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For the past month (and longer really) I have been doing my own little study of vegan protein powders and meal shakes.
Bottom Line: If you are not into overly sweet sips and you love dark chocolate and rich cacao nib flavor you will swoon over this chocolate-y blend. Bottom Line: Each scoop adds a dose of bold, alluring, cravable flavors and high quality plant-based protein. My Review: Xymogen products can only be purchased via a licensed health practitioner so you will need to go through their website to find someone local to you if you want to try the products.
Bottom Line: All-in-One meal powder with easy-to-love flavors and a fluffy, body-ful texture. For this feature, I requested samples from a few top brands – many of which were suggested by your guys, so thanks!
After tasting the brands I started an Excel sheet for the data collection portion of my analysis. If you are worried about the nutrients in your diet, try adding vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss a scoop of Vega One to a smoothie once a day. The first time I tried this product I wasn’t that into the flavor because it was not sweet.
The flavor is grassy and nutty, no sweetness so you really need to add this one to a sweet flavor-ful smoothie for it to taste appealing.
Not only does it contain a big boost of plant-based protein, but also all vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss the stuff I crave like vitamins, minerals, greens, probiotics, fiber and MORE. Whole Food Complex – Includes 9 different healthy colorful fruits and vegetables offering naturally occurring polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids to support overall wellness. I have been introduced to a wide variety of new products and want vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss to share my findings and current personal favorites with you. They have FitFood Vegan Protein as well as this formula which I was turned onto by a wellness practitioner a few years ago. If you have any sort of GI issues, this stuff vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss is worth tracking down via a Xymogen-selling practitioner. On the labels, pretty much every product says that it can be blended with water and enjoyed. If you need to know exactly where your shake ingredients are coming from, this vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss is your product. Nothing really wow-ed me about the product, but a good solid protein boost if you are a BioChem fan.
Also contains over 200 mg of Omega-3 to support a healthy brain, heart and circulatory system.
So for my taste tests I blended with unsweetened or vanilla almond or soy milk OR in my daily smoothies. Karina and Katrina are so inspiring and energizing, their personalities even shine through via the fun vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss beachy packaging. The price: not cheap, since I found myself adding more than the 1 tbsp serving size, but worth a splurge. But overall the shake dissolved really well, had an appealing light natural sweetness and little aftertaste. Vibrant Health has some very hardcore green products, but although they have solid labels – the flavors are always too grassy for me.
This guide is not meant to cure or diagnose any condition or disease, this is simply a guide to help you discover a few options as a consumer.
And while veggies and vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss fruit do contain protein, I needed more of those protein-rich plant foods in my diet. I exchanged a few emails with product creator and company CEO Sam Gerard and found him to be incredibly passionate and firm in his stance that his product was without a doubt the BEST vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss on the market.
This shake basically includes a wide array of vitamins and minerals along with vegan protein. I have found that many people who have sensitive stomachs rave about this brand on review websites. Sun Warrior also has a classic blend which uses raw sprouted whole grain brown rice as the protein source.
I am so glad I found out about this brand because it is not one I have seen on store shelves, it is only available online vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss right now.
And even in the past year, since adding a few protein-powder-boosted smoothies to me diet a week I have seen that my body is able to retain and build muscle more easily.

The cons of Vega One are that it can be quite pricey at first glance, however if vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss you really are using this powder in place of say a multivitamin and others supplements, the price is pretty fair. I have only tried the vanilla flavor (that is the sample sent) but I am eager to try the chocolate and other products like greens and more. It is almost too sweet to add to a really sweet smoothie, but it can easily perk up unsweetened plant milk or add texture, nutrients and flavor vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss to a moderately sweet smoothie. The cons: The texture is slightly seeded for those of you who are seeking something smooth. This vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss product will taste amazing as a protein boost to most of the smoothies in my book and on this site! If vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss you just want one container, I suggest buying from One Lucky Duck since the shipping seems cheaper than the brand website (from my browsing). My Review: I discovered this brand a few months ago while speaking to the founder of Healthy Batch website.
Buy Cacao Magic on The Philosophie — use code LunchboxLove for 10% off all purchases in the Philosophie store! My Review: This unsweetened meal-style blend is loaded with goodies, Greens, protein, superfoods and plenty of extras like probiotics, maca, mushrooms and more. Bottom Line: This intense vegan protein and nutrient formula is created by doctors and sold by health professionals. So if you plan on buying my book, or are a vegan smoothie lover already and looking to supplement your blends with protein, this guide will give you a few great brands to look for and try for yourself. You experience may differ greatly as everyone has varying tastes and needs – I welcome your vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss helpful comments and personal product experiences and favorites in the comments section.
I am always looking for protein powder with maca included and this very minimalist blend rocks my world. Many of the products listed are indeed dietary supplements and contain added superfoods, vitamins, minerals and more. Was is non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, did it contain spirulina, how much protein, cost per serving, flavor options and more. If you want a very basic protein powder that tastes great, is perfect on-the-go and blends thin and frothy without any grittiness, this is your brand! Always, always, always chat with your doctor about whether or not these products are right for vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss YOU. Nutiva does have a flavored HempShake, but that sample was not sent so I have not tried it.
It contains 15g protein per scoop, plus 50% vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss daily intake of a variety of vitamins and minerals, probiotics, green superfoods and more.
I wish it dissolved a bit thinner, but if you like body in your protein powder, this delivers!
There is a very generous amount of vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss superfood spirulina (2500mg) and it contains milk thistle, sprouted broccoli and more unique wellness ingredients. But my favorite part about this product is THE LABEL and all it tells you about what is inside.
The texture is a bit grainy, but most all of the rice protein blends I tried have that same fine graininess. Delicious and infused with whole food ingredients and high quality everything, Shakeology is a bit on the pricey side, but if it is guaranteed to impress!
Brendan Brasier, puts vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss a face to the brand and that gives me more security as a consumer to want to try the product and follow the brand .. Website: Philosophie — use code LunchboxLove for 10% off all purchases in the Philosophie store!
Bottom Line: Authentic light and lovely vanilla flavor meshes with unique vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss superfoods and high quality raw rice protein. My Review: This all-in-one meal replacement blend reminds vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss me of Vega One because it really contains a wide array of nutrients and superfoods and more.
Before we dive into protein powder, I wanted to pull some professional advice on just why and when a protein powder might be important.
I simply adore the logo and packaging and had been ogling those perky green canisters in Whole Foods for a long time now. I usually tried a different brand or flavor every day so that I was not overloaded with protein and nutrients. For each brand’s featured product I gave a few label fact highlights as well as my personal opinion.

They blend up super creamy, silky and thick – so I advise adding some icy ingredients to make everything vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss more frosty rather than too thick.
I will personally throw an armful of awesome samples into a pretty box and ship it off to you.
Digestive Enzymes Blend – Assists in digesting foods more completely for greater absorption of nutrients and the good health that goes with them.
Cut to years later (NOW!) and I am so thankful that my diet is more balanced, energizing, healing and nourishing.
But if you are looking for an intense vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss formula with vegan protein an other ingredients to improve gastrointestinal health and inflammation, this product is worth a look! I spent a few days trying out their Beach Babe workout video, followed with some Perfect Fit in vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss my smoothie, instagrammed and tweeted my results.
Bottom vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss Line: If you love green smoothies, and all things love-infused, give Green Dream a try! My Review: I have tried the pre-mixed vegan shake from Arbonne and kinda hated it because of the soup-y texture. Bottom Line: Fans of Plant Fusion will be happy to enjoy this meal replacement blend with sweet, subtle, appealing flavor and creamy texture.
Personally, I have gone through more than vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss a few years where (looking back) I was NOT getting enough protein as a vegan. Gentle grainiess (like all rice-based proteins seem to have) but very easy to dissolve and enjoy. Warrior Blend comes in chocolate, natural and vanilla, is sweetened with stevia, but I found less of an aftertaste than most stevia-infused vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss brands. I was introduced to this product about seven years ago, a friend had it in her pantry and I was drawn to the unique label and branding. This is an award-winning product and perfect for those seeking a wide array of nutrients without all the flavors and sweeteners on top. Protein source: they use their unique sprouted and bio-fermented, whole grain organic brown rice protein powder.
I usually add in some spirulina, one pitted Medjool date, half a banana, 2 ice cubes and some almond milk. So while I wish the vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss flavors lived up to their names a bit better, I do love the simplicity of the ingredients, blendability and lack of aftertaste. And again, the sweetness is very mild, so add some bananas, dates and other fruit or sweetened vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss non-dairy milk to help balance the flavors. Bottom Line: Sensitive tummies may love this simple, easily dissolvable plant-based protein brand with a variety of fun flavors. Vibrant Health Pure Green Protein: Wide array of impressive ingredients, but I am not a fan of the grassy and uber-nutty flavor.
But something about the way it tasted as I devoured it swirled into my smoothie and the way it made me feel changed vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss my mind. I tested the chocolate flavor first but had to check the bag because it really didn’t taste like chocolate. My husband who only likes the rich chocolate flavors enjoyed his Arbonne banana-pb shake I made him. But these shake packets are actually pretty tasty if you want a super sweet, dessert-like flavor.
The chocolate is rich and ice cream like and the tropical flavor is super fruity and inviting. It doesn’t contain the wide range of nutrients like VegaOne, but it does contain 10g protein and 1000mg vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss greens blend and more.
Bottom Line: If you want a solid hemp-based protein powder, check out the selection from Manitoba Harvest.
But I was pretty underwhelmed by vegan meal replacement shakes weight loss the very bland flavors, dusty texture and lack of thickness to the protein powder. And while I did enjoy the product, the flavors were not as authentic and defined as I was hoping for. This product is more about the ingredients and less about the taste, texture and look-appeal.

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