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But it also leads us chewing quickly and swallowing our food before it’s been fully chewed. While mostly made of water, saliva also contains enzymes that begin to break food down while we chew.
When we chew, our teeth break the food into smaller pieces, exposing more surfaces to our saliva.
While this can drive people around them crazy if there’s a schedule to keep, in general, this slower eating process is helping to keep them thin. It takes roughly 20 minutes from the time you begin eating for your brain to process fullness signals.
Eating more slowly allows your brain to get the message and tell you to stop eating before you’ve overindulged. It turns out that how we chew our food can be related to whether we are able to gain or lose weight. It’s more usual to grab a bite on the go and gobble it down than to sit down to a relaxed meal. A three-year cohort study conducted in Japan recently took a look at the relationship between chewing speed and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a lump term for a group of symptoms that are connected to obesity and diabetes. 8,041 people, ages 40 to 75 years old who had not been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome were surveyed in 2008 as a baseline. This missed step puts extra work on our stomach, leading us to the inevitable heartburn we suffer when we eat and run.

But it also means that food is “behind schedule” in the digestion process and has to catch up.
Shortcuts are taken… the stomach ends up emptying food into the intestines that has not been fully processed.
And only the simplest compounds are fully digested… like sugars, which end up on our hips if we don’t burn it all off. Sanjay Dutt opened up about drugs, rehab, jail and what he has learnt from it alla€?It will take time,a€? he said.
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Our body is extremely responsive to positivity and negativity… a lot more than we give it credit for. Smile, happiness, joy, love, excitement, pride, success, victory, beautiful, laughter, hugs, kisses, amazing, and empowered. If loss is such a negative word and conjures up such strong feelings, then why would we want to lose anything at all?
Negative self talk is limiting and may be the difference between getting to a healthy weight and being stuck where you are or losing the weight only to gain it back again.
You don’t want to just lose weight and then find it again in the future… which is what happens to over 90% of weight loss stories. I can promise you, if you focus on the benefits you gain from watching what you eat and exercising, you will see and feel your body getting to that goal zone you crave.

For many, this is done by setting performance goals… signing up for a race or fitness event that requires training of some sort. For others, it can mean following not just a low calorie diet, but a nutritional program that educates on long term eating. Start the day off reinforcing what it is you want to gain that day… what do you want to accomplish?
An amazing book that puts all of this to real science is The Happiness Advantage… read it.
Even though you know that losing weight is good, it’s harder to convince the subconscious. Whenever I hear people talking about wanting to lose weight I always tell them that losing weight doesn’t matter. I am right there with you, there is nothing like the feeling of awesomeness and zen, somehow at the same time, that comes after a workout!
If they are taking care of their bodies by eating well and exercising then they will naturally get to whatever weight they’re supposed to be.

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