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Its amazing how we moms can just juggle around everything and I am guessing its no different for celeb moms too who have to face the paparazzi whenever required. Mommy Aishwariya was at the Lodha Park Press Meet and while we love the dress and curls not a big fan of the eyes given its a day event. Our Custom Meal Plans Make the DifferenceMeal plans built one at a time - not "pre-made"What do you get?
My son Andy is 8 years old and he is now on his third week on this plan and already people have started to notice the change in his weight. Just wanted to let you know that my son, Alex, has been on your program for only 3 weeks and has lost 8 pounds already.
To see my daughters eyes light up when she put that size 12 on was the most amazing thing ever (like she was born again).

Is my child too young to put on a diet?This program is safe and effective for children as young as four.
I don't want my child to feel deprived, or like she is on a diet.This program allows a tremendous amount of food, with meals and snacks allowed every few hours. It must be a toughie to juggle around events around the child’s schedule so hats off to moms who do it so effortlessly. Would have preferred a more day dress that wasn’t as elaborate but guess black is the favourite colour for moms as it conceals all bulges just so well. He himself has noticed a change in his body and even mentions how certain clothes are fitting better.
He plays a lot of baseball and he tells me that he feels like he has more energy and he is even running faster and has become more agile.

She is so talkative about school and boys (typical girl) :) When I drop her off she has a group of girls meeting and greeting her at the car.
He is really into this meal plan because he knows that it is working and understands that it is not a diet but a healthy way of eating.

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