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Between fighting fires, a beefy battalion of New Yorka€™s Bravest keeps busy counting calories.
A total of 55 city firefighters are waging the battle of the bulge in a weight-loss program now in its 10th week. Firefighter Paul Pfundstein, 50, opts for grilled chicken and salad rather than his beloved Reuben sandwiches in the firehouse. Daily News Pix Manhattan From 1939 Times Square to the Towers in the 90's, the Daily News has the legendary photos of NYC. IN HER OWN WORDS: Hillary Clinton urges New Yorkers to choose a President who can deliver results Ita€™s not often that New York looms large in a presidential primary.
BIG GAY ICE CREAM FIGHT: NYC artist battles parlor over unicorn logo Big Gay Ice Cream might be in big trouble for its unicorn logo. THE BRIDE WAS A KNOCKOUT: Security guard fights with bachelorette party in New Orleans - knocks bride-to-be to ground Video shows a security guard scuffling with revelers celebrating a bachelorette party at a New Orleans bar a€” a fight that left the bride-to-be floored by a punch. BLAZ TIGHTENS THE BELT: Mayor de Blasio was less charitable in 2015 Mayor de Blasio has become less charitable now that hea€™s got two kids in college, according to his tax returns. Missing Florida priest found dead hundreds of miles away in rural Georgia Father Rene Robert, of St. ICING ON THE HATE: Texas pastor claims Whole Foods staffer put a homophobic slur on cake he ordered a€” chain denies it A Texas man claims he got a taste of hate in the form of a Whole Foods cake with a homophobic slur on it.
BOOT CAMP SLAY: Fitness instructor murdered at Texas church by man wearing SWAT gear SEE THE VIDEO A fitness trainer and mother of three was murdered in a Dallas-area church Monday morning, cops said. SEE THE VIDEO Homeless man set on fire in San Diego parking lot attack, not expected to survive as police search for suspect One man doused another man with flammable liquid and set him on fire in a San Diego parking lot Sunday morning, police said. SHAUN KING IT'S A CLOSE RACE: Democratic primary will go all the way to convention as Clinton, Sanders remain neck and neck in delegates As it stands today, Hillary Clinton has 1,299 pledged delegates and Bernie Sanders has 1,105. 3 pulled alive from Ecuador quake rubble; death toll at 413 Images of the dramatic rescue in Manta gave Ecuadoreans hope that some of the dozens of people still unaccounted for might yet be found.
Queens community leaders want special prosecutor to probe NYPD cops who shot man Queens community leaders are calling for a probe into the death of a man police said was shot by cops after he pulled a gun on them. Nearly 200 wounded after Taliban launches attack on Afghan government security agency; number of dead unknown Armed militants in Afghanistan have staged a coordinated assault on a key government security agency. Immigrants rally at Supremem Court as SCOTUS Justices debate Obama's anti-deportation actions Demonstrators chanting 'we are the immigrants' crowded in front of the Supreme Court Monday. FOUL PLAY: Yankees president says GOP insiders are blocking Trump's chances "A level playing field is required in the world of politics," Randy Levine said. SEARCH ON FOR AVID RUNNER: Virginia paramedic-firefighter missing, her car is found in Shenandoah National Park Nicole Mittendorff was reported missing when she didn't show up for her job with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. John Kasich closes out New York primary campaign saying he won't pander to people's anger Ohio Gov. ROMANTIC WALK TURNS DEADLY: University of Houston student killed, girlfriend seriously injured after drunken driver runs couple over A couplea€™s walk home ended in tragedy after an alleged drunken driver crashed into the two University of Houston students.
More body parts found in Seattle belong to murdered nurse John Charlton has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ingrid Lyne, a 40-year-old mother of three, in her suburban home.
14 New Yorkers claim to have been denied voting rights Fourteen New Yorkers who claim their voter registrations had been improperly purged from the rolls filed suit Monday.
REVIEW FIRST TIME'S A CHARM: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace roars onto the luxury SUV scene Jaguar's first-ever luxury SUV enters a German-crowded segment with style, space, slick moves, and a confident roar. Daily Drive-Thru A 'battery-powered' Mercedes, Toyota's shutdown, and more We also take a look at Volkswagen's latest SUV concept, J.D. SEE IT CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Aussie finds out where scratches are coming from A man in Australia was fed up with mysterious scratches appearing on his car and decided to find out who it was.
GHOST CAR: Car appears from nowhere in crash video Watch the video as many times as you want. BEST BENZES: 10 best Mercedes-Benz models ever made Mercedes-Benz has one of the longest and most successful histories of any carmaker.
PHOTOS DECORATED INTERIORS: Wards Auto names 10 best car interiors of 2016 Every year, automakers vie for a spot in Wards Auto's top 10 interiors list.

SPECIAL ED HORROR: Mom sues Bronx agency for allowing worker to sexually abuse her child a€” troubled facility also placed foster kids with alleged sex perv SCO Family of Services is being sued by the mother of a 14-year-old girl who was abused by one of the agency's workers. EXCLUSIVE NYC public schools get high marks from US News best high schools list City public schools scored high on US News & World Report's list of best high schools in New York State.
Skateboard teen killed in collision a€?made everyone smilea€™ Rodney Tavarez was recalled as a mischievous, anime-loving teen who helped his friends. NYC prepares to battle Zika virus with mosquito traps The city will double the number of mosquito traps it normally sets and add new workers to combat the Zika threat, officials said.
Brooklyn man busted for charging to expedite gun permit applications as part of probe into NYPD Shaya "Alex" Lichtenstein was arrested Saturday and was facing arraignment Monday, multiple sources said. MTA: Subway ridership at highest numbers since 1948 The MTA on Monday unveiled 2015 figures showing the highest number of weekday ridership since 1948.
Family of violent crime victims urge tech companies to open phones for police investigations Victims of violent crimes went to City Hall on Monday to join the fight against Apple and other tech giants for their encryption policies. NYC students create videos for Animal Rescue Hackathon The program was part of the city's efforts to get more kids excited about STEM education as part of the Computer Science for All initiative. CHOKED OUT: NYPD sergeant appears to grab woman by the throat, slams her against car during traffic stop a€” VIDEO An NYPD officer was caught on video appearing to choke a woman during a car stop.
MCCARRON Yankees need starters to go deeper into games The Yankees rank 23rd in the majors in rotation innings at 61.2, which puts them on pace to get about 908 innings from their starters. Thunder fall to Mavericks after buzzer shot waved off Dallas had been embarrassed 108-70 in the opener on Saturday, but the Mavericks bounced back. Marshall and Decker tease Fitzpatrick about Jets return Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker's first day back to work included some light-hearted recruiting of a certain quarterback. Luke Walton, Phil Jackson deny they discussed Knicks coaching job There was a conversation between Phil Jackson and Luke Walton recently.
Wright hits two HRs, Syndergaard masterful in Mets win over Phils Before the game, the questions were about David Wright and his back condition. If your digestive system and detox pathways are congested, obstructed and inflamed by toxic waste matter--think literal cellular garbage -- from a poor diet, poor digestion, poor elimination and the stress of the modern, fast-paced lifestyle, toxins find their way from the liver to your blood and fat cells.
If you can not release weight, it's likely because your body is too inflamed and congested to efficiently remove backed up toxic waste out of your cells. Now add the stress caused by the toxicity within your body, and the healthy bacterial balance in your gut becomes imbalanced. Think of excess fat on your body as a protective mechanism, a gift of sorts, to safeguard you against accumulated toxins in your body. Removing toxins,reducing inflammation and balancing the bacteria in your body needs to become your number one priority if you want to lose weight. If you remove what is causing toxic build-up, imbalance, congestion and inflammation in your body, weight will effortlessly fall off. Weight loss is actually more about healing your body than losing weight, which is why celebrity-endorsed weight loss programs will actually thwart your long-term weight loss and get-healthy goals with the products they include and promote in their program offerings, like processed and sugary recommendations.
These processed and sugary products sold by the leaders of the weight-loss industry are common toxic-trigger foods that cause excess mucous production, irritation, bacterial imbalance and inflammation in the body.
To lose weight, you must remove these common-toxic trigger foods that cause stress, imbalance and accumulated toxic waste in your body.
The celebrity-endorsed weight loss programs gain appeal from the weight loss attributed to most calorie restriction programs, and of course the names behind them. Long term and healthy weight loss becomes more a common-sensical math equation of taking out what causes toxic congestion, inflammation and imbalance in the body and adding in what counters it, like healing, live, nutrient-dense foods, exercise, stress reduction activities and pure, clean oxygen and water.
But losing weight is also about mindset and slowing down long enough for you to reconnect to you, so your food and lifestyle choices reflect a grounded, balanced empowered you, not a frenetic-harried, over-committed, disempowered you.
Look at the weight loss industry, it's booming, which clearly suggests weight loss is not simply about calorie restriction or food. Counting calories and points programs focus on food, not healing the body or shifting the mindset, which will keep you in the grip of the companies that focus on weight-loss services who depend on you coming back. In response to this madness, I put together a bundle of three guides to get you started on the path of lasting weight loss, which includes what you need to heal your body and lose weight.

If you forget this one thing, you'll achieve permanent weight loss: You can eat whatever you want, as long as you count your calories and points. Heal the congestion, inflammation and imbalance in your body, eat healing foods and take out inflammatory foods, shift your mindset to what really matters to you, begin with basic fundamental steps to build upon and you'll effortlessly lose weight that will stay off, because you healed your body and because you shifted your mindset. Carol Egan is a digestive health and detox specialist and founder of the highly acclaimed programs, More Than A Detox, 10 Years Younger in 6-Weeks and Your Best Health Project.
Five of the participants agreed to speak with the Daily News after dropping a combined 109 pounds.
John Baldassarre said the firehouse kitchen is now a more health-conscious place than when he first joined the FDNY nearly three decades ago. Howard Shapiro, who leads the program, said the time between calls while on duty offers hours of opportunity for firefighters to break from their diets. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from New York! Augustine, was last heard from last Sunday, eight days before his body was discovered in Waynesboro, Ga. John Kasich closed out his New York GOP presidential run with a town hall meeting in Schenectady.
Takata Airbag recall - every car and truck affected A complete list of all the models outfitted with the defective airbags. Cops hunting 3 men suspected of whacking a man with a garbage can and shovel, beating and kicking him unconscious in the Bronx Cops want to talk with three men accused of beating a 37-year-old man in the Bronx until he was unconscious. 1982's 'Tootsie' may not stand test of time : For the Love of Movies Would you ever pretend you're a woman in order to keep working?
David hits two HRs, Syndergaard masterful in win over Phillies Before the game, the questions were about David Wright and his back condition.
Penguins develops a snarl Cheap shots, nastiness and heated individual battles carry over in NHL playoff series. Flyers fans throwing wristbands on ice leads to penalty Philadelphia was far from the city of Brotherly Love on Monday night. Kendall spotted sipping tequila at Coachella Reality star Kendall Jenner, who is 20 years old, was spotted drinking tequila at the Coachella music festival. MTA warned ending MetroCards by 2018 too optimistic MetroCards are going to disappear a€” but not so fast. Syndergaard leaves impression on catcher Plawecki a€” literally Kevin Plawecki might want to think about leaving the necklace in his locker next time he catches Noah Syndergaard.
Donald Trump proves it a€” with sports references, politicians should stay on sidelines When it comes to politicians trying to be relatable through sports, we have two words of advice: Just dona€™t.
Curb outside Madonna's UWS home no longer yellow The curb outside Madonna's house has done the complete opposite of hair by going from yellow to grey.
Toxic waste in your body is going to prevent you from getting what you want -- weight loss-- unless you get to the root cause of your stubborn excess weight. This bacterial imbalance causes your body to produce more fat cells to store these toxins away from your vital organs.
However, because their offerings include the top three common toxic-trigger foods, gluten, dairy and sugar, because their suggestions include processed products with no life force left in them, your body will continue to produce more fat cells from the bacterial imbalance, excess mucous production and inflammation they trigger, so long-term weight loss will elude you. Every year 108 million Americans invest in the diet industry= and lay their faith and hard-earned dollars on the weight-loss table, yet research shows that 97% of these dieters will regain everything they lose within three years. Carol is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and coach and works with clients who are fiercely committed to their health and success.
The Mets third baseman is playing his first full season with spinal stenosis, a degenerative condition that has ended the careers of other athletes.
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