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A ”junk food” vegetarian who suffered from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain and fatigue, Chris drank alcohol too often, overate and relied on pharmaceutical drugs. By 38 years old, I was overweight, constantly sore and suffering from fatigue on a daily basis. I loosely took some guidance from the 5 Day (Jump into Juicing) program on Reboot with Joe’s website and simply repeated the 5 day schedule over and over again. Based on this schedule, I was drinking 5 juices a day (between 12 and 16 oz each) and heavily hydrating in-between all of them with lemon water, filtered water, coconut water and herbal teas.
I used some of the juice recipes from Joe’s site as well as other recipes that I created by just experimenting. During my first fast, I also contacted a hydro-colon therapist, she encouraged me to drink 8 oz of water with 1tsp Psyllium Husks (indigestible) each day during my fast to promote the g.i.
I had one colonic after my first week of fasting and another one after the 20 days of fasting were over. I think the key thing that I do differently than most people is that I treat my “eating days” to a very similar schedule as when I juice fast. I kept on the same schedule and even drank the water, lemon water, coconut water and herbal teas in-between. Chris Swirski: Yes, weight loss definitely was a factor but I was also very interested in the “detox” aspects of juice fasting as well.
Sure I wanted to lose weight but I knew it wasn’t just the extra pounds…it was all those chemicals and free radicals that were deep inside my organs and muscles. I feel that is where most folks fail in their own transformations; within their mind they treat juicing as something they will only do “temporarily” just in order to lose weight. Chris Swirski: Weight loss, increased energy and stamina, less joint pain, flexibility, look younger, feel younger…better hair…better skin. Neil Martin: Since you started juicing what have you found most challenging and how did you deal with this challenge?
Chris Swirski: I make it a point to juice (and eat) only Organic or Non-GMO fruits and vegetables (since I cannot trust whats in them otherwise). Unfortunately, where I live, I can’t always get the organic produce I need from just one place. It makes it less convenient…BUT…I also feel that convenience will eventually be the death of everyone. Chris Swirski: For all of the reasons I’ve listed above…PLUS, I get so many compliments on my transformation and a ton of questions from people all over the place. I now have a blog of my own called Beeting the Odds where I post juice, smoothie and food recipes, topics on detox and general rants about the food industry in general. Also, when I first started juicing I was throwing away my leftover pulp, which was a big waste. Chris Swirski: I simplified my juicing process by not requiring such a HUGE variety of recipes, as some of juicing plans do.
I feel that the additional need to track down so many ingredients will deter some people into ever giving it a try.
Get those things while you’re out shopping and go home a just make a juice…don’t plan some BIG EVENT right off the bat; just give it a try. My formula for a great tasting juice has always been a balance of “lightly sweet (apples, peaches, beets, carrots), salty (celery), tangy (orange, grapefruit, lemon) & spicy (ginger)”…there is something about that combination of tastes on my tongue that just makes me happy.
Some other tips that I follow are drinking warm lemon water immediately when I wake up (helps with digestion) and also drinking 8oz of water with Psyllium Husks once a day (helps clean out your g.i.
Another tip, especially for people just starting out; clean up your juicer and chopping board mess before drinking your juice. Neil Martin: What resources (books, websites, movies, etc) have helped you on your journey and why? Chris Swirski: Back in the early 90’s I watched a movie documentary called “Faces of Death”, which journaled real life situations involving human and animal deaths. I have always had respect for people so passionate about something that they are willing to go through the insane steps of making a movie about it. When I finally latched onto the “health” aspects of food and not only the “compassionate” aspects, I realized there was so much more that I was not considering.

Most “American” food is junk…consisting of ridiculous chemicals, white flour, refined sugars and unnecessary processing practices.
Everyone has sickness, pain and disease with absolutely no real answers as to where any of it came from.
The simple answer (that you can sense if you quiet your mind) is that it all comes from what we put into our bodies every day. Yet, we stopped caring about what we were eating because we just trust that food companies will make the right decisions for us.
Neil Martin: Which do you think is more essential to health and wellbeing, exercise or diet and nutrition?
Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to add exercise into your daily regimen (walking, on it’s own, is even great) but the only way to get truly healthy and feeling great is from “the inside out”. Everything you put into your mouth will have a lasting effect on your wellness; it’s as simple as that. Food is the ONLY true medicine…and if you aren’t eating the right kind you are just continuing to poison your body. We’d like to think that the food companies and even our own governments have the welfare of the people as their priority; it’s just not true…they are only guided by money and the people end up paying with their lives. Chris Swirski: I ride my bike about 15-20 miles every other day and follow it up with 20 minutes of simple strength exercises (crunches, planks, pushups and dumbbells). At 10:30am I had a 16oz Green Smoothie (Baby Kale, Banana, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Vega Protein, Spirulina, Hemp Oil, Hemp Powder, Maca Powder, Chia and Flax Seeds). At 3:30 I had a 16oz Red Juice (Beets, Kale, Swiss Chard, Orange, Celery, Purple Carrot and Ginger) followed by 16oz filtered water.
Chris Swirski: Considering I had an addiction to both, I’d say my immediate thoughts are to kick them to the curb. Neil Martin: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about adding juicing to their life? It will push you (subconsciously) to eat and drink healthier things and to pay more attention to how, when and what you decide to eat. Juicing is the most natural way to detox your body, so you will feel under the weather when you start doing it…thats not a bad thing! Don’t let your mind and all of it’s clever excuses stop you from juicing, you have to ignore the negativity (it tastes bad, it’s inconvenient…blah blah blah)…shut it off! Neil Martin: If you were stuck on a desert island with a working juicer and blender and an unlimited supply of just 6 ingredients, what would those ingredients be? Subscribe To Natural Juice JunkieWant the latest information and exclusive offers and recipes? Since he started juicing just 7 months ago he has shed 65 pounds (over 4.5 stone) and increased his energy and stamina. I drank alcohol too often, overate and relied on pharmacies and doctors to ”cure” my ailments. Since I never had a colonic prior, it was amazing to finally become aware of the actual effects that processed foods had on my digestive system over time (and I was a vegetarian for 22 years!).
A single serving (12-16oz juice) should be around 200-250 calories, that is, if there are not too many fruits in it.
And the food I now eat is all vegan…lots of raw, unprocessed, no refined sugars, no white flour, etc.
But they don’t realize that if they do not completely CHANGE the way they eat and adopt juicing as a habit, moving forward, they will eventually be back to the way they were….again and again and again.
If we want to succeed then we have to let go of our ridiculous need for everything to be fast, simple and easy. I never would have tapped into this side of my creativity and desire to help others if it weren’t for juicing.
It will not only make it easier to clean the juicer but it will train you in helping keep your good habits strong. That said, I will usually watch something if it is a topic I’m interested in and food is definitely at the top of my list. These things are all slowly killing us and most people turn a blind eye to it because they do not see through the pretty looking, false advertisements.

Eating has become a subconscious task like breathing…we do it to survive but we really don’t think about the action of it.
It took me a long time for this to sink in but I am extremely grateful for all of the resources out there that are available. I’ve done the exercise thing so many times throughout my life but it never really did anything to “transform” me. I also play drums in a fairly fast rock band which practices each week and plays frequent gigs. I also love my juices and smoothies, so on any given day I may have less food and more juices. Then I took 5 raw wheatgrass tablets and 2 PB-8 Probiotic capsules, washed down with 4oz of Organic “Antioxidant Force” Juice (bottled SmartJuice).
Make sure if you are doing a cleanse, you don’t do ANY of it at all during it (otherwise, it will reverse the positive effects of a “detox”). It not only sparks weight loss but it helps clean your entire insides and clear your mind as well. Give your body some time to adjust and start paying attention to what your body wants (not what your brain wants), you will start to see the difference.
Stay on it long enough that it replaces your old habits and let juice and plant based foods become your new habits.
American food manufacturers have a choice to offer us clean, safe, whole food and so many of them choose not to. Obesity and the ills of processed or fatty food is a global issue, and not one started by the United States. Obesity and the ills of processed food is a global issue, and not one started by the United States. I figured, if I was drinking 200-250 calories 5 times a day, I would also eat the same way. Juicing is just one (of many) weapons in my arsenal which I use on a daily basis to fight obesity, sickness and disease in my body. If you shut off the complaining in your mind for just long enough, you will eventually adapt to the extra work involved. Otherwise, you will drink your juice and wait until “later”…it will be more difficult to scrub down and you will get lazy and tired of juicing before it can even help you.
Especially the vegan and juicing communities online which have also helped me learn so much in supporting my new eating lifestyle.
To reverse these problems, we need to shut down our minds first because it all starts there…the guilt we put on ourselves, the “treats” we allow ourselves, our excuses, our procrastination…it’s all born in our mind and then our mind turns around and tells our body what to do. The cheap processed food that line the grocery aisles and scream at us with their packaging-frankly its embarrassing. I don’t believe pizza, bacon, gravy and meat pies- which are full of the white flour you denounce- (I could go on)- were developed in the US. I don’t believe pizza, bacon, gravy and meat pies (I could go on) were developed in the US. So really, it was a mixture of juicing, colonics and completely changing the types of food (and portions) I was eating. Get a juicer and some Cucumbers, Celery, Apples, Lemon, Ginger and Kale, look up a good recipe and just make one juice. But I always stay strict on my regimen of lemon water, Psyllium Husks, Coconut Water and filtered water. Now, it is a very rare occasion that I drink any alcohol; when I do, I limit myself to only 1 or 2 (maybe every 3 weeks or so).

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