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It can be complicated trying to feed a family, especially if you’re looking to keep your diets kid friendly and low fat!
If you’re new to a kid friendly and low fat eating lifestyle, it can be beneficial to purchase a cookbook with low fat meals in it.
You’ll notice that many of the meals are marked with (*), meaning that they’re linked to here in this very post!
As most people know, feeding children can be a struggle in itself, but feeding children foods that are healthy and low in fat can be a whole different challenge ready to be conquered. This will allow you to rotate through some meals so you’re not eating the same thing every few days, and it’s always fun to try new recipes! You can either print this page out or refer back to this post when it’s time to look up the recipe for your meal plan.

The great thing about following a kid friendly and low fat meal plan is that it eliminates that questioning what to make for meals throughout the week and gives you a routine that you can follow easily! There are some really great cookbooks on Amazon, but this low fat cookbook from the American Heart Association is sure to be a hit! This will make it very easy to follow along and stick to your kid friendly and low fat meal plan!
If you are an hour glass shape, the weight distributes evenly, especially in the butt and upper thigh area.
This meal plan is designed to make your life easier and please the kids in your household as well!
It’s also a good idea to pin this image on Pinterest so you can find it with ease and refer back anytime you might need it throughout the week!

I will be using Fuel Factor protein shakes inbetween meals, as I am always on the go, hence part of my problem as to how I became over weight. However I must remember to do intense cardio and minor weights otherwise I will bulk up to much. My caloric intake is also lower than the recommendation, but again, I know this  works and I'm not below 1000, so I will be able to be alive and function daily.

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