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Eating not only involves what you eat, but also how much you eat and your emotions play a big part as well.
If you find yourself eating chocolate or lollies in between meals, try eating a handful of unsalted nuts instead. If you are a weekend food binger, plan your meals and snacks ahead so you have plenty of healthier snacking options in the house. Use smaller plates to control the portion sizes as most of us will eat everything on our plates.
When eating out, always choose the smallest portion size available and fill up with a side salad (preferably one without the creamy dressing). SOUTHERN TASMANIAWe are excited to announce that Andrew, Health Jigsaw‘s principal personal trainer, has started working at Anytime Fitness in Kingston Tasmania.
We are currently working hard to have outdoor fitness classes up and running as soon as possible. To register your interest, please contact us and we will keep you in the loop as we make more announcements in the coming weeks.
The guys have also get in shape, some for a movie, others for their own personal choice, either way these male celebrities deserved a grand applause for their dedication, discipline and new found hottness!!
28-year-old Jonah hill has been that cool chubby guy we love so much, but after he starred next to Brad Pitt in Moneyball he decided he was not gong to be anymore, so he lost 40 pounds. Before 26-year-old Jack Orbourne was all into junk food, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, he weighted 231 pounds but when he decided to changed his life he began to go to bed early, exercise, quit drinking, smoking and most importantly quit doing drugs, the result was 70 pounds lighter and weighting 161.
In just nine months and with the help of the 5-Factor Diet 30-year-old Seth Rogen loss 30 pounds, I am sure his lovely wife writer Lauren Miller was happy with the weight loss.

And the most dramatic weight loss is without a doubt Christian Bale’s weight loss for the Machinist, we already mention some of these guys needed to loose that extra weight, but I am sure Christian’s weight loss is worth to mention, especially when he submitted his body to this extreme weight loss plan twice, he did it again for The Fighter.
For the Machinist Bale subsisted only by eating an apple, water and one cup of coffee, loss over 63 pounds and went from 184 pounds to 121. Other Male celebrities that we should mention are 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Drew Carey, John Goodman, Charles Barkley, Peter Jackson.
For me, a perfect dinner is to stay at home with a Japanese, not a man, but Japanese food, watching a movie on the couch and grabbing my boy. Janet's breakfasts range from buckwheat pancakes to scrambled eggs with a side of turkey bacon. Existing on a spartan diet of nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables might not sound particularly appetising, but Susan Reynolds, 29, says it keeps her looking so young, she is regularly mistaken for a 16-year-old.
Her healthy raw diet is a far cry from her university days, when, she admits, she used to indulge in Chinese buffet suppers.She also loved McDonalds McChicken Sandwiches and used to enjoy crazy nights downing shots of vodka jelly as a teenager.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Dear Internet: When a woman turns 50, she doesn't trade in her good looks for a crone's costume. If you are after mobile personal training and outdoor fitness classes in the Huon Valley and Kingston areas, he is available to help you. His dedication also inspired his longtime girlfriend Jane Fallon to loose some weight too, between the two of them they loss over 40 pounds.
Since she was a kid, she loves the flower print dresses by Laura Ashley and Dr Martens boots.

Her lunches came with an emphasis on salads -- seared tuna with fresh greens is a favorite. Susan, who hails from Edinburgh, last ate cooked food seven years ago and now consumes nothing but uncooked fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, and beans. Andrew has previously worked in a five-star luxury resort, large fitness centres and an exclusive personal training studio.
In addition Katy Perry says she drinks a lot of water, fruit juices, and drink 2 beers per day maximum. She also chowed down on cranberry salad with fresh greens, toasted walnuts and blue cheese.For dinner the singing icon feasted on filet mignon, as well as seared line-caught salmon with lentils and fresh baby vegetables. The slim 29-year-old eats dozens of portions of fruit and vegetables every day, and has even created a number of recipes, including a cold soup made from a bag of spinach, a large bunch of herbs and an entire lettuce, to make meals more interesting. I'm also emotionally balanced and happy.'And Susan has now turned her passion for raw food into a business named Twist and Sprout, which offers healthy retreats where participants are taught how to introduce the raw food diet to their own lives.
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We're instead impressed with Lawson's healthy relationship with aging and body image, an achievement she gained after experiencing great loss, Lawson told Fox News in an interview earlier this year.
I eat fruits for energy and sparingly eat fats from nuts, seeds and coconut.'So dedicated is Susan to her raw food lifestyle, she even convinced her parents and boyfriend Louie, 22, to try the diet, and last Christmas prepared a raw food feast for them to enjoy.

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