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Be grateful to your body for putting up with your tantrums and dramas, but yet never letting you down. The pace is not what it matters; every step you take, every move you make is burning your fat! Hard work and motivation with that extra dose of self realization and self love are the four cornerstones for a successful weight loss story.
Exercise kills your weight first and then gives your body an opportunity arise like a phoenix.

A staunch believer and practitioner of Law of Attraction, I choose to dictate and design the terms of life on my own! There are countless books written on it; every other gym and every other fitness center gives you special weight loss package. For you to eliminate excessive weight from your body and get into that perfect shape and size of yours, you need to attract slim.
However, to achieve your dream body, there is something that goes much beyond exercise and food.

These motivational weight loss quotes help you create that mindset, allowing you to manifest your desire the right way.

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