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The following images are difficult to watch, but it shows the reality of extreme weight loss.
Subways are not where normal happens (30 photos)Is it just me, or are subways a breeding ground for insanity?
Il blog ricco di notizie, video, foto, tecnologia, lavoro e guadagno, link utili, viaggi, salute.. Ragion per cui molte donne, per apparire belle, dopo una vita a rimpinzarsi a volonta, si mettono a dieta. There arena€™t many mums who feel happy showing off their body in a bikini after having a baby. But strolling along a Tenerife beach in a hot pink bikini last month, Jennifer Ellison looked happy and confident.
Only a year ago, things were very different for the actress and former Brookside star, who weighed 13 stone and had ballooned from a size 8 to a size 18 after having her son Bobby. She decided enough was enough, employed a personal trainer, released a fitness DVD and lost five stone. Despite now having a sensational figure and enviable flat stomach she is still haunted by hurtful comments about her baby weight. My husband Robbie thought I was gorgeous and I had a lovely figure but I was told at auditions that I needed to lose weight if I wanted to get work.

Since that finished in March, Jennifer has managed to do the hard bit a€“ keep the weight off.
So just how does the 29-year-old keep her stomach looking that taut and the rest of her figure honed? With her guilty vices being cheese and chocolate, is Jennifer on a strict regime about what she eats? Like most women, her shape has changed since she had her baby but she is embracing her curves. But her flat stomach is wasted in her Legally Blonde role, in which she plays a pregnant manicurist called Paulette. She has to wear a prosthetic bump during each performance a€“ and the role is making her broody. And with a two-and-a-half-year-old son thrown into the mix, how has it affected their relationship? Her mum-in-law sometimes gets a phone call requesting she looks after Bobby while the couple spend some quality time together. Jennifera€™s no ditsy blonde a€“ shea€™s always had a certain northern steeliness that has made her such a success.
Khloe Kardashian recently debuted a svelte bikini body on the cover of Life & Style magazine, reportedly after dropping 20 pounds in 20 days.

Khloe's not the only one to have shed off extra pounds -- Hollywood is brimming with a litany of other stars who've worked hard to slim down.
Ksenia Bubenko a 20 year old girl from Yekaterinburg (Russia), who wanted to lose weight, but after losing a few pounds she became obsessed with weight loss. Ia€™d love to have another two or three kids and I think we will probably start trying before the end of the year,a€? she reveals. But Bobby is getting to that age where he wants to play with other children and hea€™s seeing others play with their brothers and sisters. What does matter is going out for lovely days that you will remember and doing things that are really thoughtfula€™.
From child stars like Christina Ricci and LeAnn Rimes to Seth Rogen and Courtney Love, check out our gallery of celebrities who've lost weight -- and kept it off. Carson… Read more… How to get drunk in 60 seconds (Video)This is how to get drunk in 1 minute in Rosarito Mexico!

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