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Morbid Obesity or being ‘morbidly obese’ or ‘clinically obese’ is a clinical term for somebody who has a BMI higher than 40 (check out my last blog for more info . So…what in fact causes people to gain so much weight that they become Morbidly Obese?
So we have highlighted the possible causes of morbid obesity and I hope you can appreciate that being morbidly obese is not a simple condition to understand. Your body has to work up to 10 times harder just to enable you to do every day activities and this doesn’t come without serious health impacts. The body still has to pump blood to every cell in the body in order to keep those cells alive; extreme weight gain can cause that blood flow to be cut of therefore killing cells in the more distant of limb’s which can result in increases of medication and even amputation.
Alright, as some of you may know I haven't had control of my horses (they were given to my aunt till we could afford them again, and I get them back hopefully this summer, by Jan for sure).
I would start with some hand walking for 15minutes a day then increase it a little every couple of days.Then maybe some troting on the lunge line and just slowly increase exercise as he can handle it,dont want to over do it he will get muscle sore. The biggest factor is feed him for what his weight should be not what it is now, other wise you are just maintaining his current weight.
Start by hand walking, NO food beyond his hay, tested low sugar hay or soaked for an hour to remove as much sugar as possible. You have low motivation due to not being able to maintain your weight loss and you feel like the well known fad diets and exercise is becoming repetitive and boring. You are unhappy with your weight and it is severely affecting your confidence and self esteem. The Save My Life Program is about building a sustainable weight loss plan for you right now and in the future. As you all know (And keep hearing me go on about!) It is the sugar in our food that causes us to gain weight.
Carbohydrate is our body’s main source of energy, we need carbohydrate and it comes from our food in many different forms. Simply glancing at food labels while doing your weekly shop can dramatically help you lose weight and I’m not talking studying the calories, the amount of fat or even the percentage of sugar per portion – I’m taking about taking just a few second to glance at EXACTLY WHAT is in your food! How to stop comfort eating is one of the key questions I get asked on a daily basis when talking to new clients and it is an easy one to answer! Medical literature suggests that the chance of sustaining significant weight loss over one year in patients that qualify for weight loss surgery( BMI > 35) is less than one percent beyond 6 months. The fact is that obesity is a lifelong disease, and any attempt to treat morbid obesity should be a lifelong solution.
The best and most recent medical scientific evidence for how best to achieve medical weight loss (without weight loss surgery) is summarized in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults. What about commercial weight reduction programs, such as Weight Watchers®, Jenny Craig®, etc.? These scientifically sound and practical NHLBI strategies form the foundation for lifestyle management across all body mass index (BMI) ranges, including individuals with body mass indexes over 35.
The truth is that there are NO published studies demonstrating significant SUSTAINED weight loss in the MORBIDLY OBESE.
From the start, if you are considering weight loss surgery, it will take several months to complete the process of preparing you for surgery. If you are successful at medical weight loss, you may not choose to have weight loss surgery. If you are unsuccessful at medical weight loss, you will have a great jump-start on a very important piece of the puzzle that you may need to get benefits from your insurance carrier. If you can get benefits based on your prior documented dieting experience, your surgery will be safer because the lower your body mass index is at the time of surgery, the safer it is.

Anybody in this weight category is said to be at High Risk of Type 2 diabetes, Heart disease, Breast and Colon Cancer and Stoke.
Well the causes of morbid obesity can be slightly different to lose of the normal overweight or obese person; which is often a high sugar diet and more calorie consumption than expenditure. This now leads me on to discuss whether being morbidly obese is ‘un-healthy’ and without a doubt the answer is obviously yes!
There is sufficient evidence from scientific research and case studies that yes – you should be.
Toby Featured as a trainer on SKY TV's - FAT: The Fight Of My Life (July 2013) and is an expert in training and nutrition for Morbidly Obese Individuals.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Iam in the process of getting my fat fat horse to lose weight we did some ridding today mostly walking a little troting. I am planning on calling the vet tomorrow and scheduling an appointment to have a blood workup done. If we don’t get enough carbohydrates into our diet then our energy, performance and body’s ability to function optimally is restricted (so we won’t burn as many calories efficiently throughout the day – this is why ‘low Carb’ doesn’t work for long!) but if we have too many carbohydrates in our diet our body stores them … in the form of fat! The key of how to stop comfort eating pure and simply is that it’s all about the food you eat, your sugar levels throughout the day and your hormone levels. No wonder why non medical weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, all the diet books, schemes, and programs are a multibillion dollar industry.
Many have had success in losing many dozens of pounds only to realize that the weight loss is impossible to sustain. Dieters can sustain this for a period of time, but weight loss is limited due to this “starvation metabolic response”. The world’s medical literature shows and we believe the only sustainable way to achieve weight loss in a morbidly obese patient is by providing the patient an effective tool, weight loss surgery, to make that lifelong difference.
After this very careful study by worldwide experts, they advised that weight loss and maintenance therapy should use a combination of low-calorie diets, increased physical activity, and behavioral therapy.
However, because most of the clinical trials reviewed in this summary present outcome data for individuals within a BMI range of 30–40, these results cannot necessarily be assumed they apply to individuals with extreme obesity. But, insurance companies often require a trial of formal medical weight loss therapy despite the lack of evidence that it works in the long term. Not everyone needs documentation of a formal weight loss surgery program, but it will strengthen your application for benefits. Does it mean that you are unhealthy and should you be worried and being classed as ‘morbidly obese.’ These are the questions I want to try and answer for you today. The first cause to look at would have course been lifestyle and diet, what is the person eating that is making them fat and how much of it they are eating! To put it simply, the amount of pressure your body is under to carry that volume of weight in phenomenal and unnatural.
Morbidly obese individuals will often find that they will experience huge discomfort in their muscles and joints which can cause intense onset of arthritis and other muscular diseases. Simply because of the amount of stress the extra weight is putting your body under both physically (inside and outside) and well as emotionally and psychologically.
Then we took them out for a short trail ride walked them across a snow covered feild well more the just snow covered knee deep but they seemed to enjoy being out of the manure, ice muddy pens. When our body digests sugar it causes a sugar ‘spike’ in our blood stream – this tells our body to reduce a hormone called insulin. Click here For more information on how your hormone levels can affect your weight as I am going to focus on what you eat and when you eat it in order to answer the question; how to stop comfort eating.

Taking dietary histories on our patients reveals that most have been on 5, 10 or more successful diets.
The dieter finally gives up and returns to their usual eating habits and not only regains the weight lost during the diet, but gains additional weight contributing to the weight gain cycle that leads to obesity. A number of insurance companies have recently developed criteria that follow NHLBI recommendations very closely.
The evidence that NHLBI strategies alone are effective in persons with body mass indexes above 35 is limited. We think it helps them assure that the patient can follow the necessary diet and lifestyle changes after weight loss surgery. However, YOUR BEST BET FOR SUCCESSFUL DOCUMENTATION OF WHAT YOUR INSURANCE REQURIES is with The Weight Loss Center at CRMC.
This will the main cause of weight gain, but they question is WHY is the persons eating habits so disruptive. Morbidly obese individuals are at SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER risk of developing other chronic diseases if they do not attempt to lose a substantial amount of weight. Insulin is the hormone that controls our blood sugar levels so they don’t go too high or too low! If you can lose weight AND SUSTAIN your weight loss without surgery please do not have weight loss surgery.
Many of these programs promote other components of successful weight loss programs such as exercise and behavioral management.
We have already mentioned about potential the long term risks of being morbidly obese, but what about the short term? Without doubt … you can be extremely overweight and still physically fit, but in reality this is not the case for most people. So I asked her if I bought feed if she would feed it, and she said yes (this wasn't the case when we gave them to her, trust me I tried).
Morbidly obese patients often tell us that they have stopped dieting, because it was making their obesity worse, and it was. If you think that your morbid obesity could be due to any of the above then you should seek professional help from your GP. Individuals will often experience shortness of breath & exhaustion, problems with their digestive system and even more importantly their circulatory system.
I will try and get pictures, but he is 14 hands, has a cresty neck, FAT belly and has rolls at the base of his neck.
Sugar cannot be stored as sugar in the body so therefore it has to be converted to something else – and this something else is FAT! But you are probably considering weight loss surgery because you have been on many diets that have ultimately failed. The simple fact is the more sugar you eat, the more blood sugar and insulin ‘spikes’ you will get and if you’re not burning it off – you will gain weight! This mechanism sustained humans when food was scarce and it was not known when the next meal was coming. It is causing him to get abscesses in his hooves from carrying aroung all that extra weight. In modern day America, food is easy to attain and always plentiful, so this body mechanism in those who are susceptible becomes pathologic, leading to morbid obesity.

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