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You will receive a FREE 30 pill sample bottle and all you have to do is provide your mailing information. I love working with new mummies and helping them to get back to their pre-baby body (or better!).  Seeing a new mum start to feel happy and confident in their body and the way they look and feel is so rewarding and very special. By eating well and exercising, you are not only setting a great example for your family, but you are creating the life you want.  You will be happier and have more energy and have more to give to your family.

When you are ready and have received the OK to start a training program, exercise will do wonders in helping you to tone your body and shift those extra kilos.  Focusing on a re-gaining your core strength and will really help to flatten your tummy and get rid of that poochy tummy I hear so many mums complain about. There are so many benefits to feeling good and confident in yourself – so be proud of taking control of your health and fitness. This puts undue pressure on yourself and you won’t enjoy the process and the little victories along the way.

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