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We are as young as we feel and are always secretly being busy hiding the age with makeup and other cosmetics, which is ok because every women does. If you are in search for a haircut or hairstyle matching your age then scroll down for some hairstyles from pretty well aging women. Some go a little further by using cosmetic surgery but there are also plenty of women who love aging the natural way. Of course, the opposite is also possible and sometimes people tell you that you look more mature when they actually mean you look old. Instead of opting for black or very dark shades, try instead something lighter like chocolate brown for example.

Some of the women below age very well and wearing pretty hairstyles which make you look younger. A wavy hair, for example, is often perceived as making a person look younger and more friendly than straight hair.
If you have blonde hair or you simply prefer this color, than make sure you choose the right shade.
Braids are also a detail that softens the look and there’s a whole variety to choose from. Honey blonde is a much better choice than the very light shades of blonde which look very superficial.

Whatever your favorite hair color is, remember to choose a shade which makes you look fresh and young as opposed to grouchy and old.

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