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Hope everybody doing fine, today I am going to share Weight Loss Recipe Oats Porridge , how to prepare oats kanji in a tasty way. It is very easy and simple method, effective way to fill your hungry tummy and loss weight at the same time. MILK RICE (Paal Sadam) Recipe for Kids Hi Friends, It is really a challenge for us to make our kids to eat.
When you grind all ingredients, put them in jars and stir well and shake to smooth mixture. And if you do not have such problems, feel free to consume this meal because it provides energy and helps to maintain the line. Join Us on Pinterest Follow Health's board Health and Nutrition on Pinterest.

Oats will give you with lots of fibre which fills you up and helps in reducing bloating and also cholesterol.
This entry was posted in Fitness, Recipes and tagged diet recipes, easy weight loss recipes, healthy recipes, healthy weight loss recipes, indian weight loss recipes, south indian weight loss diet, south indian weight loss recipes, vegetarian weight loss recipes, weight loss breakfast recipes, weight loss diet recipes, weight loss dinner recipes, weight loss recipes, weight watchers recipes by Karthi Guru. I thought eating oats in any way will help to loose weight and started eating oats with milk in the starting days when I was in weight loss mission. Generally in the morning in our South Indian side we use to have idli, dosa, pongal like breakfast.
After cooking the oats well add salt and butter milk, mix the onion and coriander leaves too.
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Obviously they are bit high in calories and not a breakfast for serious weight loss seekers.
If you have high cholesterol or high sugar this shall be a meal at least three weeks, and then repeat blood tests.
I have stopped eating it in the way and started eating in porridge method, I mean mixing it with water and butter milk, added onion, coriander and curry leaves. But people thinking eating oats is boring and it has no way to cook in variety way other than making porridge.

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