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Anyone who has ever suffered from weight gain, or an apparent inability to shed weight, must by now have looked at the market to see what kind of diet aids are there.
Most diet pills make outlandish claims on shedding weight and, although some are safe, there are others that can be quite dangerous to the point of being life threatening. One of the diet pills that showed to be very dangerous and not safe at all are Ephedra based diet pills, with main ingredient Ephedrine inside them. In 2003, the FDA carried out a series of tests on this diet pill and found that it was directly responsible for more than one hundred and fifty deaths!
Most of the deaths were from heart attacks and strokes which were directly caused by the side effects of the drug. Elevated blood pressure is also a big problem for people and, along with the stress on the heart, the whole scenario is life threatening.

Although Ephedra can be effective appetite suppressant and can result in short term weight loss, it is obvious that this diet pill cannot be recommended under any circumstances.
Phen375 contains purely synthetic ingredients made in an FDA regulated lab where the production process is monitored and observed. Information on this site has not been evaluated by any regulatory body (MHRA, FDA or anyone else). Ephedrine comes from a plant found in South Asian areas and it has been used over the years to treat ailments like hay fever, asthma and other such illnesses.
This was probably caused by irregular and extremely rapid heartbeats that put too much pressure on the heart causing it to fail.
Some people, thinking that the blood pressure is not so serious, did not get medical help and this, in turn, meant that they either got extremely ill or died.

However, using it for weight loss is considered to be so detrimental to health that the FDA slapped a ban on it. Before taking any weight loss pills, you should consult your doctor or health care provider.

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