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Voluntary Arts is the operating name of The Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) which is registered in Scotland as Company No. March 6, 2013 by Michael Rushton 1 Comment This blog holds that arts managers can learn interesting things about pricing from non-arts businesses, and today I want to look at pricing of internet content. I had two pledge drives early on, in 2002 and 2003, which netted a certain amount of money. Sullivan still provides a lot of content free for people who choose not to subscribe, and indeed the question of how much to provide free and how much to reserve for subscribers is complicated: too high a wall for non-subscribers and you end up not attracting new readers, and losing some old ones.
Footnote: I taught for a few years in Tasmania, and learned quickly that Australian culture does not include tipping of waitstaff, cabbies, and the like.
Michael Rushton teaches in the Arts Administration programs at Indiana University in Bloomington.
Tip 2: Do you believe your software programs or hardware drivers are always perfect and they don’t need to update regularly? Tip 3: Do you always run antivirus software when your computer connects to the internet or other network? Tip 5: Do you won’t or hate to restart your computer after you spend time troubleshooting any problem your PC met? The outside temperature was 28 degrees below zero but Jason Prater, a sales intern on business in Northeast China, was sweating bullets.
This kind of flowery language would torment a Western crowd, but to your Chinese audience it is music to the ears. Straightforward Structure After warming up the crowd, you can finally get down to business. Firstly, we’re going to look at the results of a global e-commerce consumer behavior survey. Grand finale The closing of a Chinese presentation is not only a chance to summarize main points for the audience, but also to thank special guests in attendance and exhibit modesty.
Simply Enter Your Name & Email Address and Click the Green Button To Get Instant Access To This Extremely Valuable FREE Video e-Course Now! I know it doesn’t make any sense… in fact it might sound funny, but it is the plain truth about my experiences with stuttering and phone calls.
So, if you can relate with those kinds of negative experiences, just bear with me here because I am going to share 3 stuttering tips with you which you can use to speak easily and confidently on the phone without experiencing speech struggles. This mindset will sure work against you and therefore will kill your chances of speaking the way you want to speak in any situation… including speaking on the phone. Keep your assertive right and do not try to match your speech rhythm  or speed(especially when initiating your voice) to the “possible” expectations of others.
Don’t start speaking as soon as you hear the “Hello” sound on the other side of the phone line.
Tip-3: Use effective physical and mental speaking techniques which would help you to manage your speech successfully once you are on the phone. If those techniques are really effective and powerful techniques, and you use them with the right mentality, they would give you the confidence to face “speaking on the phone fear” of yours and know that you can handle and manage it successfully as long as you stick with them. Stuttering help is actually something we all need to improve our speech and reach our speaking goals, but we lost hope in time.
2) Resist time pressure while speaking on the phone…especially before initiating your sentences.
3) Learn and use effective physical and mental speaking techniques which will give you the confidence and enable you to manage your speech successfully while speaking on the phone. I hope you enjoyed the article… and please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on the subject. Until next time…take care yourself and keep in mind that stuttering is NOT a good enough reason not to live your life to the fullest! The Role of Speaking Technique In Stuttering Therapy and In Improving Your Speech… Important or Not? See our informative cruise travel tips from the owner who has traveled the many waterways of the world. Vouchers: If traveling within a group or on any set program vouchers will not be required or issued.
Air Tickets: Whenever our company issues tickets, they will be included with your final documents.
In some instances, when tickets are issued directly by the airlines involved, they may be sent to you under separate cover – or forwarded electronically. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Before leaving home, please ensure that you have your valid PASSPORT and appropriate VISA. BAGGAGE: Make a detailed list of everything you pack for the trip, and then leave this list at home. BAGGAGE WEIGHT: Please remember that weight allowances vary and are lower when flying domestic, and intra-continental routes, utilizing smaller aircraft. If you do not have email OR would prefer to receive paper documents along with our set of useful, travel related items as outlined below, these items will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks prior to your departure via registered or overnight mail. This will help our staff and porters deliver your luggage to you in the shortest possible time! PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: Please note that the majority of the passenger vessels sailing the various rivers of the world (including those featured in our programs) have limited services for the physically impaired. An immigration card and Customs Form will be provided by aircraft personnel or will be available on arrival in the baggage area. If taking the “RED” LANE, present your Passport and Declaration Form to the Customs officer who upon inspection of cash or goods will sign and stamp your Declaration Form and return it to you. You MUST keep this form, as you will need to present it to Customs upon exiting the country!
CASH: Unlimited foreign currency may be taken into Russia but a maximum of $3,000 per person USD ($) may be taken OUT of Russia without any declaration forms.
YES Items such as coats, caviar (in reasonable quantities), carpets, jewelry and crystal purchased at legitimate shops can be taken out of the country and NO custom fees are applicable.
NOTE: On our ship we allow an independent company to sail and film the cruise for the benefit of our passengers who may wish to purchase a VHS or DVD copy for their own use.
Note: Most museums, galleries and concert halls either charge a fee for photos or videos (anywhere from 5 – 8 Euros depending on the institution) or may not allow photography at all. Before stepping out the door and onto the open seas, take a few precautions to prepare for adventure.
Enrich your adventure experience by avoiding expectations that things will be done exactly as they are back home.
Yes, nonprofit arts organizations are “charities” according to the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3), but does internalizing that word alter the way arts organizations understand the value that they bring to their audiences and communities? An economist by training, he has published widely on such topics as public funding of the arts, copyright, nonprofit organizations and tax policy, and served as Co-Editor of the Journal of Cultural Economics. Everything has one; admission, subscriptions, memberships, special exhibitions, box seats, refreshments, souvenirs, and on and on – a full menu.
In fact, after the issues have be solved and we’re asked whether to restart the computer, we should restart the PC because the problems don’t reappear if we do so.

Poking fun at a superior’s fashion sense is a great crowd warmer back home, but doing so here spells disaster.
The good news is that presentation structures flow similarly to what you are already used to.
I guess, going through all that hassle must have been LESS emotionally painful than struggling with my speech on the phone. One of the most dangerous psychological triggers of the stuttering behaviour is the self limiting belief of “I am LESS THAN others”. I was told this hundreds of times, but I didn’t completely believe in it until I experienced and lived this REALITY! We, as stutterers, tend to rush our speech… especially when we are EXPECTED to speak. Resist time pressure and speak when you are ready to speak… not when you are expected to speak.
You don’t have to speak right away, just take your time and initiate your sentence when you are ready to initiate it…especially if you are using some effective speaking tools and techniques to manage your speech.
This is a critical part of the process which is extremely underestimated because of  our previous negative stuttering treatment experiences… which all we got were either no or temporary results. Treat the phone conversation as a communication session and never lose your self-respect just because you have a stuttering challenge. Managing your speech is critical in stressful speaking situations, and rushing your speech would make your speech almost impossible to manage. Is there any stuttering tips you’d like to share with others when it comes to speaking on the phone? Allow for open and free discussion regardless of each person’s position within the organization. We cannot be responsible for lost baggage, but most airlines will make every effort to recover baggage or make proper compensation if you are able to itemize the suitcase contents. Check your airline ticket for instructions and pack accordingly – or you may face overweight surcharges!
SQUARE LUGGAGE STICKERS: If provided, Please stick them visibly on your suitcases when possible – the stickers will allow you, our guides and porters to recognize them quicker and get them to their destination faster! Please print your name the way you would like to be addressed and wear them at least for the first few days. PENS & TRAVEL BAGS: Our unique pens and practical travel bags are not only “good looking” but superbly designed to hold everything from your documents to cameras to water bottles! SURPRISE GIFT: Depending on your travel destination and time of year, we may include a surprise gift, which may be a hat, an umbrella or “cool shades”….who knows, maybe even a winning lotto ticket!
Combine a few tee shirts, several shirts, a turtleneck with 2 wrinkle free slacks, one skirt, one sweater, a pair of shorts, a windbreaker and a sports jacket – and you are done! NOTE however that Customs officers have a right to stop passengers and request to see their belongings. If you are carrying high value items such as laptop computers, high-end camera equipment or LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH ($10,000 or more – some or all of which you intend on taking back) you may want to declare them to avoid problems when exiting. If you experience a problem you may ask the officers to summon one of them to assist you in translating.
Upon comparing the two the officer may request to see the funds or may let you through without a check. Antiques (anything older than 50 years) such as old coins, weapons, books published before 1945, furniture, samovars and musical instruments can be taken out only if you have a permit from the Ministry of Culture.
Hand painted “Matryoshka” dolls and lacquer boxes are world famous – but make sure they are originals and not fake copies. In all such cases we use First Class (4*) properties, or best available and breakfast is usually included (for further information consult your vouchers or itinerary).
Knowing a few tricks of the trade allows vacationers to sail smart and maximize adventure by being prepared for a journey’s challenges while avoiding unnecessary delays.
Different cultures often provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn about the unique ways of life and the fascinating histories of local people. Pictures! Not only is a picture worth a 1,000 words, it draws at least 1,000 eyeballs, wait—2,000 eyeballs. Don’t be afraid to link to a site with a video that has nothing to do with business, but everything to do with what moves people to do great things. It might be financed by the content provider herself, happy to do the work of writing a blog with no expectation of financial reward for the activity.
This is trying to make it sustainable, long term: don’t give it money just because you like me. Is charging admission for (at least part) of what is being presented to audiences fundamentally different from a donation jar at the exit, not just in terms of letting those who want to give more the ability to do so, but in a deeper sense? It wasn’t so much about wage levels, as about how workers perceived the value of the work they were doing, that these were real jobs involving real work and real value that should not have to rely on the good graces of tippers.
Once the PC or the hard disk drive fail without warning, all your personal documents, letters, pictures, music, video, etc. It’s absolutely a good idea to have certain anti-virus program run on your computer, have a malware detection program pickup any spyware or malware when the anti-virus cannot detect. If the included help does not answer your questions, you can search the internet or use online help service to answer your questions. In fact, most common Windows related problems can be fixed by Acebyte Utilities which is all in one Windows utility and especially designed for the beginners.
Pausing on purpose (before you answer a question for example) is a good way to bring the conversation to your terms.
Because none of the help we tried so far was able to meet our expectations and fully satisfy us. You need to learn the right knowledge and apply it the right way… and last but not least you need to approach the whole subject with the right mindset. By entering your email address you are also requesting and agreeing to subscribe to our email newsletter. Deciding what information you need to make meaningful decisions is the key to a successful planning process. If I could change one thing about the traditional planning process, it would be when the planning committee starts meeting. Many times board and staff try to squeeze the big, strategic discussions into a half-day retreat. Please make sure your US passport has a validity of at least 6 months beyond your scheduled travel dates and check for visa updates with the U.S. It is also a good idea to tape a piece of paper INSIDE your luggage, which shows your full name, home address and telephone number.
Not only does your badge assist us in providing adequate security on the vessel by identifying you as a group member to our guides, staff and security personnel, it also allows you to get to know your fellow passengers sooner! In addition, due to their small size and shallow draft, the ships often anchor at remote undeveloped ports and stops.
Remember to bring enough blank tapes and if purchasing tapes locally, make sure they are marked NTSC!

If you purchase a DVD, even if it is without a Region code, you may only be able to play it in laptop computers but not your DVD player. If flying to the vessel’s port of call, allow for ample time to meet the vessel, and consider possibilities like airline delays.
In many instances, you will also have an opportunity to use a credit card to open a convenient on-board charge account. Be aware of currency restrictions at cruise destinations, including maximum amounts allowed in and out of different countries. Keep a list at home of your luggage contents in case you need to later make an insurance claim. When it comes to making an impact on social media, the rules are pretty much the same—listen, be humble, be real, be honest, be helpful, be there.
We are trying to create an actual site that is news and opinion that people value and pay for, and become associated with in the long run.
So periodically review the list of installed programs on your PC and remove any you don’t usually use. It will help you diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot the common errors in computer such as registry errors, Dll errors, and runtime errors and so on. Don’t try to please others thinking that they are superior and unfortunately they have to communicate with a person who stutters like yourself. In my experience, the most effective use of a planning committee is to have an initial meeting where the timeline and planning process is reviewed and agreed upon.
I get it; we’re all busy and there are plenty of tempting reasons why there is never enough time. Usually one of the toughest moments of a planning process is when I ask groups to not only think about what they need to stop doing, but to actually commit to stop doing it.
If you can, hire an outside facilitator – someone who doesn’t have any stake in your success.
Every plan needs goals, key action steps, and accountabilities – but avoid getting in the weeds with multi-year operational activities, deadlines and assignments. The only time you may wish to “dress up” is for the Farewell Dinner aboard the ship or if going to an evening cultural performance (ballet or similar); on these occasions, a jacket and tie for gentlemen, and a cocktail dress for the ladies will be fine.
While this ability enhances the itineraries it also means that most of the shore excursions require quite a bit of walking! In all cases, hotels are carefully selected to provide the best combination of location, comfort and value, but please remember – the quality and service levels of these hotels may still lag behind what we are used to in the West! If traveling to a foreign country on your cruise, double-check passport and visa requirements and secure any necessary documentation well ahead of your cruise dates. Credit cards are easy ways to open on-board charge accounts and provide options for protecting the livelihood of vacationers. And you should be monitoring social media anyway, so you can give immediate, timely customer support. Show people you’re a real person and not just sitting back somewhere counting your money while the social media show rolls on.
After you are ready (see the above paragraph), hold the planning retreat, where you get the collective input and ideas that inform the committee’s work. Instead, identify the handful of strategies that – if you courageously commit and allocate resources to – will move your organization significantly forward. This frees up the conversation and creates the space to challenge assumptions and sacred cows.
I suggest no more than a one-year operational plan, prepared by staff, to accompany the initial strategic plan. If you are a foreign national – please check with your country’s consulate, as rules may be different. But generally, the dress code is informal (and that goes for excessive jewelry too!) Remember – you are traveling to see – not to be seen! Therefore, severe walking disabilities may limit the passenger’s overall enjoyment on these programs. For actual hotels used on your particular departure, please check the “Contact List” included with your final documents. During the check-in process, your luggage will be loaded onto the boat by the crew and will later arrive in your cabin.
It doesn’t have to be rock star content every time, but it does have to be real, be positive and be relevant. They are not only businesses, but they are businesses, providing something of real value to their communities, the cultural world, and future generations, that can be demonstrated to donors, members, volunteers and audiences. I recommend that you go outside the four walls of your organization and the tribe’s knowledge.
To create a strategic plan, you need time to digest information, bring everyone up to speed, and think big with your planning group. It is also the best way to encourage active participation, without letting any one person dominate the session.
This agenda leverages the strategic plan to inform your meeting agendas and plan time for review of performance achievements (I suggest quarterly and at least bi-annually). Simply cross out your previous location and write in your next destination (and room or cabin number if you know it). Bring easy clothing layering options, comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen, swimwear, one wrinkle-free dress-up outfit, toiletries, a lanyard for your room key, extra plastic bags for storage, a tote, necessary medications and lightweight gear for inclement weather. It’s a great way to reinforce important information with board members and can help educate newer board members. DO pay particular attention to footwear – you should have a good pair of comfortable walking shoes with thick rubber soles and firm arch supports. What assumptions are we making that prevent us from seeing a different approach to better achieve our mission? Usually the staff and planning consultant are best suited to take the lead on gathering and preparing this information. Add on an extra hour onto your regularly scheduled board meeting, or re-structure several of your board agendas for presentations on stakeholder feedback, financial and service trends.
Suitable footwear aboard the ship are sneakers, deck shoes, and similar rubber-soled shoes. Build a 360 degree view that will help you determine what your organization does well and identify opportunities for the future. With this article and some practice in front of the mirror, you’ll be one step closer to wowing your audience with an excellent oration.
Extravagant beginnings Western presenters tend to get right down to business after a brief introduction. In China, the start of a speech is an elaborate opportunity to praise hosts, previous speakers and distinguished guests.

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