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The LaFayette, Ga., teen said his obesity posed problems beyond the implications for his physical health. For Shropshire, the solution was bariatric surgery in the form of a gastric sleeve operation -- a procedure that removes roughly 85 percent of the stomach.
Stories like Shropshire's may be becoming increasingly common, a new study released today in the journal Pediatrics suggests.
Perhaps more interesting: over the course of the two-year study, rates of the procedure in this age group increased fivefold.
Most of these procedures occurred in patients on the older end of the age spectrum; only 18 percent of the surgeries were performed on children younger than 18. Still, the findings may have big implications in a country in which nearly one in five adolescents aged 12-19 are obese, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Food and Drug Administration, however, has not yet specifically approved the safety of these procedures for children.
Potential side effects of the surgery aside, experts in adolescent obesity said the most worrying aspect of the research involves its implications for the increase of weight problems in the young. Yet, some patients who have undergone bariatric surgery say these procedures have served as a bridge to this healthier lifestyle -- an approach that surgeons who perform these operations support. Here is your chance to get a taste of the Boot Camp experience and to visit the superb setting of the Frequent Flyer Aerial Dance facility in Boulder and the Twin Peaks Charter Academy gymnasium in Longmont - locations for our 'beat the winter chill' indoor Boot Camps. Our demonstration classes, like our 5-week Boot Camps, are designed for a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. Demo Classes are limited to just a handful of folks so please register ASAP to reserve your spot. Please note that if you are pretty serious about joining us for our Oct 26 Boot Camp session, we highly recommend that you skip the demo classes and just register for this Camp.

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The program also explores personal lifestyle routines and the impact on your overall health.
But ask 15-year-old Kallum Shropshire, who just earlier this year weighed more than 400 pounds, and he will say that obesity surgery was his last resort. Two years ago, he said, his weight interfered with his participation in marching band; eventually, he had to drop out.
And while the rates of this surgery appear to be on the rise in younger patients, the rates of another, more invasive gastric procedure known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass decreased in this age group over the course of the study.
Bariatric surgery has become a popular option among obese adults; more than 220,000 obese Americans underwent such procedures in 2009. Mark Wulkan, Surgeon-in-Chief at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine, who performed Shropshire's procedure, said due to this, doctors should be very careful when selecting young patients for the procedure. John Morton, director of Bariatric Surgery at California's Stanford School of Medicine, has performed 2,000 laparoscopic banding procedures in adults, 50 of which he said were in young adults.

Wulkan said the benefits of the procedure must be balanced against the possible long-term consequences for young patients who will be living with these results for decades longer than their adult counterparts.
Richard Besser, ABC News' senior health and medical editor, appeared on "Good Morning America" today to talk about the issue.
Otherwise, you may not be able to attend this upcoming session as your desired class time might be already full. Wear comfortable running or aerobic-type shoes and be ready to have some fun and get the heart pumping. Although I specialize in women’s health issues, I work to facilitate greater well-being overall. Wayne Overby, assistant professor of Surgery at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, said the laparoscopic banding procedures may indeed be a solution for some young patients for whom other methods of weight control have not worked.
Beyond that, I am not all convinced that we are doing the research that will be needed to determine to which patients this procedure should be administered. If you eat what your body needs (and no more) your kids will be more likely to do the same. DeUgarte of the UCLA School of Medicine, found that between 2005 and 2007 in California, a total of 590 young patients 13-20 years old underwent a popular type of bariatric surgery known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, or LAGB.
But he, too, noted that more must be known about the effects of this procedure in younger patients.

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