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You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look younger; with a few simple adjustments to your haircut you can turn back the clock. Thickening agent: You apply these to wet hair and they give your hair a more luscious and desirable look. Don’t use heating tools: We know it’s difficult to avoid blow drying and using hot rollers, etc.
The key to looking younger is using your hair to hide common aging-flaws and bangs are the perfect way.
You don’t have to chop all your hair off simply because you’re aging, but women cut their hair as they age for a reason and that’s because it grows thinner, weaker, and needs more maintenance, among lifestyle reasons.
Regardless of your hair length, layers are an aging-women’s secret weapon but layers work particularly well with shoulder-length hair. There are many shoulder length hairstyles for women over 50 that are worth trying and you can view these online through exclusive picture galleries. Stylish Eve is a weblog that was launched in May 2009 for every woman — to read about anything that interests her! The shaggy cuts are also fantastic if your hair is strong, wiry and generally difficult to style, because this new look is meant to look . Choppy layers are popping up on many a young celebrity these days, giving a contemporary unconventional vibe that we love!
If you prefer a straight, smooth shape to your hair, shoulder length layered hairstyles are the sophisticated choice, rather than extra-long hair. Lightly waved shoulder length layered hairstyles are still one of the favourite looks for any occasion, as shown by the photos of top models enjoying their leisure time.
Both of these shoulder length layered hairstyles look even more stunning with highlights that emphasise the uneven shape and futuristic look. The ‘delicious’ colours of caramel and honey are also very much in vogue for lighter hair colours. And if you crave something more daring, rainbow colour highlights are bigger than ever this year! I think it's the right time for us to look through these 2015 year braided hairstyles for those women who have shoulder length hair.
That's a sweet top braided bun which is an ideal update for those women who are preparing for a special party. If you do like modern styles, then go for this braided updo with front heightened bouffant. If you like ballerinas looks, then you better try on this one: sleeked back hair with a braided bun. When it feels like trying something special, then I recommend you to try on this front messy braid bun.
Women tend to start noticing their hair aging in their 30’s and continue to notice changes through out each year and decade.

Opt for a side and part your hair, this will give your hair volume and it also hides gray roots.
Blunt bangs are very severe and even retro looking, and although that looks great on 20-year olds, you should avoid the retro-look.
Start your layers around your cheekbones to emphasize their beauty, and then use them to point to your jawline, and add movement through the length until your shoulders. Either we simply load up lashes with mascara or skip eye makeup altogether and rely on lipstick. While most regular woman are happy to play it safe and stick to their long or medium-length hair cut in almost unnoticeable layers, it takes a special woman to go to the hair stylist and say “Chop it off, I want a bob”. The name “Stylish Eve” is firmly rooted in this concept: our blog gives “Eve” all the ideas she needs to be stylish and make herself and her family look and feel trendy. You can vary your style from elegant to playful in a couple of minutes and your stylist can put the layers in the best places to balance out your face-shape!
If you like an edgy look, choppy shoulder length layered hairstyles are perfect for adding some fabulous urban chic! And, of course, this is a great length to show off your healthy, swishy hair but short enough to have some pretty, face-flattering layers to accentuate your eyes, cheekbones or lips. Shoulder length hair is very easy to put up quickly and more comfortable to wear in a fashionable upstyle than heavy, long hair.
This season the metallics like gold and copper are a wonderful way to add some extra drama to dark hair colours. And strawberry blonde, rose-gold and light copper highlights or for all over colour are still going strong amongst the Hollywood beauties!
I find something royal in these styles, kind of decadent feasts, opulent life and timeless elegance.
We see a loose braided updo that is perfect for special occasions, as well as dates and working hours.
By changing your haircut and a following a few helpful tips you can keep your hair looking as young as you feel. Rather opt for a soft side-swept bang to draw attention to your eyes, and hide those wrinkles. Hair stylists are forever complaining that their clients are scared to try a short bob haircut. Shaggy layers are also a great way to add some volume to fine, straight hair and it’s a simple style to maintain, but one with loads of personality! Anyway, we are here to see some of the best looks to try for prom nights, cocktail parties, disco clubs and many other occasions. Before we look at our favorite age-defying haircuts, a few general hair tricks can make you look younger.
I can watch movies back-to-back all day long and I love listening to sappy country songs on long drives.

The real charm hides in the shape of these hairdos, I mean the opulent look which makes them special.
Even are so-called fashionistas and Bollywood celebrities seldom do anything totally daring with their hair.
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Layers are the best way to get some definite shape into coarse hair and with textured tips; you’ll never have to deal with ends that flare out at the bottom making an unflattering triangle in the outline. There are known great upstyles, soft, messy, beautiful buns, simple three-strands, French, etc. It's the right time to test new looks by combining one with another creating a unique styles. While India still steadfastly refuses to adopt the bob, international models and Hollywood celebrities have embraced the bob for decades now. The bob is almost synonymous with a confident woman who does not have to showcase long hair as a symbol of her femininity. I think it’s high time we took a leaf out of their books and start considering bob haircuts. After all, they do look exquisite and do a fabulous job in framing high cheekbones and making your eyes pop.If you’re still not very sure if a short bob is for you, then take a smaller step and get a medium shoulder length bob. Cleopatra BobInspired by the Greek beauty Cleopatra’s look, this bob has a very arresting look.
It is also an easy-to-maintain fuss-free hairstyle that doesn’t require you to make frequent parlour visits to blow dry and set your hair. The RachelThe famour (or should we say infamous) Rachel hairstyle that became all the rage when Jennifer Aniston sported it in the first two seasons of the Friends sitcom. It was termed “The Rachel” and women around the world were getting their hair cut like that.The hairstyle has a lot of layers, combined with highlights to give it more depth and make the layers pop out.
The Edgy BobThis is not a regular hairstyle that you can experiment with and is definitely not for everyone.
Basically, it is a hairstyle where one side of your hair is cropped off close to the scalp, with your bangs and hair on the other side cut in layers.
While it is not as drastic and dramatic as the edgy bob, this is still quite an adventurous look.
The edgy bob and uneven bob are reserved for seasoned risk takers who are not afraid to chop it all off. The rest of us should test the waters with a less severe hairstyle to find out if a bob is for us.

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