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A skinny guy or someone with low body fat is at greater risk of losing muscle tissue after a workout.
Eating the right meal before a workout can increase energy levels and preserve muscle tissue. Slow-releasing carbohydrate foods will make sure the body gets a steady supply of calories during a workout.
Wraps are the original to-go food, so they’re a convenient addition to any menu plan, whether you’re trying to lose weight or just eat a healthier diet. Ditch fast food wraps packed with fat and calories, and instead try healthy homemade wraps like this one. Wrap your taste buds in goodness with this blend of chicken, sweet potato, mushrooms, and carrots. Make a homemade wrap like this one and you won’t miss the preservatives or extra calories found in many Asian cuisine takeout dishes. Avocado is a healthy and delish substitute for processed mayo in this twist on traditional wrap recipes. Use a clean eating Caesar dressing, like this one, and whole wheat wraps, to create this easy lunch or dinner.
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There are many tasty foods not only for weight loss but also for looking and feeling great! If you’re of those people who don’t like grapefruit, you should like it, because it can help you to slim down! Lentils are definitely a weight loss tasty food, which are easy to prepare and which are also filled with heart healthy fiber, iron for energy and help stabilize blood sugar. Although there are a plethora of hair products on the market, some or most of which are perfectly good choices for your hair. Eggs are good for your hair because of their rich Vitamin D content, and they’re also a good source of Biotin which aids in hair and scalp health. Yogurt has long been the staple of quick at your desk lunches for many a working woman and for good reason; because it’s a quick healthy bite on the go.
November 18, 2013 I love all three and eat them but maybe not the oysters that often. November 18, 2013 I knew the eggs and yogurt, but didn’t know the oysters and spinach! November 18, 2013 Great post, but I had to laugh when I read all the oyster comments!

November 18, 2013 I love those all except for the oysters Thanks for sharing the info too! I do enjoy the other foods, and I didn’t realize they could help your hair stay shiny! November 19, 2013 Very resourceful way to learn about simple things we would like to possess as women, the only thing i can seldom eat in the list is the oyster, i’ve never tried one. If you are serious about muscle building, you need to make sure you eat the right food at the right time. That’s good news for those who are trying to lose weight or reduce their body fat level, but not for those who are trying to build muscles. The reason being that if there isn’t enough energy to fuel the workout, the body breaks down the protein in muscles to release the energy it needs.
If it doesn’t have enough energy, it starts to burn body fat or breaks down muscle tissue to fuel the workout. There is no point having a steak with vegetables 10-15 even 30 minutes prior to the workout. Fat, for example, takes between 6 and 8 hours to digest; protein takes 3-4 hours and carbohydrates take 2-3 hours. They contain Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) which help protein synthesis and protein breakdown during a workout.
Many people think that if you want to lose weight you have to give up tasty food and walk around starving all day. They have high protein content, and it’s a fantastic mid-day snack to help curb hunger and provide you energy all day long. You can prepare lentil soup which keeps you feeling full throughout the day or you can add lentils on salads or just toss them in with noodles and vegetables.
I like how portable and delicious these fruits are and they are fantastic great as a mid-day snack. Even if you don’t love one of these foods, just try to mix them with foods you like or try preparing it in a nontraditional way! Our bodies naturally create Biotin but in cases where you’re deficient in this nutrient, then a diet rich in eggs is a great way to augment for Biotin.
But did you know that low-fat yogurt (Greek especially) is a smart hair health super food as well. Four good foods for great tresses that can easily be tried by anyone and almost effortlessly. I did find that putting apple cider vinegar has helped my hair in so many ways, including with shine.

Had no idea about the oysters…I’ve never tried and never been interested but my vanity may make me go for it! I eat eggs and Spinach a lot, Yogurt sometimes and Oysters rarely but I’m 3 for 4 so I’m convinced! The food needs to be broken down first and to get the nutrients on their way into the blood stream. Depending on individual metabolism rates, it could take up to 24 hours to fully digest a meal.
Just a few slices of avocados will help you stay full longer throughout the day and they also have high fiber and protein content! Dark chocolate provides plenty of healthy antioxidants, minerals and helps you feel fuller longer! Did you know that some super foods can create just as good a result on your lovely locks, as well if not better than traditional store bought items. Many women apply an egg mask on their hair, but really just having one a day as part of your overall breakfast meal is also a good and easy enough way to go.
It’s rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B5 – which helps with both hair and follicle growth, not too mention your nails and even teeth.
However you eat them; whether fried, boiled or raw Oysters are an excellent way to have and keep hair looking its best.
The good news is that iron deficiency can be easily taken care of, by simply ingesting it raw in a sandwich or steaming it and placing on a yummy salad. You are what you eat could not possibly apply here any better, diets rich in antioxidants, Vitamins and minerals all aid in your overall health and appearance; but they especially aid with good hair health.
I have cut and donated it a few times, but recently my hair has been thinning and doesn’t look as good as it once did. Keep in mind these super foods are readily available at your local grocery store and or you might have them at home right now, as we speak.
So next time you’re at your desk having yogurt for lunch, know that your hair is smiling and thanking you for it. Any which way you decide to eat it, know that it’s good for your hair, scalp and really overall for your health. If so, then create a one a kind DIY mask and reap the many rewards of an all natural hair remedy.

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