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One challenge everyday for 21 days to build the habit of doing at least one thing daily to improve your body and mind. Just recently I’ve been seeing so much paleo talk that I decided it’s time I understand what’s going on with this lifestyle of eating.
At first I always thought that paleo was a fad diet because there are many contradictions made in it.
However, the more I learn about this way of eating, the more I see that Taylor and I also eat similar minus the meat for Taylor. It took us a few months to get the vegan thing going where we weren’t feeling the changes in our bodies… where the food started to actually create a meal and taste good… where is was something that even I could live on. Now as I reading all these new rules of primitive eating (not really paleo per say) I am actually growing frustrated.
As I learn about all these different forms of eating, I find that I personally agree with parts of each and disagree with other parts. What are you supposed to do if you’re not an enthusiast ready for a MONSTER change as many of these nutritional lifestyles or diets force you to do? After all that’s one of the biggest reasons for nutritional failure (and exercise too)… it’s too much, too complex, too soon and it ends up being frustrating.

White bread, muffins, processed whole grain breads (not as healthy as you think), bagels, most corn products, pastries, etc..
It sounds like a ton, but it’s anything that you know has been tampered with by humans to make more sugary, more colorful, more science than nature.
Either way… I bet right now you can rattle off many “Super Junk” foods you eat on a daily or near daily basis. You’ll trigger the necessary hormone response for being full because veggies take up lots of room in your stomach.
But by getting rid of the obvious “Super Junk” foods and adding in more veggies (low density foods) you can eat more food, a greater volume of food. Step 2 – Add more veggies and learn how to cook veggies in place of those “Super Junk” foods.
Here are some tantalizing ways to work protein into your meals and snacks no matter what time of day you exercise.
That’s why I choose to read more from Mark Sission is a paleo diet person but not super hardcore like most paleo people are.
One top of that, there is vegetarian people… super low carb diets… and the host of fad diets which swamp our healthy landscape.

Yes, it will take some getting used to but positive change will be uncomfortable no matter what. Simple cut into them and you always see water coming out and lots of pores and air pockets. Plus it gets digested very quickly as it’s loaded with sugars and things that break down quickly. But here’s the thing… you’ll get full and feel full on less calories because low density foods have little calories for greater volume (lots) of food. A serving of protein along with healthy carbs after a workout is a must to help tired muscles recover.
Plus “Super Junk” is a high density food meaning it has lots of calories in a very little bit of food. Then you can begin learning about veganism or primitive eating or whatever you want and you’ll really enjoy it at that point.

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