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One capsule of NOW Green Tea Extract with 200 mg EGCg possesses the phytonutrient content equal to about 2-3 cups of green tea. Green Tea Extract contains numerous compounds, including Polyphenols and Catechins, that provide potent antioxidant benefits.
Green Tea Extract(Camellia Sinensis)(Leaf)(Standardized Extract)(Contains 4 Mg Of Caffeine)[Min. LATEST WORKOUT MIXEvery workout needs good music, that’s why we offer amazing monthly workout mixes, free of charge – right here! That’s why we put together this free 10-day workout plan and starter pack, our gift to you! By combining these 3 types of training will boost your metabolism and make your body a fat burning machine. Jumpstart your results with our 10 Day Bikini Body Workout Plan — all you have to do is just tell us where to send it! As always, I’m putting my own little spin on this fabulous recipe and I hope you give it a try & enjoy! Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix–using your hands work more efficiently.
In another pot that has been pre-heated over medium heat, add carrots, celery, garlic and fat free cooking spray.
This recipe is very similar to my “Triple Berry Salad” and while I still enjoy that salad, adding the peaches as well as a different lettuce gives the salad a whole new and fresh flavor! On a recent grocery trip I picked up these mini souffles by Garden Lites in the freezer isle.
Life can be so fast-paced and sometimes it can be a challenge to get a quick and healthy meal on the table for dinner.
Let’s face it, cheese isn’t exactly a food option that comes to mind when you think of a figure friendly dish! But I must admit, even though I’ve successfully lost 109 lbs and have been maintaining now for 5 years, I still enjoy lasagna, cheese and crackers and yes, even pizza!

These little cheese sticks are a must have for me since they are perfect for portion control. Before I saw these in the grocery store, I would use the tasteless fat free cheese slices–yuck!
Last week I tried my hand at making a figure friendly chicken pot pie–this was my first time making the dish. Even though I am blogging about this dish, I am planning on doing a video on this dish for my Youtube channel because it truly was EASY to make and my husband loved it.
Start by taking 1-2 pieces of chicken breast, I used a combo of salt, pepper and parsley to season mine. For  a more authentic and home-style taste, I opted to add the chicken and a can of cream of chicken soup (reduced fat, of course) to my crock pot. Laboratory studies suggest that one Catechin in particular, EGCg, has extraordinary free radical quenching power.
We turned our lives around through fitness & nutrition, and now we're ready to supercharge your life with fun workouts, recipes & more to help you do it too!
Now that Autumn is right around the corner, I’m feeling so inspired to cook all sorts of stews, soups, muffins  and cakes! Overall I thought they were delicious but truthfully, I thought they were even better the next day! Adding cocktail sauce is optional but I thought it was a nice compliment to the peppers in the tuna cake.
This video is a bit long but I’m covering dinner, side dishes and the most exciting topic, DESSERT! This is a new brand at my grocery store and I was pretty excited to try these out since the stats looks good. Taking some flour–sprinkle on your rolling pin and roll the dough out as thin as you can.
Other non-clinical studies suggest EGCg has also been shown to be protective against chemical and environmental assault on tissues and helps to support healthy cell cycle regulation.

If you want meatballs that are super duper tender and fall apart, make this in the slow cooker! Feel free to add chicken–not only will it make a great dinner entree, it will add tons of protein.
The photos don’t do this meal justice, I had gotten a new camera and had not gotten used to the settings.
To the pan, I added the asparagus, and cherry tomatoes and cooked for a few mins until the tomatoes softened. You can get creative with this recipe and add in ingredients that suit your taste buds–I added a variety of peppers but you can add onions or whatever you’d like! These little souffles have two servings of veggies, 10 grams of protein and they are only 140 calories, they range from 0-5 grams of fat (from what I’ve seen so far). When I go with a crumbled cheese, I like to use something stronger like feta (which is my favorite) and blue cheese.
What I like about this option is that you can have a decent slice of cheese on your sandwich (which made be otherwise off limits).
I’ve finally gotten the hang of it, so picture quality will be better in future next posts!
The grocery food store, Aldi actually makes a version of these cheeses as well which I really like.
I love using these in a variety of different dishes–pizza, lasagna, grilled cheese, chicken parm and the list goes on.

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