overweight, but they feign nonchalance and laugh about it during awkward situations when their attention is called to the fact. Apart from an increased risk of gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy) and preeclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy,) obese pregnant women are more prone to thrombosis, a serious condition when a blood clot is formed inside a vessel. Angela Bandola, was one of those women who once worried about pre-diabetes, infertility, and PCOS.  She got pregnant after losing 110 lbs. Even the most active individual may have trouble getting rid of some underlying fatty tissue due to genetics or just hard to target areas. On the contrary, those who use cosmetic liposuction as their only means to obtain a better looking body are cheating. Definitely, being overweight should not be a laughing matter for women wanting to conceive, however.  Obesity results in hormonal changes that affect fertility and hinder pregnancy.
There is also an increased risk of urinary tract infections during the duration of pregnancy and postpartum infections, whether they deliver their babies naturally or by Caesarian section, because healing is delayed.
Rami Cohen, who is known for his research on hormones involved in obesity and weight loss, the program hinges on the idea of “food as medicine.” By creating individualized eating plans and customized diets for patients based on their unique blood profiles, the body is encouraged to burn fat so that excess weight can be shed.

She was very emotional because she had it in her mind I no longer found her desirable,” JP del Rosario recalls.  He didn’t nag her to lose weight but was determined to convince her to adopt healthier habits. Liposuction will not make you an instant bodybuilder or bikini model, and will certainly not give you great body structure.
Where the patient wants the fat to be removed, several tiny incisions will be made in that area.
Your total out of pocket Tumescent liposuction cost will bear greatly on the location, size of the area, and insurance. Moreover, obesity during pregnancy can result in complications that can be dangerous — even life threatening — for both mother and child. There were times when I had to be brought to the hospital emergency room because we were so afraid of losing our baby,”she relates. And while the cysts are not harmful, they may cause hormonal changes that may stop ovulation.
I couldn’t say it directly or often enough, but I was persistent in reassuring her that my main concern was her health.”  He advises husbands or boyfriends to be patient with their partners and reward any effort to be healthier with non-food treats like spa treatments, trips, even bowling games. I realized that in a few years, our child Elijah would be running around and will want to go to theme parks.

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