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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! The basic tried and true programs like 5x5, 5,3,1, Delorme Hypertrophy will take you farther than the flavor of the month found in most men's magazines.
I started using the 5 x 5 plan about a year and a half ago and I had great results with it although squatting three times per week really wasn't for me.
Like I said earlier, I felt squatting every other day was too much for me and deadlifts once a week was not enough so I changed up the routine. Typically I will do 5 sets of 5 reps on every movement except for deads of which I do three working sets (after 1 to 3 warm up sets) and I increase the weight each set. That being said, try it out, see how far it takes you and when you stop progressing you can figure out where you need to go from there.
In this video Elliott Hulse reviews this workout program and gives you his secret tips to make the most of this program. Some two years ago it dawned on me i was nowhere in the physical condition i should be in at my age and that i needed to something about it. For the first year or so i did various bodypart splits in the gym with some success. Apart from shifting 15kg of lard off and giving me a great foundation of strength, my posture has significantly improved along with my self esteem. I spent 4 months building strength before it dawned on me i had to lose weight before i start facing health problems. Now my goals are simple, shift the remaining lard and work my way towards a 800kg PL total. I'm starting a Heavy lifting program today and would like to see some results from you guys!
While I don't look smaller it's dramtically changed the way my body looks underneath the clothes, much firmer. I lost the weight through diet and running to look good in clothes, I lift weights to look good naked. The first comment on the NROLFW "Lift like a man, look like a goddess" I believe that 100%. Lets make sure we are lifting at least 3 days a week whether its alone or with eachother and we must keep our calories higher than weve been doing and get more protein in. NROLFW I've heard can get a little more complicated during later phases (I've never read it; just going off random comments I saw on the forums). The first comment on the NROLFW "Lift like a man, look like a goddess" I believe that 100%.
There's this one tall blonde that started off a bit heavy a few months ago at my gym, she does the Starting Strength routine (or something very similar), and she looks AMAZING now. On the left I was eating 1300ish calories and doing mostly cardio work (I had knee surgery followed by a broken collar bone so my activity was limited) My body fat was 30%. I hope your surgery went well, must feel great to get back into things,even if it's slower than we'd like. I don't have any pics handy but lifting heavy (i started in june last year) was the BEST thing I could have ever done for my body. This is while I was still doing mainly cardio on the left and 2 months into lifting on the right. I started with the new rules of lifting for women and am currently doing a 4 day upper lower power hypertrophy split! I started lifting summer 2012 using routines from The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises (I chose this over NROLW because of many reviews I had read).
Physical Fitness Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs. I've been training on and off for the past two years, but only consistently for the past 9 months and currently I'm 185lbs (6'2").
I have now been doing Stronglifts 5x5 for 4 weeks while eating 1800-2200 calories, depending if its a workout day or not.

I know most people would recommend a bulk for me especially on Stronglifts 5x5, but my priority is to rid myself of as much fat as possible while hopefully maintaining muscle or even building a little (since I am new to many of exercises in Stronglifts). Doing something like StrongLifts 5x5, Starting Strength, or Madcow on a calorie deficit is like running into a headwind.
You might plan on a weekly progression (which is still pretty quick) that incorporates all the important things. Basically, use the weights you are working with now to start, on Friday you do one set at 5lbs more than you did on Monday. This approach will be a sustainable pace for much longer than you can do SL5x5 as written--deficit or not. If you're not going to follow the program, the direction to stray is towards adding weight less frequently because you're on a cut, not more frequently.
For that matter, if you're on a cut, you might want to stop increasing the weights at all and instead add cardio, either on off days or with a finisher at the end of your workout.
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How can I train for a 5K while strength training with StrongLifts 5x5 and minimizing detrimental effects on either? Have I embarassed my supervisors by solving a problem that a PhD student in my group was working on without success? Should a rogue be denied a hide attempt if he is around a corner of a hall and his position is known, and it is the only place to hide?
While there are critques of it, and the critiques are more aimed at Medhi, the concept of the rep and set count are pretty darn proven in regards to strength. A perosn with no knowledge tweaking ends up back in the same BS brocept exercise that got them no where in the first place. After a few months of it I adjusted the routine slightly, adding a few movements and changing the frequency of others.
I did this for about a year and never really stopped progressing and was able to put up personal bests in every lift. But if you find yourself struggling to progress, don't be afraid to experiment with new things.
Thousands of people have used the StrongLifts 5A—5 workout to gain strength, build muscle and burn fat. In only 53 weeks, he lost 16kg of almost pure fat, without hardly doing any cardio, and while doubling his Squat from 220lb to 440lb.
The next 8 months i did maintenance with a break over christmas due to finals and tweaking my shoulder from bad dip form. Again i want to thank the StrongLifts Members for the support and advice they have given me on this journey. Dont get too overwhelmed in everything out there, as things work diffferently for everyone and everyone has there own "thing" they like to do. After lifting weights and getting serious into strength training, within five months I dropped my body fat to around 23% and ate an avg. Isn't it amazing how you can weigh around the same weight as before but have a tighter, sculpted body? However I wasn't following a specific program and I was only using a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a pull-up bar. I am also doing intermittent fasting, and cycle my carbs by having low carbs on off-days and high carbs on workout days. I have failed to complete 5 reps in the 5th set for the last couple of workouts, but I continued to add weight since I can complete 4 sets no problem.
Since I'm not really having any difficulty adding weight yet to my lifts (except for my issue with squats) do you think I should continue on Stronglifts until I stall, and then switch to the routine you outlined above? I guess I just felt like I wasn't really pushing myself too hard, I was just running out of energy towards the end of my sets.

If you were to choose one and only ONE exercise to train strength, power, speed, flexibility, coordination and technique, nothing comes close to snatch. Those muscles prevent your trunk from breaking in half (or, to be more specific, your disk from slipping) while you do the heavy lifts, and have to be done as well. Those muscles prevent your trunk from breaking in half (or, to be more specific, your disk from slipping) while you do the heavy lifts, and have to be done as well. Since I never really did deadlifts, rows or OHP before I can't really say how much I gained on those lifts but I feel that my numbers on those movements are pretty good for my height and weight (5'9" 185 right now). Here’s his amazing success story that Bjarni posted inside the StrongLifts Community.
I probably wouldn’t have made it this far without the awesome support of the StrongLifts Community here. I'm at the end of a bulk so my bf% is a little higher than I'd like, but I'm pretty dang happy with the muscle gains! But every now and again I did ask a trainer at the gym to look over my squats (took me ages to get right form!
I'm thinking that my difficulty with squats is not strength-related, but more so due to decreased stamina caused by my caloric deficit. Oh I forgot to add that I added a few supplementary exercises to the Stronglifts program, with pullups, dips and barbell curls on one day and chinups, chest flys, and barbell shrugs on the other. My legs have yet to ever get sore from the squats so I figured I could keep increasing the weight. Plus, soreness is not a good indicator of whether or not an exercise is working--whether you can complete the set is the best indicator.
As a bonus, cleans work legs through a larger range of motion, and also help with balance and flexibility.
Do it if you want to risk injury to your lower back, while providing barely any benefits to your upper back and arms.
We will work the antagonists muscles each day (bis and back, tris and chest) then we can do legs one day and some super sets of shoulders as we both have a goal of getting our shoulders sculpted. I had to stop going to the gym for financial reason, and from October '14 to Feb '15 I gained 20 lbs. Pull ups train the back, arm and forearm\grip muscles in a synergistic, dynamic way similar to clean and snatch.
Doing a routine that had several movements per body part took twice as long and was half as effective.
What I found is I need to do something like 8-12 reps to really grow and I need more volume in each workout.
I also don't like scheduled progression as I think it holds you back once you move beyond the beginner stage.
Nowadays I really focus on each main lift once a week and I pyramid my sets up to a top set of 6-12. Bottom line, by our last two reps we should be struiggling big time and neededing eachother assitance. Set you aims at doubling your body weight on the squat and dead lift and matching it on the overhead. Scheduled routines are nice for beginners but once you move beyond the beginner stage you need to find what works for you.

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