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Finding a mental health professional specialized in substance abuse could be your first step toward a sober life. MHA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization comprised of crisis support and mental health resources for Indiana residents. Discover how new science is rekindling hope for those suffering from mental illness and addiction. For many suffering from mental illness and addiction, even the basic necessities of life can seem out of reach. Browse Northwest and Northeast Indiana community resources, including basic needs, medical services, financial assistance, and employment. Gernitria Ladson, ’15, credits Rec Center workouts, healthier eating for huge weight loss.
The College of Technology is investing more in automation programs, which fits a growing need for many different kinds of businesses.
Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Noma Gurich’s career path may have been unlikely, but her motivation for fairness is anything but.

2014: A group poses for a picture in an elevator during the move-in event at Indiana State on Aug. 2014: The Reeve Hall residence hall is seen from above, the day before the dedication on Aug. 2014: Kyani Harris runs with the ball as Indiana State defeats Missouri State, 18-17, at Memorial Stadium on Nov. 2015: Kandi Hill-Clarke, dean of the Bayh College of Education, delivers remarks during the Founders Day luncheon.
Alumni and friends of the university check out the aircraft at an aviation alumni event in September 2015. Alpha Omicron Pi sisters pose for a photograph at the 2015 Bid Day Celebration at Rec East. 24 years experience with proper nutritional weight loss, body sculpting, boxing for general fitness, and fitness as a lifestyle. Proven track record or wellness through holistic well-being including nutrition, exercises, balance, and knowledge.

4 Years of experience body sculpting, weight management, functional training, powerlifiting, and sport specific training.
The residence hall has themed housing floors for nursing, athletic training and leadership learning community students and offers premium rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms.
Sandison is also adjacent to the Hulman Memorial Student Union, making the commons more easily accessible to students. Although the dormitory no longer exists, its name will be used on new residence hall that will be finished and open in fall 2014.

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