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Taking no breakfast and using only water on a training ride can help bring about the benefits of much longer winter base training spins, says nutritionist and coach Beth McCluskey. Former international rider turned coach and nutritionist, Beth McCluskey of Peak Endurance Coaching says while winter base training is the bedrock of the form we’ll enjoy next year, many riders get it wrong. It’s a good time to evaluate how you did this year and to perhaps learn from some of the mistakes you made with a view to getting it right this winter.
Base training sounds very easy; lots of long steady miles with some specific strength and conditioning. It’s a time to work on weaknesses and injuries, and to generally build a big strong aerobic base. Then once you have the miles in the bag, you build on top your goal-specific fitness as the New Year turns to spring and then summer. Giving breakfast a skip and remaining fasted in the morning for training is counter intuitive should only be done in moderation. One of the important physiological adaptations during base training is an increased capacity for the body to burn fat while cycling at low intensity efforts. As the base training phase progresses in the winter months, riders become increasingly efficient at burning fat for energy. This is very useful as the body, at the end of the base training period, prepares to enter a new phase of building that goal-specific form.
Burning fat for energy means the muscles have the ability conserve precious glycogen stores for the harder efforts to follow after the base training phase.
That’s important because it means fatigue will be delayed; the body’s natural adaptation to endurance training.
For example, cycling at 60-70 per cent of your maximum heart rate or 56-75 per cent of functional threshold power for between 2 and 5 hours will allow your muscles to make these adaptations over time. It’s easy for the pros to get out and train at a steady aerobic pace for up to eight hours per day. And this allows them to become very efficient at burning fat for energy, building a huge aerobic base in the process. The weather isn’t always on our side and most of us have other commitments; jobs, study, family and so on.

One very easy way to enhance the physiological adaptations of aerobic training is to do some of these base training rides in a fasted state. For example, once or twice per week you could cycle to work before breakfast in your ‘aerobic zone’.
On longer weekend rides you could try riding the first 90 minutes of your spin without food or energy drink; just use water. You could extend this every week until you can comfortably ride 2-3 hours in your aerobic zone without needing to eat. This has been shown to enhance endurance muscle adaptations; building that big base as our bodies become more efficient at burning fat and so keeping in reserve those glycogen stores. Another physiological adaptation of base training is increased strength in the muscle fibres. Giving energy drinks a miss and opting for water only is part of the approach recommended for enhancing the benefits of base training. In order to improve power on the bike, we need to increase the amount of force a muscle fibre is able to produce.
Strength training increases the size of a muscle fibre and this increases the amount of force this fibre is able to produce. Whey protein, which contains large amounts of the amino acid leucine, is a good choice to take immediately after strength training; 20-25g as soon as possible after training is enough to induce a training adaption in the muscle.
Some very interesting research now suggests that taking a small amount of protein before sleep allows the body to adapt to training throughout the night. Strength training and endurance training require separate adaption pathways and can inhibit each other if done in the wrong way. However, it is possible to gain the maximum endurance and strength outcomes if timing and nutrition are optimum. This is called concurrent training and it’s where the science and art of coaching can produce great outcomes if done correctly. As a rider is being dropped from a group, the team manager or support worker in a following car holds a bottle out the window to hand it up. As the handover is taking place, the rider grabs the bottle tight, as does whoever is handing it up, enabling the rider get a good tow and push from momentum of the car.

It’s known as a stickybottle because it appears neither the rider nor the person handing it up is able to take their hand off the bottle; it looks stuck to their hands.
A girl next door who ignored her health for studies , now seeks a healthy life in a leaner body n shares her journey online.
Anamika { Hi, If there is lot of weight to lose then weight loss is pretty fast otherwise its little slow. Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc.
People start assuming that they can lose weight by skipping meals or by eating a single type of food. The truth about weight loss is that it can’t be achieved through bad and unscientific practices.
Balanced nutritious diet for breakfasts should include protein, fiber, carbohydrate, vitamin, and minerals. She also explains how training in a fasted state can make the body a lot more efficient at burning fat.
Although it is difficult to skip for 1 hour continuously, you can increase the duration of skipping by jumping low(just enough to let the rope pass underneath your feet).
Aaaha, another reason of Gardening is to burn calories while you are taking care of your beautiful garden. With an increase in metabolism and proper supply of food, the body is capable of burning calorie required for daily work.
It was found that people who miss their breakfast have more craving than people eating healthy breakfasts. During breakfast, you should include healthy nutritious foods that provide complete nutrition. If you have  a TV in front of you or music in your ears while working on on this machine, you can do it for a longer time !

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