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Lose Baby Weight has helped mums lose over 300,000kg of their baby weight and to give mums even more help we have launched the 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan. The weekly meal plans are so simple to follow and it is one less thing to worry about and it gives me peace of mind to know I am on the right track to getting into shape. Tanya has lost 9.2kgs in 16 weeks and has learnt so much about healthy eating and the best ways to lose weight with thanks to the plans and 28 Day Challenges from Lose Baby Weight. I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in May 2015 for the accountability of weekly check ins. The meals offer a variety of foods, some are foods that we would normally not try as a family, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised that the whole family love them.
I have learnt so much with Lose Baby Weight,  I have put everyone before myself since having children but joining Lose Baby Weight I have found this journey isn’t just about losing weight and eating right, it’s about celebrating motherhood and its challenges and still finding time for yourself in a healthy, active way. I still have 17kg to lose but it isn’t a daunting thought anymore, it’s achievable now with Lose Baby Weight.
Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
Lose Baby Weight has helped mums lose over 500,000kg of their baby weight and to give mums even more help we have launched the 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan.
The weight loss plan is designed to help you lose your weight, lose stomach fat, boost your milk supply and get fit. As a new mum, I had so much happening in my life the last thing I wanted was another diet.  I was feeling tired, a combination of the effects of a newborn and some of it was the extra weight I needed to shed. Now we don’t, It really is one less thing to worry about and it gives me peace of mind to know without any effort I am on the right track to getting into shape. It is the same great book with all the info and the plan but the set out is amazing and the pictures of the meals and smoothies are gorgeous. WOW – I  am so impressed at how wonderful the new and improved 28 day diet and exercise plan looks!

I had previously been using the online version which was great but it’s so convenient to have the new book available to hand! I have two children under 4 and am always sleep deprived but the 28 Day Plan has made eating healthily so much easier to do and I have lost over 4kg in 4 weeks.
The book is a 200 page book, big and square and is of a very high quality and on thick paper stock – we are confident you will love it and love using it! The design is so great, everything is laid out perfectly and the photos of the recipes are great. The exercise plan is also great, has step by step instructions and photos which are great if you are beginning and a bit unsure of how to do it. Plus as well as the 28 Day Plan you will also receive daily support from our team and network when you purchase the plan. It is also ideal if you have older children and need a more structured diet and exercise plan to follow that is nutritionally balanced and is easy to follow. Our healthy eating diet and exercise plans has been created by leading experts to ensure the food is nutritionally advanced, safe for breastfeeding and so that the exercises provide maximum benefits – without having to go to a gym. You can also choose to include (or not to include) our Healthy Mummy smoothies on our 28 Day Plan – we give you options if you want to mix things up. 4 weeks of meals and a detailed daily diet plan diary showing what to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and drinks. Our 28 Day Plan is about making health and weight loss achievable and arming you with the knowledge to lose weight and get healthy – which is our mission in life! We hope you love it and as well as losing weight will feel inspired to live a healthier life for the long term. It is so well thought out and it is brilliant that all meals have been created by a nutritionist and help milk supply.
I lost 10kg on my own following the plan but it took 2 years as I wasn’t committing to it 110%.

Everything is done for you and the fact I can get up in the morning and know everything’s just there ready for me, exercises to do, meals to cook, it makes healthy living and weight loss simple and achievable as a busy stay at home mother of 2 gorgeous children. They are quick and easy so I know I’m not having to spend all day in the kitchen to try and get healthy meals achieved. It is a program of healthy eating and gentle exercise which also features nutritionally complete smoothies that mums can use for quick meals. I feel empowered to eat well, shop well and I will have my bible of inspirational on my side.
It’s not just a book packed with useful information, it is also just pretty to look at. I find the photos really helpful when I am cooking a recipe for the first time, I am always nervous as to whether I have done it properly and if it looks the way it should.
Our whole house was sick last week with gastro and colds and flues so it set me back a little bit.
Our expert-designed weight loss exercises and diet plan will easily help you feel fit and healthy post pregnancy. Since I joined Lose Baby Weight I’m so amazed that these cravings haven’t been an issue. I find it so easy to follow and it has transformed the way I have viewed my diet and lifestyle and I have never felt better. The yummy evening snacks and baking keeps me satisfied and not craving any of the wrong kinds of sweets anymore.

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