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First, it helps to understand that everything that happens in our bodies, from the beating of our hearts to the growth of a fingernail, happens through a series of complicated metabolic reactions that require specific nutrients. The problem with dietary supplements is that they are classified as foods so they don’t have to undergo safety tests. The vast array of supplements, all promising to benefit your health, physical performance or mental power, presents a confusing choice for regular exercisers. Be wary of glossy adverts that rely on astonishing ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos rather than scientifically sound evidence for the supplement.
One study, cited in the book Nutrient Timing, by John Ivy and Robert Portman, showed an 8 percent increase in muscle mass and a 15 percent strength boost in twelve weeks in subjects who had a carb-protein shake immediately after lifting.
Recognized for his expertise, dedication and ethics as well as for his personal charisma, Fares continues to positively change lives with his specialized understanding of fitness and nutrition and how they apply to overall health and well-being. China’s vast yet underdeveloped dietary supplements market needs a full regulatory reform to realise true growth through a transparent and open marketplace, according to an industry expert.
But “China across the board tends to go heavy handed with regulations and this is mainly due to the immense size of the population.
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New research has delivered fresh insights into the views of European consumers on their eating behavior. From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements. A balanced diet and a strenuous exercise regime is the secret of a well toned body which has well built muscles. You must make sure that you are consuming the right supplements in order to enhance the process of muscle growth. Best Supplement For Muscle Growth Creatine Being a substance which occurs naturally in the cells of our muscles, it is mainly found near the skeletal muscle tissues. As a dietary supplement, it is reproduced as Creatine monohydrate and used for modulation and production of cellular energy.

Beta Alanine This is a non-essential amino acid which naturally occurs in our body and enters it through the help of foods which are rich in protein and are consumed by us.
This increased level of carnosine does not let hydrogen accumulate in the body and prevents acidification from taking place, which are the key factors in causing muscle fatigue and failure amongst humans. Whey Protein One of the most effective supplements for growing muscle mass is Whey protein.
It also contains peptides which are quite useful in increasing blood circulation to our muscles. Omega 3 Fatty Acids Another very vital supplement for muscle growth is omega 3 fatty acids. Glutamine The main reason why Glutamine is considered to be a great supplement for muscle growth is that it slows down the process of muscle tissue breakdown when a person is doing a high intensity workout.
Nitric Oxide Nitric oxide is used as a supplement for muscle growth as it increases the diameter of our blood vessels allowing more oxygen along with nutrients to reach the tissues in our muscles.
Without sufficient amounts of these nutrients, these processes can become slowed, abnormal, or impaired.
Unlike medicines, there’s no systematic regulation of supplements or herbal remedies, so there’s no guarantee that a supplement lives up to its claims. Ideally, studies should have been carried out at a university, not funded solely by the manufacturer, and published in a reputable scientific journal. Fares is a certified personal trainer who holds multiple specialty certifications including Sports Medicine Specialist, Technical Aspect of Weight Training, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching and Certified Sports Nutritionist.
I would add to point #2: Avoid proprietary blends where you do not know the true ingredient dosage. Example, If you are at 17% body fat and purchase a weight gainer to build muscle fast , chances are you will gain some fat and end up overweight in an unhealthy manner.
However, this daily routine is not complete until it is blended well with food supplements which form a very important part of your daily intake.
Choose from these 6 best supplements for muscle growth and see your muscles pump up in no time.

It helps in the promotion of lean muscle tissues, increases the volume of muscle cells and glycogen synthesis. Experts suggest that you should consume 5 grams before working out and 5 grams after your workout is complete.
The level of carnosine which is found in our muscles gets increased to a great extent if Beta Alanine is taken as supplements. You must consume around 3 grams of Beta Alanine very day before starting your muscle growing exercises. Consume 30 to 35 grams of whey protein just after you have completed your muscle growth workout.
You can take omega 3 supplements or fish oil supplements in order to grow muscle mass rapidly. It is quite useful in burning additional fat which increases muscle growth automatically and is also effective in boosting our immune system. Tests have found that some do not even contain the ingredients declared on the label; others may be contaminated with prohibited stimulants or substances. These supplements help an individual to grow muscles in a rapid manner and also provide the body with all the essential nutrients. Additionally, the packaged and processed foods that are so common in our culture are not only nutrient void; they actually rob our bodies of vital nutrients.
Consequently, even a person who tries to eat with nutrition as a primary concern may still be lacking in some of the most basic nutrients.

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