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A new study, published in the Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, found that some obese women may be able to safely lose some weight during pregnancy. Among women with class 2 obesity, only 17 percent of those who lost weight during pregnancy had a C-section, versus 24 percent of those who gained the recommended amount.
Babies born to very obese women who lost weight seemed to do as well as babies with mothers that gained the recommended amount. Babies born to very obese women who lost weight were no more likely to go into fetal distress or have a low Apgar score — a measure of breathing, heart rate and other health indicators right after birth. Snooki recently made headlines boasting her 42-pound weight loss after giving birth last August, and now she's slamming reports that she's been using dangerous means to lose the weight.
While Snooki has spoken about how she battled anorexia as a teenager, she's insisting she lost the weight in a healthy way this time.
The former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star revealed to Life & Style Weekly that she has lost 30 pounds since giving birth four months ago to her son Kash. Zolciak, 34, cites breast-feeding and being "really busy" following Kash's birth as the source of the weight loss. The reality star says she accepts that she'll have to hit the gym if she wants to obtain her ideal weight.
Zolciak recently left "Real Housewives" in the middle of its fifth season, claiming she "couldn't deal anymore" and needed to focus on her children instead of the "fights" and "tears" that being on the show inspires.
The day Jessica Simpson lost a whole bunch of weight she simultaneously decided to get an Instagram account.
Jessica Simpson was always super small back in the day, and then she got even slimmer to fit into those Daisy Dukes. After giving birth in 2012 to her first child, Simpson became a spokesmodel for Weight Watchers. Holly from Geordie Shore was always big and bubbly and very proud of her double FF’s!! The star plans on going under the surgeons knife to get her breasts redone as she has gone down to a DD!

Holly looks great, you will see her dramatic weight loss throughout Geordie shore Series 4 airing date TBA. Kosta Sakellariou January 26, 2016  The second series of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! This was the moment she realized something needed to be done about her weight, so she embarked on Jenny Craig.
Speaking of whether it was hard for her to stick to the diet, Fisher says it was so only at first.
What Carrie Fisher doesn’t say a single word about is her apparent makeover post-weight loss. RoseMarie Jones, Medical Director of the bariatric program at the Community Hospital (North) of Indiana, about the study.
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Zolciak already flaunted her fit frame once, back in September about three weeks after giving birth. Or so it seems, looking through her photos–a collection of selfies, throwbacks, and family affairs—there isn’t one trace of the fat Jessica Simpson the world became used to seeing back in 2012 and 2013.
I thought losing weight would make me happy, but it’s destroyed something I paid a lot of money for.
She looked at the medical records for more than 46,000 obese pregnant women who gave birth between 1993 and 2008 and divided the women into three categories of obesity: class 1 obesity (BMI between 30 and 35), class 2 (BMI between 35 and 40) and class 3 (BMI of 40 or higher).
However, she cautioned women against starting any kind of weight-loss diet during pregnancy. She has two daughters, 15-year-old Brielle and 11-year-old Arianna, and two sons, both of whom were born to Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann. Simpson admits her first pregnancy with her daughter, Maxwell, weighed the heaviest on her, during which time she claims she just ate and ate. While she looks really strong and fit in some pictures, in other shots she’s bordering gaunt.

Simpson reached unhealthy weights after giving birth to her children– far surpassing the low hundreds. She found that those who gained less than current recommendation for obese pregnant woman (11-20 pounds) or even lost weight,  were less likely to deliver a large baby or need a Cesarean section than those who gained the recommended amount. Instead they should aim to eat a balanced, healthy diet and get regular moderate exercise, like a half-hour of walking each day. Zolciak and Biermann were the subjects of the popular "Real Housewives" spinoff show "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding," which is slated to receive a follow-up season this spring. Simpson says, “You are creating a life, and honestly, it’s not easy… And you deserve to eat your ice cream.” And eat her ice cream she sure did. Keep scrolling through her official Instagram account and the skinny photos keep on coming. The next rumored destination is Santa Barbara California, next month durring July 4th weekend. And so J Simpson seems to be healthier at her weight now–at least no reports say otherwise (yet).
Jones added that all pregnant women should, of course, consult with their own physician about their diet and exercise program. Once her son Ace was born in 2013, Simpson once again started back up with Weight Watchers.
It’s about feeling comfortable and healthy in your own skin, so long as you do who cares what anyone else has to say?

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