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The venus factor reviews – Does the venus factor diet system work to burn belly fat fast? Another year is upon us and like many, you’re probably dusting off those annual resolutions to finally do something about your weight.
You see the problem is that most of the diet plans I came across were missing one very important factor.
I’ll get to that in a minute but before I do I just want to say what an incredible difference letting go of all that unwanted weight has done for me.
It’s no secret that women today have it tough when it comes to feeling good about our bodies. I had to be honest though, I was holding on to a little more weight than I should, not only did I not look my best but it’s certainly not healthy either.
It’s not just about looking good but keeping my body in shape so I can live a healthier life. I used to read up in various women’s magazines and even a few popular websites to see what the latest fad is that might help me finally get my body back into the shape I know it needed to be in.
Some of these diet plans worked initially but I always put the weight back on again, sometimes even more than when I started. I can tell you that’s very frustrating, a lot of time and energy wasted only to be worse off than before. It wasn’t until I was talking to a guy friend who had been following a guide to build some muscle that I stumbled upon what made all the difference for me. He told me about how well it was put together and that the same creator of that course had done one especially for women. It turns out John is no stranger to the world of health in fitness, being involved with some of the most effective supplements available but also author to a few highly rated diet and exercise guides. After fully understanding the ramifications for how this would affect the diet world, John put together a cohesive plan that addresses some major differences in how men and women’s bodies work when it comes to dieting. When you understand how a woman needs to watch out for a few key things that affect how we put on or lose weight, it’s no wonder many of us have had such a terrible time making any headway. John’s system primarily revolves around one major point and that is how a hormone called leptin is responsible for almost all of how we gain or lose weight. Put simply, when leptin levels are high signal your body to increase metabolism, which in turn burns off fat.
You can probably guess what happens to low levels of leptin…it slows right down halts fat loss so that you put on weight instead.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we probably want our leptin levels on the high range, right? Of course, it’s not so easy as just flipping a switch to get leptin production up to fat melting levels. Instead, we need to know a few things about how the female body responds to food to get our body to work with us, and not against it. Part of the research that John came across showed that women produce about twice as much leptin as men do.
You see our bodies are much less responsive to leptin, around three times as less as men experience. So all that excess leptin is going to waste because our bodies simply can’t utilize it all effectively. When dieting women’s leptin levels drop like a fly, twice as fast and twice as hard as men do.
Now you can see why that after losing a few pounds on your last diet it got so much more difficult from there on out. Women’s bodies have the job of not only bearing but taking a large part in raising children. And when it came to survival in the harsh elements our ancestors had to endure a little extra fat could mean the difference between life and death. This is why it’s so hard to lose weight as a woman because you are literally fighting how mother nature intended your body to work for the well-being of you and your family.
Losing weight is tough enough as it is but if you’ve ever tried it post-pregnancy you probably had an even harder time making progress. Second, women have not only a third of the response to leptin as men but their levels drop twice as quickly and twice as much as men when dieting. And to top it all off during a post-pregnancy phase, women’s leptin levels drop once again. Now while it seems like the cards are stacked against us we need to focus on the first statement, we have all that extra leptin, if there was a way to tap into it then the tables would be turned and effective and easy weight loss would finally become possible. One of the main problems of other diets is the uncontrollable cravings that occur when you’re forced to limit your food intake in a way that never works long-term.
John’s program teaches you how to still eat the foods you love, even the ones that are usually off limits with other plans. This way you can still enjoy food like you currently do but John shows how to do it in a way that won’t negatively affect your results.

Instead of losing control and binge eating to the point of no return, and erasing all your efforts along the way, now you’ll find the right balance between healthy eating and food for enjoyment. The second major flaw in almost all of the diet plans you’ll come across is that they end up sapping all your energy after a short period of time.
This is caused by the body fighting unsustainable reduced food intake, which lowers your metabolism and energy along with it. As we saw earlier, this reduction in metabolism only signals your body to reduce leptin further, which puts you in a bad state of health. Many people find themselves with a horribly damaged metabolic system after attempting a typical diet plan aimed at both men and women. I noticed this first hand because usually I start to feel very sluggish a few weeks into other diets I’ve tried but this one was different. In fact, not only that but I was getting through the day much easier than before and without that extra cup off coffee mid-day to keep me going. I also appreciated the fact that I could still eat some of my favorite foods, which were a no-go on other diets I tried. But most important of all I started to see some great results that have lasted ever since being on the program for about 6 months now.
Besides the basic system you’ll receive, John has thrown in a couple of bonuses that help you get even better results. First up is a 12-week exercise course that again shows some of the pitfalls of following plan made for men. What I found surprising about this exercise program was that it actually advocates less intense and shorter workouts for women. He also shows some exercises you want to avoid because they hinder your progress, who would have though exercise would stop fat loss?
I didn’t mention it before, but John receives up to $500 an hour from some clients when he consults them as a personal trainer. That’s what makes the next bonus even sweeter, he gives you a 143 video collection of his personal coaching routines along with the Venus Factor pdf. Lastly we all know sticking to any weight loss plan can be difficult without a little support from those going through the same situation. It’s a private community where you can share any experiences you have or read about others who have used the system to change not only their body, but their lives in the process.
I hope you can see now why when it comes to female weight loss John Barban really has come up with something different from all the other diet plans on the market. The nice thing with this system is you usually start losing and maintain weight loss right away, so you’ll see results quickly well before the refund offer ends.
Or if you’re already convinced you can order now and start losing weight the very same day. Overall, I must say this is one of the better weight loss review sites I’ve come across so far. I’ve given it an extensive test drive and you really exposed the good details and also the negative. The Venus Factor is a fitness and diet system for the female body which has taken a fresh method of weight loss for women. The 12-week workout system – this contains a library of educational exercise videos and entire 12-week workout system you could do at home or inside a health club. The Venus Community – A private online community unique regarding Venus Factor members only. The Venus Factor is a nutrition, diet and exercise program along with advice on lifestyle choices that are healthful and inspirational guidance as a way to supply women with the essential abilities to assist them attain sustainable weight management.
Nourishment guidelines are given through a personalized calorie recommendation on the basis of the client ‘s current anthropometric measurements, height, bodyweight and presently level of routine action. As it pertains to weight loss, our calorie and exercise recommendations are derived from the present body of offered study in healthy adult women.
The exercise program is summarized for average strength exercise to be carried out 3-4 times each week for duration of about 45-60 minutes per session. A unique fitness program for women should you wish to become match beautiful feminine amounts.
The workouts are revealed through video and photos so it’s easy to check out and do each one of the workouts properly.
Additional investment could be anticipated on supplements, healthier foods, and exercise devices or gym memberships. The actual nutrition element provides great deals of flexibility, possibly too significantly flexibility.
The Venus Factor is just a diet, nutrition and exercise program incorporated with motivational tips in order and information on healthy lifestyle choices to provide the necessary skills to assist them accomplish sustainable weight management to women. Nutrition guidelines are offered through a customized calorie recommendation based upon the customer’s present anthropometric measurements, height, bodyweight and currently degree of normal exercise. Exercise recommendations and our calorie are based on available research in healthy adult women’s current body as it refers to weight reduction.

The exercise program is described for moderate intensity exercise to be carried out 3-4 times weekly for duration of roughly 45-60 minutes per session. You get access to an online community with other women who are also doing this diet and exercise plan.
The Venus Factor program is also backed by our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. This is mainly down to the fact that some exciting research which John came across wasn’t widely known about yet. In the beginning, it was always easy to lose a few pounds but that quickly stopped as my weight wouldn’t budge and energy levels plummeted. The program is actually based on a 12-week period but to maintain my great new body, I’ve keep the basic advice John lays out in my current eating habit. Of course, we all would like to but if you follow this one piece of advice your leptin levels will rocket.
The venus factor diet plan by John Barban usеѕ sound weight loss techniques аnd dоes not promote quick fаd diets. By investing in this system, you’ll discover the real secret of fat loss applying the easiest ways to lose weight. Just to share with you, from what I know is our bodies actuа?lу nееd ѕоmе fat tо function properly as it аllоws the muscles and joints to work smoothly. Isn’t it confusing to find so many things online that claim to fix whatever problems you or your family are experiencing right now? The program has rapidly attracted the eyes of women round the world for its possibility of reshaping the female body.
You begin your own private blog within the area, can meet and study on other Venus members, or just browse added members’ sites and online community for advice.
Subscribe to the Venus SUBMERGENCE community and locate others that are on your custom plan that is same and start working to enable you to attain success! The program was made to create both a reasonable calorie restriction and boost in caloric expenditure. The aim will be to supply healthy and practical guidelines to transfer the customer from an initial period of average caloric deficit into a sustainable caloric level for long haul weight maintenance. We offer choices and multiple exercise video demonstrations that enable the user to select exercises that fit their presently level of fitness. That’s, the nutrition and workout regimens are developed to offer maximum effect at the least time used up. While likewise enabling you to confirm the reliability of each claim the program makes this shows good faith. The program presumes that you are currently knowledgeable about checking out exercise and diet charts while leaving “how to use this program” section or no “user guide”.
If you are searching for “designer” workout program, a silver bullet weight loss solution, or bodyjam-type class sessions, you are taking a look in the wrong product. This product will not have the ability to assist you if you do not have internet access in grocery store or your gym.
For anybody who is seeking to lose a number of pounds rapidly then this program is not for a person.
Sign up for the Venus ENGAGEMENT group and discover others who are on your exact same custom plan and begin collaborating to assist you accomplish success! Increase in caloric expenditure and the program is developed to create both a moderate calorie restriction. The target is to offer practical and healthy guidelines to go the client to your lasting caloric stage for long term weight maintenance from a preliminary stage of reasonable caloric deficit. We offer options and multiple exercise video demonstrations that enable the user to select workouts that match their currently level of physical fitness.
His philosophy to actual weight loss іѕ unique аnd а refreshing chаnge from other weight loss promises. In case you have battled to keep on the right track with your diet plan, then it’s time you take a good look at the book.
What you really nеed to steer clear of аrе hydrogenated fats, good nutritious health giving fats consist of avocados, olive oil and raw nuts. Just speaking, it’s emerging as one of the very discussed fat-burning programs for women, that is supplying whole weight loss alongside body reshaping system.
When I first heard about this venus factor diet plan system from my sister, I was very skeptical.

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